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    1. The dusty room

      by , 08-07-2012 at 01:55 PM
      I was in a grassy meadow about 30 by 50 meters, surrounded by a low cobblestone wall. Beyond the north wall was a road and then terraced houses. beyond the other walls were trees. I was there with a few girls, and my dad had supposedly dropped us off there. Before he left, he told us that ghosts lived in the meadow. We made our way to a small corrugated shed, and went inside to sleep for the night as it was rapidly becoming dark. The three girls were talking to each other about the ghosts, reassuring each other that there were none. I said goodnight to them, and headed off to my own shed. I climbed in and shut the door. Inside the walls were oak panelling. A small bed was in the room too, into which I climbed and fell asleep.

      I was now viewing a different place and couldn't feel my body. The room was startlingly vivid, particularly for a non lucid dream. It appeared to be an old Victorian manor, with dark wooden floors and various antique furniture. Everything was covered in a thin film of dust. The room was dimly illuminated despite the window being closed by a thick curtain. I then floated out into a hallway, where a woman resembling queen Victoria ran in a huge dress shouting "Begone foul spirits". As I watched, the spirits in question chased her and knocked her down. They didn't seem to be malicious, appearing as ghosts from luigi's mansion.

      I then woke up.
    2. Digimon, modelling and another predictive title XD

      by , 01-02-2011 at 05:17 PM
      I'm standing in this huge japanese market. Numerous shops line both sides of a dirt street. The buildings that the shops are tunneled into appear mexican, but signs hanging down above them have a japanese flair. I appear to me marcus damon, and im here because of the latest craze: miniature customisable aerial RC plane combat! I enter the large archway into the shop. There are hundreds of mini aeroplane parts, ranging from propellors to machine guns. A plump, bald, bespectacled man is sat in the store. He helps me to pick a starter plane and parts. This man seems similar to the one I met in my first LD, who taught me how to use dreamworld abilities, except this guy doesn't have a beard. Could he have shaved...?

      Im now driving down a motorway at night. Me and my mum are moving to a new town, or so it would seem.

      We're at the new town. Im in a house with two other digimon tamers, both girls. There are bunkbeds, and bunkbaths (like multi - level baths). For some reason I say "You guys are awesome. Better than a bucket of sex!" What? What does that even mean?!? Anyway, we go out into the town, and come to a railway surrounded with trees. It's still night, and I see two small dragons flying down. They appear to be digimon, and one joins me. However, he then seems to communicate with his old tamer, Seto Kaiba ( I've been watching too much YGOTAS rofl ). Seto Kaiba the abruptly kills him. We all swear vengeance and decide to kill him.

      Unfortunately, the scene changes once more. I'm in my living room with the battle of five armies boxed set. (Because my dreams involve so much implanted memories, I'll just colour them differently) My dad bought it for me and my brother as a present. I open it up, and everythings already painted. However, the giant mountain that was promised is missing. Instead theres a tiny hillock. I grow annoyed, until I lift it up and reveal a massive snap together mountain underneath XD.

      I wake up shortly after and take a while to realise I dont actually have the set
    3. Noble six, Mr Wonka and the space hulk.

      by , 12-30-2010 at 12:54 PM
      Finally, a dream that last longer than 6 lines

      First Dream

      I seem to be noble six (Halo reach XD). Im with the rest of noble team in this large, underground building. I feel depressed, because the other team members keep underestimating me because im the newbie. The room is like an octagonal prism, with a reverse jewel shaped ceiling. The smaller octagon at the top is faintly glowing blue. The whole chamber is about 30 - 40 meters high. Above me I can see a second floor with a (you guessed it) octagonal hole in the middle. From this hole 2 ramps descend, merging into one in the middle and ending up on the ground beside me. The walls are like thoe in halo reach forge. For those of you who havent played it, they're large metal panels with a thick metal border. Inside the border is a light blue transparent panel with metal behind it. It functions almost as a mirror. The leader, Carter, is explaining how we're going to attack this fortress from underneath. I continue to listen, but turn and look in the mirror - like wall. I'm a brown and silver ODST spartan. Everyone gets up and begins to leave. I sort of feel too depressed to even slaughter aliens. But then Kat waits for me, and cheers me up with a pep talk I run out of the room and into a firefight. I remember little about it, other than it was a massive L shaped room and we suffered no casualties. We somehow warp up into the fortress. We're now standing in a gargantuan octagonal (seeing a pattern?) courtyard. There is a huge wall running around the edge. People are living in the huge white walls, and there are many windows looking out. In the center of the courtyard is a command building. Guessed the shape? Keep pressing and guessing! You: Is it an octagonal prism? Me: Its the right answer! you've won 250 pounds! *cheering* *applause* Yeah... I approach a ramp winding around the side of it. Grabbing a rocket launcher, I run up it. Two robot jackals block my path. I take out the first with four rockts and the other tries to flee. I corner him by a barricade and blow him up. I make it to the top of the building and have to fight two psychic aliens. They use their abilities to throw baricades, bodies, dumpsters e.t.c. at me. I dodge them and gun them down with a machine gun. At last, the fortress is secured! We somehow know that the enemy will try to retake the fortress, so we all grab sniper rifles and camo cloaks. I climb through the residential flats to reach the top of the wall, and odly enough find comic-book-guys room. He's not in. I climb up his junk and go through a skylight onto the wall. I try to find a position to guard but people keep getting there before me and saying that its their spot. I try to shoot an enemy down below, but my gun shoots tennis balls. The dream fades.

      Second Dream

      Me, Ramona Flowers and two nameless guys are standing near this green slope. There are grooves cut into the slope, and several holes as well. Mr Willy Wonka and Charlie's grandpa are running marbles through the grooves, and are using blocks and strange tools to try and make the runs more and more complex. Apparently the rule is the ball has to go in a hole. We watch for a bit, but in the end we get bored (and ceeped out that Mr Wonka is wearing lipstick ) and exit through a door. The next bit is in fragments. Theres a map of a mall with shops down the sides and a crahsed, parasite infested space hulk in the middle... an old man telling us to destroy the ship... shooting mutant shark men... our own ship... Ramona grabbing me by the shoulders and angrily yelling "Did he activate the #2 ?!?" Then the dream sort of collapsed.

      To summarise:
      • Me and noble team clear out a fortress
      • Mr Willy Wonka has strange habits
      • Ramona has anger management issues

      Stay tuned!
    4. The dragons, The cricket and The fonz bunny.

      by , 09-15-2010 at 06:27 PM
      I was on a pebbly beach, white pebbles if i remember right. To my right, the beach extended for a while before meeting a tall cliff which then went out to sea. My left was completely clear. The sea was completely covered in strange white seaweed, which closely resembled those curly bath balls you can get for washing. As the waves came in they gently rose and fell. Far out I could see some water. The sky was an overcast grey, with dull clouds soundlessly drifting along. I turned round to face a cliff with several outcrops spread unevenly across its face. I managed to reach one of these, though i dont know how. A small girl in a light orange dress was looking out to sea through a telescope. I asked her if I could use it, and she said yes. I sat on a rock and dug my feet into the gravel, because for some reason I thought that someone might push me off.

      I then turned around to find the cliff gone and replaced by a lush green grassy hill leading to what seemed to be the white house. I went inside and found out that it was actually my familily's house, and so I headed to my room. The door was built diagonally, and on both sides there were baulstrades. Never heard of privacy i guess... I walked down the small flight of stairs and found myself in a bare room with white walls and a beige carpet. There was a large pair of doors leading ouside, and i walked out to find myself in another garden.

      In front of the house was a large area of grass, but further out were rows after rows of 1cm thick hedges. I explored the gras and found a blue dragon who needed me to feed him crickets. I found hundreds in the hedge but picked only three. I felt them tickle my hand, and one tried to bite me. Turns out the dragon dissapeared. Figures... I then met the duracell bunny dressed as the fonz, who asked if I wanted a beetle from the hedge. They were realy beautiful, so I got one and came back. However, I had apparently failed some kind of test, so my schools field would be.... GASP! CONCRETED! I actually couldn't give a f*** so I went back inside. I sat down in my room but then woke up.