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    Unfair Hunger Games

    by , 07-07-2012 at 08:13 AM (402 Views)
    Non-dream Dream Lucid Dream

    I was able to recall many fragments and one dream where I was in and out of lucidity.

    Fragment 1: Trying to take time off of work but my boss wont let me.

    Fragment 2: Staring at a huge shelf of new processed food in black boxes with pink writing. There are pink pretzels.

    Fragment 3: I am at my bowling league and I realize we always win when my dad rolls a 755 series.

    Fragment 4: I am grocery shopping with my dad and we are having trouble with our shopping cart.


    I am watching a movie when all of a sudden I am one of the characters. I am in sort of a Hunger Games setting with tons of people fighting in an arena. People are trying to kill me and were throwing things at me and it is getting difficult to survive. Then all of a sudden I can fly and I become semi-lucid. A few other people can fly and have other powers but I am the strongest. I am trying to help everybody. I become super witty and everyone loves me. I said "you have to follow the teachings of Buddha to be able to do this" to the people who are flying. I am finally able to stop all of the fighting. I quickly develop other powers just by thinking them (moving fast, slowing time). Some girl is talking about how she needs "sex money." I want to show off so I challenge "I can get your 'sex money' in 3 seconds" (I say this because I can fly, slow time and move extremely fast). The dream ends when I have to put in disc 2 to continue the movie.

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