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    Barefoot Reminiscing, Power/Sexytime, Subnuclear Time Shift

    by , 02-03-2015 at 01:41 AM (434 Views)
    February 02, 2015


    I was at the old science and math center i went to in Highschool, visiting for a special day or something. I had signed up for two special classes for this day, and my old friend A ended up being in the first one too. We got to catch up and were sitting in our seats (the class was in the presentation center) for at least an hour after the class, and then it was time for the next class. We had started walking around and I didn't know where my shoes were, so I put the rest of my things in the room for the next class, at a spot I wanted to sit in. They would hold my spot while I looked for my shoes.

    I found my shoes but when I got back to that class room, it was packed and someone had taken my seat. I didn't even find all my stuff, either. I was like "Screw it." I decided to take off my shoes again and walk around barefoot reminiscing with A and coughing (my cough was persistent, man. It even shoes up in a half of my dreams)

    Power Struggles

    I was involved in this campus-wide power struggle of a water fight. Everyone had a huge water gun, but if you got hit three times you had to stop playing. I was running from my brother, B, and his friend, who had formed a small team and were after me. I got each of them twice, but then they both nailed me so I was out of the game for good. I threw my water gun to the side, a bit upset with myself for not having joined their team, and walked away.

    I was bored though, and wanted to hang out with my brother. I decided to go find their base, which had been somewhere in the center of campus. I was expecting a little hut or something but when I got there it looked like they had taken over most of the area, and gated or roped it off from the public. There were guards all over the place. B just happened to be at the main entrance. I told him, "Hey I'm not in the game anymore so can I chill here with you guys?" He took me to his friend, who was the leader, and vouched for me. Apparently B was the leader's right-hand-man, so he was like, "sure, welcome." So I somehow became the second right-hand-man. My first input was to help pick the color of the new sign to name the base. I had assumed it would be the leader's own name, but he named it after his mom instead. I thought that was kinda cute.

    After putting up the new sign in the entrance, I noticed that a computer that was along the wall was all wet. B said someone must have attacked it with a water-gun to sabotage them. I took a closer look and noticed sticky, green stuff under the mouse. "Guys someone just spilled Mountain Dew on it and then got it wet to cover their asses." The Leader came up behind me and reached past to see the evidence. "She's right."

    He found out who it was and punished them, not for spilling the Mountain Dew, but for being a coward and trying to hide it AND for doing a messy job of hiding it. "If you're going to blame someone else, do it so you never get caught!"

    So then, the Leader, B and I went down to the basement because we needed to fix some super important machine. It was this sort of vacuum thing, with a long tube coming from it. The tube was inserted into a glass cylinder of some sort, and that cylinder did something special. Leader held the cylinder and instructed me to pull out the tube so he could inspect the inside of it. As I was holding the end of the vacuum tube, I looked at it, and realized it looked a lot like a penis. Suddenly the Leader sticking his face up to the glass cylinder and sticking his fingers in it was very sexual and I was getting turned on. He finished inspecting it, and held it out so I could stick the tube back in it. I looked at it again, and then looked at the Leader and said, "If this penis were a real penis, it'd be a really happy penis because I'm holding it," and I he just kinda stared at me and blushed. I grinned and stuck the penis-like thing back into the glass opening, then walked back up the stairs passing various blushing young men who had heard me. The Leader and B followed me up and we all went into the main room of the base, which was having a party or something. The Leader had put the machine we just fixed on a table somewhere, and when I was at a table with a drink, I felt him come up against me from behind. We were about to leave and go to his suite, when there was a ransom call. He rolled his eyes though, because apparently it was just his aunt pranking him. She did that often I guess. Anyways, he took my hand and dragged me upstairs and we had a little fun.

    LOOK! A Subnuclear Time Shift!

    My little brother, E, and I were visiting B in some other town. We'd all left his place to go to the main street of the town so we could get some food or drinks. We were cutting through a park or backyard or something, and it was dark. When we got out of the park thing, there was a loud noise and behind us a large blue rift opened up in the air. B called it a "Subnuclear Time Shift," whatever that is. I didn't believe him, but I was scared of whatever it was because it was dark and it gave me to spooks.

    We got to the main street, and found two 10-ish-year-old girls who had lost their friend after walking home with her. I was about to go sit with them and try to comfort them and figure out where they lived, when I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see the 10th Doctor standing behind me. He held his finger to his mouth in the "shh" motion, and I was speechless and instantly horny. I was about to attack him when he turned me into the girl the other two had lost. I was supposed to pretend to be that girl to find out more about what happened. Apparently aliens were involved. So I went to talk to the girls and pretended I had just got lost and found them again. We didn't find out much but we got them both home and I said we would play again tomorrow and gave them both a drawing I'd just whipped up for them. They really loved the drawings apparently and promised we would hang out tomorrow.

    Then I woke up in B's living room from a nap. I wondered what that dream had been about. E and B came into the room and suggested we go get some dinner, so we all left B's place and took the same park path. Again, at the end of the path, a blue rift in the sky appears and B calls it a Subnuclear Time Shift. I realize how strange this is, and look down at my hands. They're normal-ish but there's a sort of aura-hand in them, too. So I was still dreaming! I look back at the rift and wonder what might be on the other side of it, but then I wait because the Doctor might come back and I can attack talk to him. I look around and then I spot him talking to the two little girls. I felt the dream destabilize but couldn't really do anything to keep myself in it, and woke up.
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Congrats on getting lucid! This Doctor DC seems interesting. Also the rift in the sky sounds likemy kind of dream sign...I love the sky in dreams and it makes it more magical IWL.