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    Keitorin's Dream Log

    Two dreams and fragments

    by , 04-16-2016 at 03:57 PM (302 Views)
    Fell asleep: 11:15 P.M.
    Woke: 8:15 A.M.

    8 hours 53 minutes sleep last night
    7 hours 17 minutes restful sleep
    1 hours 35 minutes restless sleep

    82 % restful sleep

    Dream 1:

    I was in a bookstore looking through the books. I got really lucky and found an m/m romance book, but it was volume 2. I looked through it and found BookCrossing.com labels EVERYWHERE. Mainly loose labels and papers about it.

    Unfortunately, I had added more books to my pile, and had sat the stack down briefly to keep looking. When I picked it back up, the volume was missing. :/ I remember complaining to someone (I think the shop owner, an elderly lady) but she wasn't helpful.

    I also remember someone helping me find a slim book I'd had but lost in the other books. They did find it and hand it to me.


    A little girl wants to buy this tub of garlic butter, but there's only a little left in it. I know I have some with more in it, so I go find it, but it turns out it's all dry and unusable. There was a bit more but I don't remember it, just that the shop owner was there.

    Dream 2:

    There was a guy imprisoned in a room. He was on a bunk-bed I believe. He climbed down and tried on a pair of dressy black feminine shoes that were on the floor, but they were way too big. He thought that if he had bigger feet like his friend, he could fit them. He put the shoes back down and got back on the bed. Some more guys entered the room, and he worried that they'd noticed he'd moved the shoes.

    The guys were talking about something, and one guy was reading something aloud or quoting something, and bunk-bed guy had to fill in the blanks. He filled it in with one of the nCrave cards on Swagbucks.com. Somehow it turned out to be a love confession, and the filled in name was one of the guys, which actually turned out to be true - one of these guys had given up on him, and now it seemed like the other guy was into him after he'd already given up hope.

    ~This dream was confusing not only because of the jumbled details, but because the characters seemed to be from Noblesse. Bunk bed guy was either Tao or M-21, and the guy with the big feet was M-24.

    Fragment 1: Sitting carefully on a ledge surrounded by buildings/ledges. Hearing a cat meowing and calling out to it. It somehow makes it to me. I think it was black.

    Fragment 2: Seeing someone in the store in their full pajamas.

    Wakeup times:
    2:15 A.M. for 10 minutes
    4:35 A.M. for a couple minutes
    5:00 A.M. for 15 minutes

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