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    Wedding On Mars

    by , 06-02-2012 at 03:44 AM (364 Views)
    Non-Dream Dream

    I was able to recall fragments from 3 dreams today:

    Dream 1:

    My old baseball coach, TK, is my current bowling coach and is being very mean. I quit on him.

    Note - he is very nice in real life

    Dream 2:

    The devil is chasing me into a large bathroom (or locker room) at UCLA. He is flushing all of the toilets and flooding the rooms. I am able to escape the scene by flying. It becomes apparent later that the devil and I are friends. He got a girlfriend and got her pregnant.

    Dream 3:

    This dream is very relevant to real life as I am getting married in 3 months.

    It is the day of my wedding and we are all on mars. My fiance's entire family shows up late (we are actually expecting her family to be late) and one of our good friends (El) shows up in shorts and a t-shirt. Luckily we have a spare suit for him to wear. Right before heading out to do the ceremony I get a bloody nose. Whenever I blow my nose chunks of food come out with the blood, specifically green bell peppers. The gardeners who recently planted our front lawn were there too along with my boss's wife, who is disgusted by what we are saying/doing (apparently we were acting rather childish).

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