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    Slam Dumk Contest

    by , 10-01-2012 at 12:19 AM (407 Views)
    Non-dream Dream Lucid Dream

    I was on a camping trip with my wife in the Sequoias and I was able to recall a piece of a lucid dream. I had a really bad headache most likely resulting from altitude sickness and therefore I did not get much sleep. I wasn't able to write these down immediately upon waking so I only remember a small portion of the dream.

    I am in a slam dunk contest in front of a small crowd. The fans are all sitting in fold up metal chairs. We are not on a basketball court, just concrete stage with a hoop. My first couple of dunks are really lame and I am trying to figure out what to try next. I think back to my younger days when I used to do through-the-leg and 360 dunks
    . This recollection makes me become lucid. It is now my turn to dunk again. I jump incredibly high, 360 spin to my right, put the ball through my legs and windmill dunk the ball. The crowd is very impressed and wants to know how I did it. I walk up to the front row and say "check this out." I jump up and freeze at the top of my jump. I hover up in the air for about 10 seconds.

    Next I am watching a swimming competition. The event the is going on consists of diving in the water and gliding about 10 yards. I think to myself "I am lucid so I can dominate this event." I enter into the competition and win.

    Wake up.

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