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    Dream Palace:

    Welcome to my Dream Journal! ヾ(´¬`)ノ



    I discovered lucid dreaming June 10th, 2008. I was actually reading the Wikipedia entry on Sleep to find out what the average amount of sleep needed for my age was. From there, I followed the link to Dream because I suddenly realized I hadn't remembered my dreams in years. I'd forgotten about dreaming entirely. Once I got to Lucid Dreaming, I didn't look back... especially since I remembered for the first time in a long time a couple of special dreams I'd had in the past.

    Old forum DJ.


    DILDs = 9~

    (I need to go through my old journal and current one and get the exact number.)

    My Dream Signs:

    Vehicles (particularly accidents)
    School/old class-mates
    Fandom-related stuff
    Immorality (stealing mainly)
    Old places or people (school, residences, family I don't see often)
    Dirty bathrooms
    Wandering around (buildings and such)

    Past Dream Signs:

    Disasters (most often tornadoes or something I can't remember)


    Apparently I can't settle on what to call the people I know in my dreams from WL, but here's a tentative list (I'll probably go back and edit past entries later):

    Sister = Rane
    Sister's ex-boyfriend = Matthew
    Aunt (older) = Sarah
    Aunt (younger) = Melly
    My best friend = Pillywiggin, though I think I use her real name (Nicole) more often...
    Old school friend #1 = Ella
    Old school friend #2 = Liz
    Old male classmate (crush) #1 = Jake
    My cat = Jazzy
    Our grey cat = Smoke
    Our white/orange cat = Spice

    1. Free stuff and bad guys

      by , 10-31-2018 at 03:58 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      It begins with me commenting that a bunch of people had left their stuff behind in this big bus-type vehicle. Me and others start going through everything, realizing that there was quite a lot of stuff, plus a whole bunch of drawers. Little things keep falling out of overheard compartments, once a big coin, another time a folder. Somewhere along the way I start thinking of the people as students, as there are a lot of notebooks and textbooks. There’s also this partition full of clothes I’m excited to explore.

      Suddenly the tone changes. The bus had been in an accident.

      I remember carefully making my way to a bathroom and washing my hair, like something had gotten in it. There were multiple used towels and I had to decide one which to dry my hair off with.

      I’m following my sister as she walks toward an Asian women standing beside some tables with lids made of wood. As we approach, my sister says, ‘Don’t worry, this is my little sister.” The woman still seems worried but she allows me to help. We need to empty all these cases of valuables fast because bad guys could be coming.

      I’ve got a handful of these golf ball size rocks when she tells me to “get the stones”, and I look over and see different colored shining small stones.
      There is an Asian boy standing in front of me, about nine years old. The woman watches in horror as he takes an earring and pierces my thumb with it. I’m trying to keep calm (even though I felt no pain). The woman says, “He’s trying to scar you.” I hand him the next earring, a blue stone in it, and he repeats the process (old earring gone).

      It’s fuzzy here but there was a bad guy, and as we were trying to get away, we came across the severed head a black guy who had been on our side. Another guy (who reminds me of Chris Farley) was missing, and the bad guy pointed and said ‘he’s there’. It was the place of the accident. It looked like a steel railing had been rammed into.

      I run into the clothes partition, clothes strewn everywhere. I get down and start crawling into the corner through them, confident that there’s a way out there.

      I’m outside and see three orange cats in different places, and I know that they belong to the students from the bus. I say something like ‘this is why I didn’t bring my cats, they’re indoor only’. I feel like just before I said that, I questioned where mine were. I also remember there was another scene of looking in a wooden pen at three fluffy cats of mixed colors.

      My sister is driving me in some small vehicle while I pretend to be injured. I’m at the front of the vehicle lying on my back on a slab of wood. She kept getting mad at people in the way, and there was this one man in particular who jumped from a bike or something into the back of a van where the doors were open. He’s crouched inside looking out at us when my sister suddenly spits at him. The man says something about ‘fire’ and I felt that something was wrong about that. Should not be fire but something else. Then I spit too and hit the back of the passenger seat. I was waiting for the reaction, because my spit was acid.

      I don’t know where this fits in, but I was talking to my friend Cole and I said something like ‘oh no, we left our cards at the bleachers’. We had already picked up most of them but left behind some less desirable ones. I got excited thinking about this one there of Pizza from Food Fantasy, but assured Cole that it would be wrong to steal it even when the owner left it behind. The cards themselves were actually floating, shimmering over the seats and you just touched them to obtain them.

      Clothes: When am I not thinking of clothes lately.
      Sister: Been thinking about her lately, we’re doing a movie night soon.
      Earrings: I think it was yesterday that my mom told me about this trick to clean tarnished earrings.
      Orange cats: My own new cat and an outside cat I saw/talked about recently.
      Cats in pen: Saw a gif of a dog squeezing in with another dog into a cage thing yesterday.
      Cards, Pizza: From the current event in an app game I play called Food Fantasy. Maybe also from Magical Days: The Brats’ Parade since I’m playing an event there too.