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    Voyages of a Skywalker

    Bars and Cars

    by , 11-08-2012 at 06:20 AM (361 Views)
    Bar, Kendall, Red Outfit, Abs, Jessica/Squeaky, car, fast food.
    I am dressed in all red. I have on a red headband, top and sweater.
    We are in a dark bar.
    There are three or four of us.
    Two of them separate the third, Kendall, and at the bar.
    We sit on the stools of the long, dark wooden bar.
    We sit and converse and joke around.
    We are all good friends.
    I have a feeling the other two are also friends from college.
    I say something regarding how I have a history of dating/sleeping with men who have nice abs.
    It is directed at Kendall of course.
    We discuss how we are glad to be in here as opposed to out there.
    I am in a car with my niece, Jessica.
    We are going to get some food.
    When we get out of the car, we are cornered by two guys that seem to know her.
    Jessica is now her mother, my sister, Squeaky.
    She's flirting with them.
    I am aware of my body language.
    I try to avoid sending any signals these men might confuse as attraction/interest.
    I don't feel like being social at all.

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    Tags: abs, bar, driving, joke, red, store