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    Voyages of a Skywalker

    The Storm

    by , 11-12-2012 at 04:57 AM (545 Views)
    There is a storm coming. Flooding is being considered a very realistic danger. I am preparing my home for the impact. It is a very cloudy, gray day outside. i am trying to lure all of the (stray?) dogs into my home. There is a man in uniform here momentarily. He is helping me, prepare of maybe just nudging me to hurry the preparations before the storm sets in good. I think he is a fireman. As he is leaving I go through the double garage doors to the stairs that lead to my home. I turn back and request that he shut the garage doors on his way out.

    "There is a button near the top of the door inside. You can push it and still make it through the door in time."

    I am starting to panic and become paranoid now. I'm worried that he won't close the door properly and wondering if I'll have enough time to do it myself.

    Inside and out we prepare. Mom is here as well as Suzette. At least two times I notice a cigarette on the floor and consider smoking it. A single one. We stand at the side of the house where a chorus of electronic, chords and outlets are strewn about, plugged into the house. We are discussing weather or not to take them in the house. Which seems silly to me.

    Every time I go into my house or some aspect of my house, I am put through this complicated entry process involving a computer with code, password, algorithm etc. I get confused every time I try and remember the entry yet I know that I know it. The entry is like an elevator with a lot of yellow, metal and glass.
    I am going down a familiar hallway in a familiar place.
    Very cave like with stone.
    Like the inside of a castle on Mario Land.
    I go to take an elevator contraption to another area but jump on after it starts back down.
    Now I am on the top of the elevator/lift contraption.
    I remember thinking that it's okay if I die because I have an infinite number of lives here.
    And as I descend with the lift, I begin to wonder if it will hurt.
    Just as I'm starting to worry, we take a sharp stop then turn.
    The lift is now traveling horizontally.
    The walls of the shoot are like mining tunnels.
    All packed dirt, stone and wooden beam.
    I see that up ahead I'm going to run into something that will surely mangle and kill me.

    "But it's okay," I think to myself, "because I have more lives. But will it hurt?"

    I begin to feel the pressure of this vague obstacle coming down upon me, squeezing the life from me. No pain.

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