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    1. Dream fragments and lucidity

      by , 07-28-2012 at 12:35 AM
      So last night I had more than one dream. Each dream I had didn't seem to have a beginning nor end. The first dream I can remember I went Lucid shortly.
      It started with me being in this huge creepy (Not old just scary) Mansion of some sort. The inside was endless and I was looking for a way out but each door I opened led to another completely different looking house. For example I would be in a middle class house and could see a yard out side in the country then I would go through a door and I would be in a very expensive looking apartment in the city. I couldn't go through the windows for some reason and there were no exits. The harder I tried to leave to deeper I seemed to go. The new rooms grew more and more dark and warped. Everything started to feel wrong I got a idea in my head that I had to leave or I would die there. At some point I opened a door and the room looked like space yet I knew if I fell I would fall forever. I had to go along this ledge to get to the next door. I opened it and was in a normal yet poorly let house. It looked really familiar but I couldn't figure out why . (When I woke up I realized it was the house I lived in in a dream I had a long time ago) Anyway I'm standing there and suddenly I understand why nothing makes any sense. I was dreaming. I walked around intently looking at everything. I kept saying "This is cool....I'm really asleep.....everything's so real...." I was picking stuff up and feeling it and looking over everything. It was cool. I went and looked out a window and was like "SSSSPPPPAAACCCCEEEE!!!! >:3" At that point I didn't care about leaving because I knew it was just a dream so I just explored some. Ate some point I must of woke up shortly or had a major dream change. The next dream I had I didn't go lucid.

      I was in a movie theater getting my ticket. I went in the the show room and looked around for a place to sit. That when a guy walked past me that look just like one of my friends but older. He stopped and was like "Hey long time no see" He was referring to us not seeing each other over the summer but he looked way older the he was. He is 17 but looked 20. Anyway turns out all my friends were there. I go to sit down by them But someone says they are saving that seat. For some reason I get offended and sit away from them (Would never happen...I love my friends) They are like "Awwwww come back" I ignore them and the movie starts. I don't get to watch it though because the jerk next to me start talking and everyone tells him to shut it but in the end a guy asks him to leave ALONG with me because the think I'm with him. I'm like "I don't know this guy! I'm not even involved." My friends come to my aid even though I was a jerk but they still kick me out.
      Dream shifted
      I'm at a construction sight and I have no idea why. My parents are apparently rich and own the place but there not my parents and I know it. I walk around and everyone acts like they know me but I don't know them. Then my little "brother" whom I don't know ether tell my mom said to inside. I'm just like "meh..." and go with it. I go inside this cool looking rich person house. Inside there is this guy who says "Hey come look at the full moon" He hands me a pirate like telescope (I don't know what they are called - _ -) I look out at the moon but its green and blue. Then I realize its the earth....and I'm not on it. So naturally I freak out.
      Dream shift
      Ok now I'm on my road that goes to my house. I walk past a park were they are opening a new pool. I hitch a ride with this guy to my house (I guess I could have just walked...idk) So I'm going down the street to my house and I pass a lot of stuff that didn't mean anything in my dream (when I woke up I remembered That a lot of places I passed were more places I had been in other dreams...so that's kind of cool) Then he dropped me in front of my house. I think something else happened my it's foggy because my grandma woke me up soon after.
    2. My Lucid Dreams, SP experiences and OBEs. Part two

      by , 04-13-2012 at 01:27 AM
      So these are my lucid dreams. I have had others but that was before I knew the term and they were all quick realization then going on dreaming. I'm not sire if these are in order but here goes.

      In one dream I was washing my face in the bathroom when I here a VERY familiar voice say my name and start laughing. I turn and see nothing. Then I here His "claws" on the mirror and I turn and looking back at me in the mirror is non other than the nightmare man himself, Freddy Krueger. (I'm a huge fan but this scares the hell out of me) Things start flying and I try and run but the door slams. Pipes come out of the ground and fly at me trying to wrap around me. I yell 'THIS IS MY DREAM!!! YOU CAN'T HURT ME!!!" As soon I say it, something just clicks. I grab a bottle and preform a reality check ( the one were you read and reread a line and see if it changes, It does) I realize that I really am dream and Freddy Isn't really. I go Lucid and open the bathroom window. Laughing I fly out. I close my eyes and says "I want a beautiful scenery." I open my eyes and I'm flying over a epic mountain and forest with water falls. I go down and enjoy how real every thing looks. then I woke up.

      Another dream which was much longer but i was basically trying to save these kids from a witch. I was jumping from these odd building to the next being chased by the witch when I just kind of realized I was dreaming. After I figure out that I'm dreaming I hope down from the building I was standing on and take a good look around. I stare at my hand awhile. Again it all seemed so real. I then decided that I wanted to do something I had promised myself I would try if I went Lucid again (Can't believe I remembered.) I Closed my eyes and said, "When I turn around there will be a door. That door will led to my subconsciousness where I will meet my inner self." I opened my eyes and turned around and there indeed was a door. It was square and floating in the air. I walked in a circle around it before walking up to it and turning the handle. The door opened. It was just a empty frame. Disappointed I took a step back. Everything got fuzzy and not want to wake up I tried spinning it worked for a sec but everything started to get fuzzy again so i laid down and everything got clear again. I lay there just chilling. I then woke up.

      A third Lucid Dream started when my dream teacher told my to memorize something in a text book. I tried to do this by reading and rereading it only to find the text to change. That's when I realized I was dreaming. The only thing I did then was stare at everything and then at my hand, happy that I was dream and I knew it. Then aliens attacked the school and I forgot i was dreaming and off to fight them.

      I had a dream were I was being held by a giant and the giant was standing in the ocean saying that he was going to throw me which would kill me. Trying to be brave I say that he can't do that and he says why not. I turn away from him and am like "think fast" I look down at my watch and thing "Please let me be dreaming" I then preform a dream test (looking a my watch) Not only does it not tell time but its not even the right color. I turn, now lucid and yell "BECAUSE I'M DREAMING" I then jump out of his hand and yell "YYYYAAAAHOOOOOOO!!!!!" and hit the ground making a huge cater. I get up and start running along the beach at super speed. I get over excited and wake up.

      Another dream was a clock tower being built at my house. I understand I'm dreaming strait off and end up flying around. Then I see wolves and go down to see why they are there again forgetting that I'm dreaming.

      I know Iv'e had other but it's hard to remember all the lucid dreams you've had at once. I know they are all they same as these. Short or I wake up. Hope to improve my Lucid Dreaming.
    3. My Lucid Dreams, SP experiences and OBEs. Part one

      by , 04-09-2012 at 07:19 AM
      This Is a account of the Lucid Dreams, Sleep Paralysis experiences and Out of Body Experiences I can remember. I decided to type them up so I won't forget the ones I can remember.

      I will begin with My OBE since My first OBE ( One of two) I had at a very young age and it was way before I knew the meaning of LD OBE and SP.

      I was seven or eight I believe and my family was on the way home from getting food from Walmart. We had a van much like the one we have today. It's the kind with two seats up front, two in the middle ans three in the back. I was sitting in one off the middle seats. This happened in the middle of summer and I live in Texas so It's really hot. I had fallen asleep and had a pretty insane experience. I felt myself lift out of my body and looked down to see myself sleeping in the car. I floated up and out of the car but outside there was nothing just a solid empty void. Looking down I could still see the van. The roof of which was clear like I could see through it. I could still see myself sleeping. I could also see my brother and sister and grandparents. My grandma was driving. There was music playing and they where talking but it all sounded far away and i couldn't understand what was being said. I floated back down into the car and hovered right above myself, unsure of what to do. Now inside the van I could see outside and watched as we pulled up to our house. I watched as everyone got out and took all the groceries in, making more than one trip. Finally I watched as my grandpa closed the trunk and everyone went inside. Then it got really quiet. I was still in the van. I hovered above myself. I tried to call out for my grandpa but I had no voice. It was strange though. It was like I could feel myself talking but there was no sound. I started to feel really hot. I feel trapped and unable to breath. I looked down at myself and tried to will myself to wake up. I started to panic and things got even stranger. I felt myself splitting apart and rising up through myself once again until I staring down at many of me hovering above the asleep me. (The best way i can explain this is if you face two mirrors inward at each other and look through it, the image repeats forever) By this time I feel almost like I'm on fire and there is no air left in the space. I really begin to freak. The it was almost like I just snapped. I yelled as loud as I could "WAKE UP!!!!!!" This time words formed and I could hear the sound. It was like a delayed reaction of sound and as the wave pushed down toward the sleeping me all other mes came together all going down to the true me then SLAM!! We all came together and I woke up so suddenly that I jerked the seat belt and sling shotted backward.

      I looked around the car which really was empty and everyone really had gone inside. In fact the car was park exactly where I had watched it be parked in my OBE. Then I realized that I was still burning up and i still couldn't breath. I frantically ripped away my seat belt and practically threw myself out the door. Took me a second but i caught my breathe and went inside where it was cool. I think I got really lucky that day that I didn't have a heat stroke. (DON'T LEAVE KIDS IN CARS!!)

      OK Before I tell you my second OBE I want to share the first time I had SP.
      I was at my aunt and uncles house so I was sharing a room with my sister. This freaked me out for a long time but really I'm glad because it was because of this I researched SP and that led me to find out about Lucid Dreaming (Which I had been doing very mildly since i was young but never knew it was a term)
      I guess it started as most people experiencing SP do, by realizing you can't move. I woke up in the middle of the night and my body felt soooo heavy and thought I wasn't breathing like there was two much weight on my chest. I tried to move but found that was impossible so I did want anyone would do if they wake up in the dark and can't move..I FLIPPED SHIT!. I struggled and tried to yell to my sister but my voice wouldn't come and that's when I saw him. I shadow like figure in the corner of the room. I became complete terrified, if I wasn't already paralyzed I would have been frozen with fear. I began to notice for the first time the noises and vibrations. I looked at my sister peacefully asleep and in my mind I was like "WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!" I start to look back to the corner and come to a wall of darkness and it take a second for my eyes to understand what I'm looking at. The shadow guy had gone from the corner across the room to standing a inch in front of my bed. The wall of darkness is really his chest. The way I'm laying give me a odd perspective. If I strain my eyes I can look up far enough to see him leaning over me. He leans farther and farther in getting closer to my face. I get this not so odd idea that he is going to do something along the lines of bite my face off.
      Then in a instance it's all over and I jump out of bed. Needless to say it was hard to go back to sleep after that.

      My second OBE has to deal with my second SP as-well. This was after I had learned you could use SP to do a WILD.
      I woke up and felt the familiar vibrations and heard the frighting sounds and when i found myself unable to move i knew exactly what was going on. That didn't keep the panic from rising. Then I looked across my room and there was that same freaken shadow man standing in front of my closet. My first thought was "OH YELL NO!!" I slammed my eyes shut and tried to send myself into a Lucid Dream but it didn't quite work out like that. I started to feel myself slipping away only this time I wasn't floating up I was sinking down. I watched as I sank below myself and my bed and slowly into a dark void. I slowly hit a ground of some kind. It felt cold and had gleam to it. I looked up and could see my room as if the ground of it had been replaced with glass. I could see through my bed and at me laying in it. I glanced around at the empty void and got a horrible sinking feeling that if I didn't go back now I wound never be able to return. I willed myself upward and back into my body with great ease and I woke up.
      I went over to my computer and looked out a trailer on Youtube for Deathly Hollows part one (This all happened right before that movie came out and i really wanted to see it) That's when my room began to change and It became the scene I had been watching and I was now standing on top of Hogwarts thinking "What just happened". I watched wizards fly past and it was so amazing. Then I understood I was Dreaming and previously it had been a false awakening. I was so happy but then the world began to spend and I woke up for real this time.

      End of part one. I'll post my lucid dreams next time but I'm super tired now so, Happy Dreaming!