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    Garnet, spider, dye and music class

    by , 03-22-2015 at 06:32 PM (1857 Views)

    1. Steven Universe dream, it ran like a typical episode, but all I remember is Garnet saying some motivating line.

    Inspiration: Iím up to episode 23 now!


    2. Thereís a ~deadly~ cave cricket (jump spider) in the (not WL) kitchen, and it will.not.die. I smash it with a broom a number of times but it keeps coming back. I finally smoosh the broom over it and think I get it, but then Smoke (passed away IWL) comes over to check it out. I panic and kick my foot towards him.

    I wake up, kicking something at the foot of my bed. Once I realize what happened, I try to figure out what I kicked, because I definitely felt something solid. I worry that I kicked Jazzy but I think the door is still pulled two from last night. Then it creaks open and answers my question for me.

    Inspiration: There was one in the house last week, and me and my dad fear them sooo much that I was worried Iíd have a bad dream about it. Welp.

    3. Melly, me and Rane are getting our hair dyed. Itís in our hair and weíre just waiting for it to settle into how dark we want the colors to be.

    Mom is with me and points out Mellyís, she says itís too much, so I need to be careful. I look at my hair and see the purple and pink dye on each side of my head. I canít remember if it was my hair or someone elseís but the right side was way too much pink, but I thought that maybe different hairstyles would fix it.

    Inspiration: Thinking about dying my hair yesterday.

    4. Iím in a class. The teacher starts handing out papers. I look at the heading on the top of mine and it has ĎChristianí in the title. I think to protest that Iím not even Christian, but for some reason give up on the idea.

    Weíre supposed to fill in information on this guy. The teacher comes over and leans over me, and starts to explain how I need to fill out certain answers. As she does, I worry that the other students canít hear her, so how will they know what to do?

    She says that his website has changed to the .com extension. I look at what it was before Ė something like .co.mt. She points to where he went to school and tells me what to put. I look at whatís written (in pencil) but canít remember what it says.

    Sheís back to where she started and talking about how she changed a few things about Ďthe songí, because it was a ballad, and she didnít understand why he had to include a curse word. I think that it isnít right.

    She goes around watching over the students, and suddenly starts singing. The class joins in, me especially loudly, though I donít remember the lyrics now.

    Then Iím working on the second worksheet, itís something about health. Weíre supposed to answer what foods have certain things in them, like GMOs. Iím stumped.

    A girl comes into the class late and sits across from me. I wonder if sheíll get into trouble but the teacher doesnít seem to care.


    The girl had short (almost chin-length) light brown hair that had a bit of a static electricity problem. She says that she was fixing it up. I feel like I should complement her even though itís pretty plain looking and strands are sticking out. As she starts working on the papers, I wonder how sheíll know what to do.

    Inspiration: the Ďmtí part of the extension comes from a reviewer of a manga I linked to somewhere. The censoring is from me thinking about this song I was listening to while exercising yesterday. The girl is definitely inspired by Androssi in the Tower of God webtoon. The school part might have come from me thinking about college. ĎChristianí may have come from me thinking about the radio station dad listens to.
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      I would be scared too if I saw a spider jumping around. ^^" Good thing there aren't flying spiders.haha
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