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    2000mg o' Valerian

    by , 11-06-2012 at 09:11 AM (489 Views)
    Took four 500 mg valerian root capsules last night. Had some incredibly detailed and vivid dreams. Tonight I'll be trying out 1000 mg. Waited too long to journal so much of it was lost but here's what I got.

    Kenny wants to know if I have any money.
    He offers to give me some.
    I am humbled and I try to refuse,
    but he insists.
    I am debating which clothes to wear.
    I feel as if I traveled to various places on my dream map tonight;
    The school
    The theater
    The forest
    The park.
    There is a male here who is interested in me.
    I think it's attraction he's feeling.
    Tyson is there when I wake up (in dream).
    He says he's been talking shit about me,
    but he won't tell me what.
    My dad is here now.
    He has offerings of weed.
    Handed to me in the scarab box.
    I am humbled.
    I am very happy.
    I am in the school.
    A section that I am familiar with.
    The intersectional space where the hallway meets with the large gym and cafeteria.
    I think that I'm preparing for a journey/trip.
    I remember thinking about how I'll be able to buy food with the money Ken gave me.

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