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    Keitorin's Dream Log



    Dream Palace:

    Welcome to my Dream Journal! ヾ(¬`)ノ



    I discovered lucid dreaming June 10th, 2008. I was actually reading the Wikipedia entry on Sleep to find out what the average amount of sleep needed for my age was. From there, I followed the link to Dream because I suddenly realized I hadn't remembered my dreams in years. I'd forgotten about dreaming entirely. Once I got to Lucid Dreaming, I didn't look back... especially since I remembered for the first time in a long time a couple of special dreams I'd had in the past.

    Old forum DJ.


    DILDs = 9~

    (I need to go through my old journal and current one and get the exact number.)

    My Dream Signs:

    Vehicles (particularly accidents)
    School/old class-mates
    Fandom-related stuff
    Immorality (stealing mainly)
    Old places or people (school, residences, family I don't see often)
    Dirty bathrooms
    Wandering around (buildings and such)

    Past Dream Signs:

    Disasters (most often tornadoes or something I can't remember)


    Apparently I can't settle on what to call the people I know in my dreams from WL, but here's a tentative list (I'll probably go back and edit past entries later):

    Sister = Rane
    Sister's ex-boyfriend = Matthew
    Aunt (older) = Sarah
    Aunt (younger) = Melly
    My best friend = Pillywiggin, though I think I use her real name (Nicole) more often...
    Old school friend #1 = Ella
    Old school friend #2 = Liz
    Old male classmate (crush) #1 = Jake
    My cat = Jazzy
    Our grey cat = Smoke
    Our white/orange cat = Spice

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