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    Puppies, Ninjas and Time Travel

    by , 01-03-2013 at 10:15 PM (365 Views)
    There are some references to Naruto in this entry that can be considered spoilers, so read with caution if you are watching or reading Naruto and are not caught up.

    So In my dream I'm with my best friend at what appears to be a dorm room in a college of some kind. For some reason my brother is there. My friend pulls out weed and a pipe and hands it to me. I debate smoking it though because my brother is there. It doesn't really matter though because then someone walks in talking about how there are puppies in the other room and they want me to keep them from leaving. I go into the other room and start playing with the puppies. There are like ten of them and they each keep trying to escape but i won't let them.

    A girl walks in about the age of ten. she had blonde hair and was wearing a red dress. Beside her was older dog in a wheel chair. It's face resembled a dog version of Jack Black. The dog was talking to the girl and i was highly confused. The girl was surprised i could hear the dog talk because apparently people thought she was crazy for talking to the dog because to everyone else it was just a normal dog.

    I continue to watch the puppies and the girl and Jack Black dog leaves. Later she comes back crying and says her dog died. I feel bad and decide to take her to the park. While at the park we walk around and talk and i pushed her on the swings and that's about it. On our way back we pass a tree. In the tree I see a bird in a wheel chair who looks like Jack Black. I look at the girl and say " Look, your dog was re-born as a bird!" The bird and girl look at each other and recognized each other. The bird started crying and said how much he missed her. Then the bird flew out of the wheel chair and landed on the girls shoulder and they went off together.

    About that time Kakashi from Naruto ran up to me and said he needed my help stopping Tobi from taking over the world. To do this he was going to send me back in time to kill Tobi before he was a threat.

    I go back and time and end up at a camp of some kind. I meet young Kakashi. I ask him where Tobi is and some how he knows I'm there to kill him. At the time him and Tobi (Obito) are friends so Kakashi refuses to tell me. I walk around the ninja camp and find that no one knows where Obito is or they won't tell me.

    My dream slows down there and I woke up
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