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    Keitorin's Dream Log

    4 fragments

    by , 04-20-2016 at 06:30 PM (476 Views)
    Fell asleep: 12:10 A.M. (with 50mg trazodone)
    Woke up: 9:25 A.M.

    9 hours 4 minutes sleep last night
    7 hours 10 minutes restful sleep
    1 hours 53 minutes restless sleep

    79 % restful sleep

    Fragment1: Something about a spider and one being behind my pillow. When I woke up, I was paranoid for all of two seconds before exhaustion said eff it and I went back to sleep.

    Fragment 2: Two people talking, just in time the big dude goes into the room where the other is and closes the door as an Alien movie type creature patrols by. We were there hacking into a database, and we thought it was all good until the other (me??) looks at a terminal and sees green text and numbers (like in Matrix) flashing and I warn the guy about it. Skip. We're transported on top of a mountain-island. The details are jumbled here, but we transport off of onto another island. It seems like the mountain-island was some hard place to get to, so maybe we shouldn't have left. On this island, we realize that we have to take down these orange creatures before we can keep going.

    Inspiration: The RPG event going on in Hesokuri Wars (Osomatsu-san app).

    Fragment 3: Mom is looking through my mismatched socks and finds the green/white tie-dyed one. She seems to be about to throw it away, so I quickly reach out for it and explain that I want to keep it. I start to mention that the other one has a hole in it, but my mind freezes as I recall that we already had this conversation.

    Inspiration: We actually did already talk about the socks but she thought it was fine to keep the one.

    Fragment 4: Looking in the fridge and being surprised to see that my blue flowery cup is in there and full of water. I wonder how long it's been in there and if it tastes okay.

    Wakeup times:
    1:50 A.M. for 10 minutes
    3:20 A.M. for a minute
    4:01 A.M. for 3 minutes
    4:20 A.M. for a minute
    6:40 for A.M. 4 minutes
    7:57 A.M. for three minutes
    8:10 A.M. for 2 minutes

    I remember waking up once for the spider dream, once because my cat was sleeping on my back, and once because she was rustling a bag and I sat up and saw that it was stuck on her head... I know a woke 2-3 more times for dreams but was too tired to do much about it. I stayed up a bit late reading. @[email protected]

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