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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Dystopian storage and FA

      by , 03-08-2014 at 09:16 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      3. I’m inside grandma’s house. She tells me she’s made something to eat, and I’m disappointed because I was planning on going home for that, so I could watch what I eat.

      While eating, grandma tells me about a dinosaur that was spotted. Me and Rane talk about how we used to see them more when we were younger.

      We’re riding in a car down a road, looking out at the woods for signs of the dinosaur. We see a field of black goats, and I say that the dinosaur must not be there because the goats were okay. I say it must have gone off into the woods.

      We drive into a town full of houses that look like they were made of cheap kid’s furniture. I say that it seems a shame to waste a whole town [just because the people in it before were forced out for doing something wrong]. Rane reminds me that it’s being used for ‘this’ now.

      She seems to be looking for a specific house, mumbling under her breath. She stops and opens a part on one light-colored house. Inside are two envelopes. I think they’re old mail left from when the people left and she’s looking for supplies. This is a dystopia, after all.

      She takes one and starts opening it, and I ask if I can open the other, to which she replies that I can.

      In her package, there was a bag full of jewelry and things. They were a few heart shaped pieces.


      I’m in a central building there, talking to a little creature (reminds me of Boota from Gurren Lagann – without the glasses of course!). He’s talking to me about what I need to do to get signed up there to store things. Apparently everyone already has a basic account, but you have to make it official by signing a form.

      I look around and see relics from before the apocalypse. There are some anime things and even a few ‘gifs’. I contemplate about the less conventional things, like yaoi, what about people who like those things, but then shrug and realize they still have the internet.

      We hear someone come in, and I bend down to look under this metal block. I see someone wearing a skirt or dress and assume it’s a woman. The creature seems to know her, and he runs up my body. I instinctively clutch him and he hides against my body. He doesn’t seem afraid though.

      Inspiration: Maybe from watching Helix? And I got a package in the mail recently, and Rane gets things sometimes.

      4. Duplicating socks, one was a homemade pair by mom. I thought that duplicated items weren’t as effective as the originals, but seeing the results, I thought it was a really cool idea.

      5. I woke up and all the thoughts of my dreams I’d had were scrambling around my head. I had my iPod Touch, opened up Notes and pressed the + sign. I started making a word-list of things I could remember. One word was ‘eggs’.

      …I woke up for real, confused, and realized I’d had a false awakening. And had no idea what the eggs part was about.

      Notes: The FA is a great sign! I’m so focused on recall when I first wake up, I only do an RC after I’ve got it all straight in my head. I guess I can only wait and see how it develops from here.

      Also, turning to lie on my back instead of sitting up worked well for making sure I got the dreams in my palace, because I can’t get to sleep on my back. After that I just had to keep my thoughts from wandering off so I could focus on putting the dreams in.
    2. You're not something dying

      by , 09-19-2013 at 03:00 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      1. Rane throwing longer than usual and burgundy-colored packets of taco sauce at me. We were in a car? A girl from outside was throwing me some (maybe the right kind? I like Mild orange packets).

      2. I’m looking at a collection of coins. There were Supernatural ones with Dean, Sam and Castiel on them. One coin was worth ‘122’. I wondered what guys thought of these coins.

      3. False awakening where I go downstairs and see mom on the couch. I’m confused about what time it is and look at the clock, which says something like 10:59. I realize that it’s still nighttime and go back to bed.

      ~Outside, a woman with short, cropped brown hair is between two arguing men. A third one comes along and pulls her off, and puts her in the trunk of a car. The first guy muses that she was ‘asked, not told’ to leave with him (so maybe it was willingly). I think maybe the kidnapper was her husband? A nearby woman hears her and sneaks in the back. She had shoulder-length wavy brown hair. She talks quietly to someone on a phone(?) about what’s happening, almost in an I’m-a-cop way.

      ~In a hospital, a woman with dark hair in a ponytail is talking to the lady from the trunk.

      ~The name ‘Jim’ on a cart and something about two dogs. An African-American nurse lies about knowing him. She had marked on his chart ‘-50’. (I feel like he must have been the kidnapper,)

      ~A song plays in my head like in a medical show drama. I recall the lyrics ‘you’re not something dying’. It sounded like the band ‘The Fray’. Actually the way the lyrics were sung reminds me of Our Lady Peace’s lyrics from the title ‘I’m Not Made of Steel’,

      Notes: Ugh my dreams were so confusing last night, and I know I woke up multiple times. I think I need to focus on getting proper sleep for a bit instead of waking up during the night to type up dreams. Also, I can’t remember if I had an FA before, but wow, that was weird. It wasn’t very vivid though.