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    Competition Week One

    by , 04-17-2016 at 03:21 AM (753 Views)
    Monday Night (night 2)

    Only fragments; I was at a building site and two neighbors from junior year of college were there. At some point, my Oma let me use her bathroom. There was way more to the dream but I can't remember many more details than that.

    Tuesday Night (night 3)

    I was with Zukin at one of her classes on an exam day. I took the exam as well, for shiggles. It was 15 questions and they were either super complicated with chemical and math and other stuff I would not know, or super simple questions like "what is a baby cat called?"
    I stayed to talk to the professor a bit because I was interested in the class now, and then met Zukin outside in the hallway. But when I got to the hallways, it turned into the supermarket. We picked out some foods and then walked back to her place. She took me by the railroad tracks. When we got back to her place, I had to set up my bunk bed (apparently I had that with me haha). But parts were missing... I couldn't find the ladder or the railings.

    Wednesday Night (night 4)

    I was teaching, but it was taking place at my home. During one of the breaks I somehow ended up thinking it was a good idea to get high, and then had to teach in that state. It was very scary, actually. I almost did so many things that would NOT have been good. After class, I took a nap and when I got up again it was a beautiful spring day. Some of my students were playing a game of tag or something right outside the window. And then one of them somehow busted his lip...

    Woke up for reals, and fell back asleep to have this one:
    I was taking a shower, and this shower was so effing beautiful. It was completely made of blue, green and purple glass tiles and had multiple levels. Like you could sit or use one of the levels to prop up your leg to shave better. I got out of the shower feeling great and ended up in my Oma's house. I thought this was strange because their shower is not like that at all, and checked my hands. They were stubby, so I knew it was a dream. I know I already did the TOTM but I really wanted to do it again because of how cool it was before, and also because I knew it was a competition night. I ran at the wall to phase through it and ended up in Oma's front yard. I jumped up but was having trouble getting airborne for some reason so I started my climbing the big tree I always used to climb and jumping from the top of it (like literally it's a pine and I can usually get three or four stores up.
    I jumped out of the tree and got right into flying, then hovered for a but to collect my thoughts. I wanted to get to the clouds fast and also get my second three-step so I let myself fall from where I was hovering. Just before hitting the ground I let out my hands and shot up Iron Man style. I've always loved looking down while I shoot up like that and watched the ground getting rapidly wider as I gained altitude. Then I looked out and up again and spotted a nice fluffy cloud to land on. It was the same as before, so light and soft but also really dense and firm. That makes no sense, I know, but it's the only way I can describe it. I tried to remember what my last three-step goal was, but was drawing blanks, so I let myself fall through the cloud as a teleportation device.
    I ended up in a weird but cool club and some guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to smoke with him. I said sure, why not, and gradually began to lose lucidity
    and then woke up.

    Fell back asleep and was immediately lucid. I was waiting for a train at a big and other-worldly station. It reminded my of Myst and Riven. I got on this train with other people my age and when it started going, I directed it upwards into the sky and into a cave. There were beautiful, luminescent lichen and stalagtites and stalagmites. The other people on the train were impressed and asked me to take them somewhere new just as cool. But I was loosing lucidity. I sent us to the rim of an inactive volcano or some other kind of mountain place. By the time we got there though, I was non-lucid again and dreaming normally. I eventually saw my kindergarteners and one of them tried to get me to watch this movie but I was tired and didn't want to.

    Thursday Night (night 5)

    I was at school, and a parent of one of my most challenging kids this year was dropping him off and told me, "don't let that Miss N. Read to him. She's stupid and she is racist and do t you let her write for them either." And I was so shocked that I cried. Like honestly that staff member she was talking about is one of the kindest people at he school and has been a huge help to me and my students this year. I wS taken aback by this and tearfully told the parent off lol.

    Friday Night (night 6)

    I was with Zukin and we were trying to get into this private (and super elite) lecture. We got to the entrance to the lecture hall and the professor was there... Zukin flirted with him to get us in haha. We took Sears near the window in the back of the room, and there was one of those three-windowed jut outs (I am spacing on what they're called haha) and I sat in it. It wasn't a seat but I made it into a window seat haha. It was a pretty nice day outside so I was looking out the window for a little bit and saw a woman sitting in the grass reading a book. I looked back to the professor to watch the lecture again, and then he looked out another window. He said, "oh shit, there are police cars out there's!"
    I looked out the window I sat by again, and saw (to my horror) three police officers trying to subdue a Bigfoot who was literally tearing the woman from before into pieces. I was horrifyed and all I could think was, oh shit. It can get through this window... and I turned to Zukin and said, "Zukin, we gotta run. Now."
    So we get up and run toward the exit. When we're about 3/4 to the door, the window shatters and the Bigfoot leaps in and starts chasing us. We were on the second floor of this building btw. Zukin and I were running for a while, and the university building was turning into more of a luxurious, huge mansion. I was 150% sure by this point that the Bigfoot was after me alone, so I told Zukin to get somewhere else. The Bigfoot was breaking walls and doors to get at me and it finally cornered me in a closet-like thing.
    It was about to tear me limb from limb but then stopped, looked at me a little sadly or pityingly, and said, "wow. You must be pretty stressed to be having a dream like this. How about a sensual massage instead of getting ripped apart?"
    I could only stare at it for a moment, then checked my hands. Sure enough, I was dreaming. I decided to take up the bigfoots offer, too. It told me to find the bathroom on the second floor west side of the building and then disappeared. I was curious now, and blinked myself to the general area. I found the bathroom and really had to pee, actually. It was hard to stay in the dream, and all the toilets in the room had some weird aspect that made them unusable. One had a permanent potty-training attachment so it was too small. One of them was a "diarrhea machine" in the wall, and I didn't want to open that can of worms. The other one was a coffin-sized wooden box with intricate designs on it. (These were all in the same room, haha!)
    The Bigfoot came in and opened the lid of the large wooden box thing. Bit turned out to be a massage table (and it was weirdly sexual, because there were little dips and grooves for butts and feet and even boobs). I was laying down on the table to get a "sensual massage" from Bigfoot when I woke
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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      Just before hitting the ground I let out my hands and shot up Iron Man style. I've always loved looking down while I shoot up like that and watched the ground getting rapidly wider as I gained altitude.
      Usually, but not always, if I spend too long looking at the ground I end up going towards it. But your flying technique sounds somewhat similar to mine, flying Iron Man style.

      One of them was a "diarrhea machine" in the wall, and I didn't want to open that can of worms.

      Don't forget to tally up all your points!