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    Tree People

    by , 05-31-2016 at 04:46 AM (169 Views)
    So I haven't posted in a long time. I want to get back into writing my dreams down so I can lucid dream again which I have not done In a long time. Well here goes nothing

    In my dream I find a tree that somehow has a world of tree people in it. The tree people have some important job that has to do with keeping nature in balance. Apparently every tree person is very important and they are all needed. The leader of the tree person approaches me and tells me that one of their people have ran away and become a human women and that if this tree person does not return then they will have to turn a human into one of them to replace the original. The leader tells me that they have picked a small girl that they will steal and bring into the Tree world to do just that. I tell the leader that I will bring back the Tree person instead. I leave and track the women down but she is happy where she is and tells me that she never belonged in the tree world and if she goes back she will die. I return to the leader and tell him that since I could not bring the tree person back that I will replace her. The Leader agrees and I get pulled into the tree. on the other side is a city in a nature setting. the buildings are trees and the sidewalks are pebbles. I wake up soon after.
    The end

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