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    Keitorin's Dream Log


    by , 11-01-2014 at 03:33 AM (290 Views)
    I’m one of two children of parents who are gods. The parent of one of them came over for us to meet for the first time.

    I’m about eight years old. I have short, wavy, dark brown hair and freckles and look sleepy like I just woke up. I walk into the kitchen - everyone else is already in there, including my ‘brother’, who has cropped light brown hair and seems to be about six or seven.

    We eat and talk with him. He looks to be mid-age, with dark hair and a beard, reminds me a bit of Duncan.

    He tries to show me a trick with Smoke but it backfires:

    “Did you notice that he won’t pay attention to me if you call me a bastard? Try calling me one when I walk by him.”

    Note: It had the feeling of implying that Smoke snubbed him because I didn’t like him called him a bastard).

    He leaves the kitchen. We wait. When it seems like he’s not coming back, he teleports outside the back door of the kitchen. He comes through and walks by Smoke, and I remember to say ‘bastard’ just when he’s almost past. Smoke just keeps on sleeping.

    I’m roughhousing with mom but end up kicking her or something and she gets mad.

    I leave the kitchen and go to the bathroom. I lock a few locks but they get kind of jammed. I go to the huge stall and climb up to look down into it. There are some items inside. I don’t want to use it because you can see into it from the door easily. I think there was some light from a window coming through.

    I go over to a dresser, open the bottom drawer and prepare to use the bathroom there. Apparently I had before.

    A guy and his girlfriend get in a terrible accident, but she didn’t survive. He got stuck with her gruesome body in some kind of box container until he could be saved. I think someone had asked him about this story so he told them.

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