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    Pregnant Male

    by , 09-10-2012 at 09:09 PM (506 Views)
    Non-dream Dream

    Dream 1:

    I am at my parentís house but it feels like some kind of magical place. My parents ask me to cut a branch off of a giant tree in their front yard Ė right next to the curb. It is a magical tree. I through a rope over one of the branches and I climb up the rope. The tree is now floating and I manage to float the whole thing down to the ground without cutting the branch. My mom is helping me determine where and how to cut the tree. The tree turns out to be a date palm. We eat some of the tree with the intention of replacing the parts we eat.

    Dream 2:

    I am pregnant (I am a male) and I am with a number of pregnant women. I am having stomach pains and I call in my doctor because I think I am ready to deliver. The doctor (female) coaches me in front of everyone else on how to deliver my baby. She has me squat over a pool of water and tells me to start pushing. I feel crap starting to come out of my ass because of the pushing and she tells me this is normal. She says to hold my hand under my butt just in case the baby comes out Ė we donít want it to drown in the pool. I just ended up getting a bunch of crap on my hands and no baby. I was very embarrassed.

    A thought in the middle of the night:

    Each dream you have is you creating a new universe. Once you create a suitable and stable universe you will die and go there. If you die young (before gaining the skills to produce a stable universe) or if you die a tragic death you will end up in an unstable/unsuitable universe (live a rough life).

    Dream 3:

    I am having dinner at my parentís house with some of my wifeís family members. Even though my parentís house is not in LA I am upset because we have to drive to LA 3 times in a row Ė it is as if their exact house has moved to LA. My brotherís family is there and they have a small dog. I am playing with AD and the dog under the table for a while. I notice that my brother forgets / loses the dogís toy at least 3 times and I am always the one who has to go get it and nobody thanks me.

    I donít join dinner because I am waiting for my wife to get back from somewhere. I notice that I am never wearing a shirt. My brother has a black Ford something (not a real car name, something like a personís name with 2 hyphens). Then for some reason I am driving that car by myself on a mountain road. It is almost as if I am in a commercial demonstrating features on the car. I stop and there is a dirt avalanche and the car gets completely buried in dirt with me in it. I am still able to call for help using one of the cars features even though I am deep under dirt. I recall being very scared thinking that this is a horrible way to die. People come to dig me out and they have a credit card machine with them to charge me for the service. There is a $50 tip already included in the bill but I feel bad for not tipping more.

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