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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Crazy Horses and Mirror Tricks

      by , 03-06-2015 at 02:58 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      March 05, 2015

      I was with my parents, and we were talking about the Doctor. I was longing for him, and later got to meet up with him (he was apparently someone we knew?) after babysitting some kids, and he gave me a simple string necklace with an orb on the end. I thought it was just a silly trinket he would give to a child, so I was a little upset about it all. When my mom saw me wearing the necklace, she looked concerned and immediately tried to call him. They either told me, or I had a strong hunch that this necklace was something special after all, and that maybe he had strong feelings for me. This thought excited me, but my parents seemed to be treating it with caution and concern, like a baby tiger or something.

      Then, they both told me about a dream people had been having. They said it might be connected with the Doctor somehow, so I decided to try to incubate the dream, whatever it ended up being. Like, they told me a sentence to think about, though I can't remember what it was. I ended up falling asleep in the chair I was sitting in with my parents.

      In this dream within a dream, I was a worker or resident of some sort of working commune of sorts. We lived and worked in a long building of maybe five stories. But it was on a cliff face, so on that side, the ground floor was below the cliff wall. That whole side of the building, on all floors, was lined with a large wooden balcony looking out into the canyon. There was a sloped road into the canyon next to the building so I liked to watch cars go by.... except cars never seemed to actually go by. All of us in this commune were basically paid to live there and basically just do small odd-jobs all the time. Like, we'd get paid to move these large picnic table-type tables out to the balcony for dinner, or for indulging our hobbies. Some of us were trained doctors (I was one of them), and we would care for people when they got hurt or sick, though it didn't happen often.

      On the other side of the building, in the center, there were a set of double-story glass doors leading into a prairie backyard with a terraced garden at the other end, and horse/sheep/cow stables above the garden terraces. It was so beautiful, but kinda utopian (as in impossible and slightly darker than it seemed). Like, on the surface it looked like a perfect little community... but there were whispers.

      On the day this dream took place, we had moved the tables out to the balcony for lunch. It was a special day because it was the day a Canyon Horse spirit did a yearly run down the road into the canyon. But for some reason it started early. It had always been in the evening, when the sun sets, and the windows were always boarded up and fastened, and we fasted for the evening, or something. But this year, it was starting in the middle of our lunch. The sky darkened and men came in to shutter the balcony openings; but I just barely spotted the spirit streaking by through the closing shutters. It was a deeply spiritual moment, and afterwards, I was so excited, so I didn't notice the tension around me. Something was happening.

      We found out why the doors and windows were always boarded up for this event; the horses in the stables out over the terraces were going mad. The stable men who had been tending them were being trampled or turned mad themselves. One horse was on its back, but still somehow galloping, as if it had legs coming out of its back; it was super creepy. They all, men and horses, started charging the building, trampling the gardens and prairie. People in the house panicked and tried to shutter the doors, but it wasn't working. So we started running. I was running along the building in the direction of the end of the canyon, because there was a town in that direction. I stopped at one of the side doors and looked down the country-lane-ish pathway it opened into, to see which way the horses and men would go. I thought they would all just go straight into the house to get people, but they fanned out and changed direction as soon as I could see them. It was now too late to change my mind, and I wished I hadn't waited, and had just run when I got to the door.

      I ran through the streets until I reached a small neighborhood and started turning down streets to try to loose the mad people chasing me. I felt like they were after my flesh, wanting to tear my heart out or wear my brains as headdresses....

      I came to a small house, but it had a divot of sorts in the layout, with a bush in it. I ducked into the divot, thinking I would be safe there and no one would be able to see me. But you could see me from the other direction, so it the men ran past and turned around, they would see me and I would be cornered... It was a risk, and I took it. Right when I settled there, a man, I assumed the owner of the house, came from the other direction and spotted me. I thought he was going to call out in alarm, but he must have seen the pleading in my eyes, because when he looked ahead of him and saw the madman who was still chasing me, and pretended he didn't see me as he walked to his front door. The madman passed, kept going, and then the new man beckoned me quickly to go inside, while he kept watch for the madman coming back.

      I was so grateful I would have cried. but when I got inside, it was MY house. My parents were there, sitting where they had been sitting when I had fallen asleep. I had a moment of lucidity and realized they were themselves, not DCs of themselves. I sat down in the seat in which I had been sitting before, and stared at them, dumbfounded. "Well, that was trippy..." I said. They told me that people who dreamed after thinking that sentence they'd given me all had nearly the exact same dream. They asked me to describe my experience. They were a little surprised, because most people experienced the dream through a man's eyes, even if they were women IWL. I had been a woman, and when I thought about it, most of the people in the building had been women. My parents said this meant something, but I don't remember what that is, or if they even actually told me. I started to feel myself slowly slipping from sleep to wakefullness, but there was no breaking apart of the dream, because I was sitting exactly where my waking body had been. Nothing about my vision or consciousness changed, except that I slowly felt myself waking up.

      (this was the weirdest FA I have ever had)

      "Whoa," I said to my parents. I asked them if I had just been actually talking to them. I had; they had inserted themselves in my dream or something. It was all very weird, so I stood up and walked around, not really taking in the fact that my house was now a hybrid of my actual house and that building from the dream. There were a series of small moments; One in which one of my best high school friends was visiting, and we were standing on the top of a hill outside this new hybrid house, looking down a stairway path to the bottom. She threw her phone out over the hill, toward a beach at the bottom, and then ran after it giggling like an idiot. River Song came through some double doors at the side of the house (opening to a balcony eerily similar to the one from the dream) and I was suddenly a young girl, and ther ewere sort-of two of me. We ran up to River Song and hugged her, yelling, "MOMMY!!" I was me again, looking through a storehouse of sorts which had been lost to humanity for ages. We were looking at all the priceless objects inside it, and picking which ones to take home with us. I chose pieces that reminded me of figures my Oma has, because I wanted to have some like them. I forget what mom picked.

      Then, I was me again, and sitting against a full-body mirror that stood in the middle-ish of a large room. I smiled, because suddenly I knew I was dreaming. I didn't even need to RC, I just knew it was a dream. I was in a very laid back lucid mood, so I took out my phone and looked at it when I touched the on button. There was a 3D-ish sphere on the top right corner, a moving metronome to the left of that, and some lines below them, which waves and wiggled. The DC sitting diagonal to me laughed and commented on my metronome thing, and I said, "Hey, this is MY dream. You're not allowed to see things you can't possibly see. That's MY job." I stood up, and went to find my parents.

      I found where the large room connected to the hallway that was actually in my house, and walked to the end of it, looking at my hands to stabilize the dream and just for shiggles really; they were frozen in this spread out position even when I moved my fingers. Like they were glitching. I turned around and, expecting to find my actual living room when I went back, headed back. I did indeed find my real living room when I returned, and my parents were there. I took hold of the trim on the corner of the wall, and slowly floated myself upward so I was horizontal. I slowly floated up to rest on the ceiling; I was chilling on the ceiling as if I were underwater, and gravity was flipped. My parents just smiled up at me. I thought about attempting another ceiling portal, but remembered the Advanced ToTM about pushing yourself through a mirror as a portal. So I instantly turned off this weird gravity and landed on the ground, and went down the hall again, and turning around with the intention of finding that large room with the mirror again. I did find it when I returned, and sat against the mirror again. Everyone was gone from the room now, so I closed my eyes, imagined that I was going on a mystery journey, and just let myself sink into the mirror. I slowly phased through it as I fell backward, and I let myself tumble out into whatever new place I had discovered. A rainbow passed through me, and then it was crazy; I was in a strange cave-like place that wasn't actually a cave. Where ever I looked, my eyes were like lasers that sprouted flowers and rainbows and stars would shoot out and spread around the area. It was fairly dark but where I looked would illuminate to reveal a dark blue rock-face thing. I liked this so far. I found a small star chart on a podium, and investigated it. The first thing that caught my eye was a rubber chicken. WTF, I thought, and then found a telescope next to the podium. I wanted to get a look at this for myself, so I looked through the telescope, pointing it where the rubber chicken would be. I had been assuming it was a constellation made by weirder people than me, but when I spotted it in the viewfinder... it was ACTUALLY a huge rubber chicken in space. Like, I could tell it was light years away, but it was as big as a huge planet. I felt the dream fading, and let it go because I was happy with the results.

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    2. January Backlogged Dreams

      by , 01-23-2015 at 01:35 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      Wow. I've really let myself slide here... I won't post every single dream from January, but I will post the more meaningful/impressive ones. I've been trying Calea Z recently, so I'll mark the ones I had with CZ.

      January 01, 2015

      Poor Donna

      There was a really surreal moment in one of my dreams this night. I had been with Zukin, planning to go up north. We were driving, and then I sort of blacked out, and then I am in the water, doing a backflip through an innertube, or something. It was all slow motion and when I surfaced, I am in a lake. I swim up to the shore, where Zukin is waiting for me. We were apparently part-way to the property. We had stopped for a break, and now had to get back on the road again. There was a random young man at the beach who told us where we were out of the blue (we knew, and hadn't asked him), and wished us well on our way out. Flash Forward five years, and this man is dating Donna Noble, but was about to break up with her.

      January 05, 2015 (With CZ)

      Utter Forgiveness

      I was in the woods, running from some kind of wild animal. It caught up to me and was going to attack me, so I tried to strangle it... But then it turned into a human woman (who was now unconscious) and we were suddenly in my Oma's house. I was suddenly very worried. There were others with me now, and I feared (I was almost frenzied) that they would hate me and cast me out if they found out what I'd done.

      When someone came into the room and saw the woman, they calmly came to her and picked her up, carried her to the couch and set her down, and began caring for her. They didn't show any signs of being mad at me, and said no words of loathing, scolding, etc. They just understood. It was suddenly very calm and peaceful.

      Monsters and Climbing Naked

      I was in some sort of apartment building in what I think was my hometown. I was with a group of refugees, and we were watching for signs of the giants that were after us. They were a bit like Titans. We began making plans for how we would be able to get to a checkpoint of some kind, and then enacted the plan. After checking for an all clear, I watched the team zigzag across the lawn of the apartment building. The route was completely counter intuitive and it would have made MUCH more sense to just shoot right for the spot they ended up in... But oh well.

      I ran to where they were now, and we ran down the road for a distance. I ducked down an alley, which ended with a blank wall save for a door. I opened the door to find it was a door on the side of a 6th-or-so-floor of a building. And I realized I had nothing but a towel on now. There were stairs leading to the ground, and I had to go down them. I knew I had to, but I didn't know why. I started climbing down the ladder in my towel, and at some point I had to swap hand-holds completely, and it terrified me so much.

      January 6, 2015 (With CZ)

      Forbidden(?) Love

      I was at a fancy party, but had gotten there with a friend very early. There was no body in the round ballroom yet, so I went to the bathroom, which was for some reason crowded. I was in a huge black dress, and there was a rack for women's skirt cinches. Like, you took it off, put it on the rack, went to piss, and then got it back. I remember the bathroom being a bit steampunk (this whole dream was, really) and claustrophobic. When I got out of the bathroom, the ballroom was packed, and I could no longer find my friend. We were part of a secret rebel group, actually. We were here on a mission. The mission didn't require me to be with my friend, so I wandered about and mingled with the gentry, trying to get information from them. Then, I met a young man in a dashing steampunk-ish suit that looked like it was made to be with my dress. He was a soldier, or a security agent for the government, so we were supposed to be enemies, but I found myself so attracted to him. It was like electricity (yay, Clichés!) He almost literally swept me off my feet on the dance floor, and I was so worried about whether my friend/co-rebel was watching, for fear of being punished by the higherups... But at the end it turned out this man was also a rebel under cover. So it was alright that I had wild sex with him that night :D

      Forgot my Shoes...?
      For some reason this was a really striking dream. I went to a movie with my little brother and his friends, but realized as I got out of the car that I'd left the house without my shoes, or my wallet, and so he had to pay for me. After the movie, I got back home by walking through parts of the hospital in town. Like, I crossed town inside the hospital. It was like using the Nether to travel longer distances in the Overworld... The hospital is the Nether...

      January 07, 2015 (With CZ)

      Home for the Holidays

      I was working at some large, private Christian school (which, for the record, is SO not where I would want to teach) and it was the last day before the winter break. There were four or five classes that were normally held right in this huge hallway in the middle of the school, but my class was in a room down one of the side wings. I was walking out of the building and saw some old students and their Christmas projects at their tables in the hallways, and waved at them. I exited the building through the freight entrance thing, where someone was dragging a huge Christmas tree into the building... I wished them all a merry Christmas, and then saw my current mentor teacher in the parking lot. She wished me a merry Christmas, gave me a big hug, and then for some reason offered to wash my windshield for me. It smudged.

      I picked up my little brother, brought him to my place, and then our parents came and picked us both us. While in the car, my mom was telling a story of something I had done as a child. Apparently I had gone up to a boy in my class and told him we were going to pair up and do lots of shit together. I had used a specific phrase often, but I can't remember now what that was. During the story, I was showing my [b]MoonMoon[b] in the car; my head was like on the car seat and my feet were hanging over my face? We pulled up to the house I grew up in and my brother and I were fascinated by the renovations my parents had made; the retaining wall to the right of the driveway was now made of lots of petrified logs with the rings facing outwards. They were rainbow as fuck and shiny. The driveway itself was also different. It was now a sort of red brick cobblestone type pavement. There was an ultra hard and transparent bordering on translucent coat over it all so that it would not wear away ever. But there weren't enough bricks apparently, and so there was a huge gap in the driveway where they had dug out the space of the bricks but hadn't had enough. It was like a small trench, and the car had a rough time going over it. I got out of the car and inspected the bricks, really liking the way they sort of shimmered. My neighbor came out, and complimented me on my shirt (I don't remember which one I was wearing).

      January 08, 2015 (With CZ)

      Rich and Weird as FUCK

      I was a member of a very rich but EXTREMELY eccentric family. We had lots of cuddle sessions with some large animal (I think they were Alpacas) and at some point I was flunking a class because I had a secret poor boyfriend, and so my parents docked one cuddle session per day for a whole month, and I was so sad. But I was really falling in love with who ever this low-class boy was, so I was okay with it all. We thought we had to keep it secret from my family because they would want me to date a rich man's son, but when they ended up finding out, the family was actually very okay with it. They even gave me back that cuddle session when they figured out I was only failing that class because of love.

      My family invited him to come on our HUGE yacht (it was more like a personal cruise-ship) to play with the whales. We went to visit the whales at least once a week and they knew us well. they would do tricks and shit when ever they saw us coming. But this time they were all skittish and ended up swimming away from the yacht. We were confused but then a HUGE whale loomed out of the water and floated above the yacht. It had a shit ton of packed snow on its back somehow, and started slowly tilting sideways. I saw the snow start to fall onto the yacht, and panicked because it was enough to seriously harm us. I got knocked over the edge somehow but had hold of the railing, and managed to miss all the snow because of that. I apparently took a snap-video of the whole thing and sent it to my whole contacts list.

      I ended up having to go to the bathroom at some point but accidentally went into the men's restroom. And I found out I was pregnant I think. That, or I was on my period and didn't have any supplies... Either way, I was REALLY embarrassed when I found out I was in the men's room. :D

      January 13, 2015 (With CZ)

      Fuzzy Cars

      I had driven to a clinic for my dad, who was there. I went inside but got scared of something, so I waited outside, where I noticed that there were lots of cars that were fuzzy and blue with brown hoods. Like, almost every other car was like that. It was weird. As if they were living things... A nurse came out of the clinic and offered me some candy to make me feel better since she'd seen me being uncomfortable before.


      I was at home, and was having a sleepover in the hot-tub room so we could see a special comet that night. We saw the comet, and then also a double shooting star that arched all the way to the horizon, and stayed lit up for a few whole minutes. It was kinda beautiful!

      All that SEAWEED

      I was on a trip to Austria with my cohort. Apparently I had driven my car across the ocean, because when I got to the checkpoint, there was a bunch of seaweed all over my car and up in the rims. I remember driving through vivid, beautiful mountains, too.

      New City?!

      I was in Pokemon Omega Ruby, and was diving next to a cliff or something, and discovered a tunnel I had never seen before. I followed it and surfaced in a new city. I was ready to explore EVERYTHING like I always do in those games, and started talking to people. I ended up signing up for some sort of drawing, but knocked something over on top of someone right away and got disqualified, I think. I went into a store at the other end of this large town square, and talked to some cat-boy thing that had a piece of paper. He kept saying it said something, but every time I looked at it, it said something different. After three different paper messages, I got lucid for a very short time, and wandered around the town a bit. It was low-level lucidity and another of those ones where I just didn't feel the need to try to control anything and just watched what happened.

      January 14, 2015 (With CZ)

      August Meals

      I was on my way back home from a trip with my little brother, and two of my big brother's best friends, and one of my students who has Autism and his TA. (An odd mix of people)

      We stopped at a McDonald's near home because my student. who was in my car in the passenger's seat, was saying he needed a break. He and his TA nearly opened the door before I stopped the car and got out to walk around and screamed a little. I went to the counter (it was like a food truck, but it was a real Micky D's... kinda weird) to order a double cheeseburger meal. I called it by the number, but the lady at the counter was a little confused, and then said, "Ooooh, you mean the August Meal?" I was confused, and she showed me the menu above the counter. Apparently they had started calling their meals by months instead of numbers. What I wanted was now the August Meal. I got a huge rubber car insert that would hold a burger as well as a rubber car drink holder, for free? It was some promotion they were having.

      January 17, 2015

      Zuke's Acting Weird

      I was at Zukin's place but she was talking to some other guy, ignoring me completely. I was a little upset by this, so I left and went down the road to a different co-op. There was some sort of small-scale party going on, so at first I was held up at the door, but then they let me in and took me upstairs. Zukin is there, in a room that was right above the porch I'd had to wait on. The floor was a really interesting pattern of black metal supports with sturdy glass bricks in them. So you could see down to the porch. It was pretty cool! I find out Zukin is also HERE, with the same guy. She is still talking to him, and it's looking like he is being way too flirty. Knowing that Zukin had her eyes on someone else, I tried to sit with them and deflect this guy's attention away from Zukin. I sat in a triangle with the two of them, so not in between them but not letting them in their own world, either. They started to cuddle, and Zukin was like, "It's all good Kestrel, we're just sharing warms." I said, "I can share warms, too..." But she ignored me and he like crawled over her and started kissing her neck. I sort of glared at Zukin, and she looked at me with this look that said "get lost."

      I was so dejected by this that I just sort of wandered away wanting to cry. I looked around the room and had a strange feeling about the room... it seemed like something I had seen before, maybe in a dream... I had the inkling of something being off, especially with how Zukin had acted. She would never do that to me. I continued along the edge of the room and came to the entry to a stairwell with lots of stuff stored in it, and I tried to move stuff so I could go down these stairs... And realized I was completely naked. I tried to remember where my clothes had gone, because I had JUST been wearing them, and that feeling of things being off grew. I panicked, and rand own a different set of stairs to the bathroom. I was facing the door, wondering how I was going to get some clothes, when it hit me that I must be dreaming, which is why everything felt so strange. I looked at my hands and they were all nubby and gross looking.

      I left the bathroom not really caring about what I was or wasn't wearing, and left the building and this weird anti-Zukin, to go flying. I had remembered the "go backwards" task just after taking a step forward, which was a little disappointing, but I jumped to fly in search of a crystal ball, instead. It took a few attempts to fly, which is weird because usually I can just do it easily. As soon as I was in the air, something shifted and cracked and the dream ended.
      I was back in my bed at home. This was either as False Awakening or I actually had woken up. I didn't RC so I don't know.

      How Does It FEEL?

      I was on a bus in some city with a river running through it. The bus was under a bridge hen there was a siren. It was an air-raid test, apparently, and people started getting off the bus, even though the bus driver was telling them not to, because it as safer in here. About 6 people, including me, stayed on the bus, and the bus driver started driving us around the city more, not letting us off. He said the idea was to look natural, but that we shouldn't be outside at all. Inside the bus was slightly safer, especially if it looked like it was on its normal rounds.

      We got to the ocean shore, where there were some docks. He let us off here, saying we should be safe at this point. I looked up and noticed that the clouds were ALL animals. Like, giant sea turtles and eagles flying through the air, or giraffes or lions roaring. Some clouds were pretty patterns when I looked more carefully. I was now only with the bus driver and a kid, who looked a lot like one of my students but didn't quite feel like him. Then shit went down. Three drones of some sort were flying in formation above us, from my left to the right. Then another zoomed past, but stopped, and turned back to us. The bus driver told us to run for the buildings, which we did. The kid and I ran to the nearest building, which happened to be a public restroom. The women's one was locked though, and the men's one had lots of weird stuff stored in it, like a large plastic horse head... We kept going, trying to find places to get indoors while the drones were hovering above people, threatening them.

      Things seemed to be over shortly after the kid and I found shelter, and then we walked on a bridge over the river that went through the city. I told him that if we walked down a path by the water, we would get back to where the bus had been when all this had started.

      Somehow I ended up at home. For some reason I was laying down on the driveway, perhaps just glad that the "test" air raid was done. My eyes were closed, and when I opened them, there was one of the drones right above me. Like it was hovering less than a foot above my body, covering me completely. It tilted so that the end of it was touching my inner thigh, and it as saying things like "how does it feel to be violated? you space is penetrated, how does that feel, eh?" I was so scared but thankfully I woke up.
    3. Lots of short dreams

      by , 12-14-2014 at 04:28 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 13, 2014

      More Boring than Homework

      I was in a crafts class or homework session of some sort, working on something. I finished the work early, and left. But it was boring, whatever I decided to do, so I went back to the class.

      What a Nice House

      I was in a foreign place. Or at least a different state. My family was on vacation there. An elderly woman was driving me to the house my family was staying in for the trip, and she said "Was für ein schönes Haus." We pulled up to the house, which was in a large lot. The whole town seemed western-ish, but the house was so out of place.


      I had to call one of my old high school friends, K, to tell him something important. But he never picked up the phone. So I called like five or six times, and finally left a voice mail and as I was leaving it, he answered. I forgot what I told him, but his response was: "YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!?!" He asked what we would do next, and then the dream faded.

      Wrong Number

      My best friend from high school called my phone, and I was really happy because we haven't talked in a really long time. It turned out she had called the wrong number. I was sad because she sounded really disgusted or something. I asked her to wait a moment and we talked a little, though I'm pretty sure she didn't really want to talk to me at all.

      REALLY Don't Wanna Get Up.

      I had a false awakening in my room. I sat up, got out my iPad and started reading manga. My roommate walks in, sees me, and says, "wow Kestrel you REALLY don't want to get up do you?"

      Turkey and Peacock

      Here I actually woke up, fell back asleep, and had a longer dream. I was in a room with one of my students, who has ASD. I had the feeling of being responsible for him, and was trying to get him to fall asleep, for some reason. The room we were in was really bare, and had a dark blue-green feeling to it. It was a bit murky, or so,etching. He eventually fell asleep, and I stood up to leave. As soon as I opened the door, there were tons of people in the hall, leading into the living space. It was like a version of my apartment, but much bigger and with different flooring and walls. My brothers, cousins, some of my students, and other people ranging from age toddler to about 20, were all there. One of my cousins came up to me and said the adults were all out to a party of some sort. We older ones were all supposed to watch the younger ones for the night. Her hair was all curled and up in a prom-do, and when I commented on how pretty it was, she said it was always like this at school.

      Two of the people there were actually people I went to elementary and middle school with. They were playing some kind of epic battle game with some of the other boys there, and I tried to cross the "battlefield" without getting too much in their way.

      Once crossed, I was at the front door. The room had shifted to be like a larger and slightlyx different version of the Quaker meeting house I attended as a child. I was looking out the windows and big glass double doors, and one of the littler children suddenly said, "look, a peacock!" I hadn't seen one, but when I looked back there was a peacock right there. It was pretty, but also a little plain as far as peacocks go. I look a little to the left and see my craziest cousin outside, trying to get closer to the bird. I try to tell her she'll scare it away, but she is just being her usual wacky self, approaching the bird with weird motions. I see a little further off a turkey Tom.

      At first I thought it was all okay but the turkey and the peacock were looking like they were going to fight each other. I called my cousin to come inside, and we watched as the peacock flashed his beautiful feathers to look big and threatening. The turkey also puffed himself out to look bigger. The peacock started pecking amt the turkey, until it ran off. The peacock was alone now, but still looked like it wanted a fight, so I made sure to close the door firmly so it couldn't get inside and hurt any of the children.
    4. The Prince's Love's Mom's Chocolate Cake // Zukin's Library // Future Society // Mom's Shop

      by , 09-15-2014 at 10:22 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 07, 2014

      The Prince's Love's Mom's Chocolate Cake

      I was the main character in a Disneyesque princess story. I and my mother were taken into the castle and treated well, since we were poor, and the prince fell in love with me and gave me a beautiful necklace. I was working in the nursery/child-care facilities and one day there was a rumor that the prince was sleeping with a redhead. I trusted him and didn't worry about it, but a little girl took my necklace to play with and I got frantic and she broke it. I was angry and just wanted to be alone. While I was trying to fix it, the evil mother of the redhead had basically spread rumors that the prince and the redhead were to be married and that he thought I was trash ()it turned out the evil redhead-mom was the one who started the first rumor, too. The prince denied it all and ran away because he apparently couldn't handle all the drama, and the evil mother took over. The prince's best friend had been making a potion to track my feelings or something, and people had called me his kitten but then when I was all depressed someone told the Prince's bestie, "your kitten has issues," and he replied with "my raccoon apparently..." (he thought I was like a raccoon?) And the potion was reacting to a bottle of some liquid, acting like a magnetic liquid they have at the Hands-On Museum in my town.

      Flash forward a year or two, and I am in a room with a ton of bunk beds. All the old nobility were forced to sleep in there and work their asses off, even the redhead daughter. I woke up from a nightmare one early-morning, and the Prince's little sister had comforted me, and so I hugged her. Then, as I walked back to my bunk passed the redhead's bunk, I pulled her hair. And then felt bad about it because she wasn't a bad person. She was actually pretty nice, I had learned. It was just her mom that was evil.

      Then I find out a way to find the prince and stop the mother. I cut my hair and put on a baseball cap, and head out to find my own mother, who had left the castle to become a cake-baker.

      My perspective changes rapidly from my mother's and the prince's here, so I'll just describe what happened:

      The prince saw my mom one day, and there are flashes of hope in his eyes and he runs to her to ask about me. His bestie is with him and tells him to calm down, but he's too excited and tries too eagerly to help her lift a huge crate, and the contents all spill. They were all her cake ingredients, basically her living. People gathered but the bestie tells them there's nothing to see and calmly picks up half a chocolate cake. I become him at this point, and look down at the chocolate cake. It looks really good so I take a bite and it's soooo yummy. I take bite after bite until it's a little sliver of cake-crust in my hands. My dream self has really enjoyed eating things lately.

      The prince payed for new baking materials, and then walked away sadly when he found out my mom didn't know anything about me. Then, he goes off into the field next to us, and starts singing in Adam Levigne's voice about how sad he was that his love is gone. But I saw me (I am still in the Prince's Bestie's POV) come up to my mother just as he started singing and everyone was all gushy and I, as the Prince's Bestie, was thinking "wow, I really missed something not having watched this movie!"

      Or something like that, at least.

      Zukin's Library

      I was in library after a huge storm with Zukin. I think her room was somehow in the library. Either that, or her co-op had suddenly added a library in most of the rooms.

      We decided to go to a theater to watch some kind of show... Maybe it was a presentation about a group? The girl next to me starts climbing the wall assassins creed style (or maybe it was more Legion-Style). She ties a curtain in a knot at the bottom and top so that people can climb up it. And then people start climbing it like crazy. One after the other. Kinda creepy, like moths to a flame...

      I realize Zukin's not there anymore so I snapchat her "where you at?" and go to find her... But I go around the building and where her room should be there's just another library and I'm like "WTF" and I get really confused. I walk around looking for her room but can only find libraries and workout rooms (?!)

      Then I realize that I'm at the library on campus, not Zukin's house. I was walking down the stairs to find her and stopped in the stairwell to look out the window at another storm coming in, and two Asians are in the stairwell and I scoot around them at the corner when I am suddenly in her room. She had gotten my snapchat and summoned me there. Except then I realize I just woke up in her room and it was a dream. A lot of my stuff was in her room too, and she was telling me to wear my brown Mary-Janes with my long brown pants so it would match AND my pants wouldn't get ruined on the ground. She's telling me about a dream she had just had where she was in the library, and I was there, but only for part of it.

      I'm like "OMG me too!" and I tell her that she summoned me from the dream and that we had shared it or something.

      Futuristic Society

      I was in a futuristic society where classes were extremely uniform but drastically different. There were the well-to-dos, who were all the same, and the rogues, who were more like our society today, all different and colorful and lively. I was Iron-Man for part of the dream, and learned a secret code for a group that wanted to demolish the classes and make everything the way it used to be. I was in a rogue market that had the same vibe as the fish market in Seattle. A family came in and the little boy sat on the Iron-Man-Spot of the couch, and I said the secret code I had learned previously to the dad. He knew the code but was weary and cautious because the group was radical.

      Then I heard a large boom and everyone started panicking. Next thing, I was flying through the air, watching this HUGE piece o' shrapnel that had fallen from space. It was a piece of a spaceship and it had collided directly with the huge church tower in the center of the well-to-dos city. I woke up just as the impact had started. I got to watch what bit I did see in super slow-motion. I could see the ripples and waves as the shrapnel completely obliterated the huge church spire.

      Mom's Mall Shop

      I was in an old mall with my mom and apparently she had a shop there. But it had been closed for a long time.

      She opened it up and apparently it sold lotions and scents and shampoos and there was a little room for massages or something. The main part of the store had a lot of random items. A lot of people started coming in and shouting, "it's open again it's open again!!"

      It reminded me of a shop downtown... There was also a hotel behind it that my mom ran. There was a little girl who went through the door to the rooms, so I followed her to bring her back to her mother, but she got lost in all the rooms. The hallways were tall and wide and all antiseptic-white, and the lights were blue-tinted; it was like in some kind of abandoned hospital or something. I wandered around the creepy-ass halls, looking for the girl, and then woke up.


      I must have dreamed that I had written down another dream from that night, because I couldn't find it when I woke up again.
    5. Binder Clips for Colorful Things

      by , 09-01-2014 at 03:33 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 28, 2014

      I woke up in Zukin's room (which is where I was IRL because we'd been out that night), but it was messy (which doesn't often happen IRL).

      I looked around and saw Zukin trading things with some chick; She was trading binder clips for some colorful somethings the chick had. Then, an administrator or something came in and said, strictly, "Breakfast at 9:30!" and slammed the door. Zukin and I left, and I put a piece of Easter Bunny chocolate on the table for the girl Zukin was trading with.
    6. Trains Suck for Sleeping/Dreaming

      by , 08-13-2014 at 06:24 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 10, 2014

      I was on a long train ride for most of the weekend; I only really remember one dream from the whole ride:

      I had just woken up and started walking around the train; I went to the front engine and got to drive the train, but I don't remember where I drove it.
    7. Meatatarian // Gummy Bear Sundae // You're All Ready For Me! // Attack on Titan // Elderly Band

      by , 08-12-2014 at 09:06 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 09, 2014

      So, I had like no dreams on the 8th, but the 9th, when I went home, was full of dreams.


      I was at the Quaker Meeting House I attended as a child and occasionally go back to visit, and I was with my cousins for some reason. We were all supposed to get up early for a trip somewhere. Mom and dad had already left, and so while we waited, I went to the back room to watch the kids. I think I showed them the Magic School Bus?

      I had left the TV on and fallen asleep; I woke up at 5:48, and went to see if people were awake. We'd all planned on being awake at 6:00. Dad was back somehow, and awake, but I was still half-asleep and so I didn't really know that it was 5:48. I went back to my room and started picking out which shirt to wear. I picked from my pink Lolla shirt, my green "Meatatarian" shirt, and my Black Keys shirt. I picked the Lolla shirt because I always think it looks great on me.

      Gummy Bear Sundae

      I was in the back room at the Meeting House (this may have actually been a sort of continuation of the last dream), but it had turned into the elementary school from the summer school. There had been a holiday at the school called Latvia Day, for some reason, and the other interns were busing the students.

      I was getting dressed and apparently there were still some kids right outside my window, which was open (actually it had no glass at all) and I was paranoid about people seeing me. When I was dressed, I went out into the main area of the building on the first floor, and saw my old mentor teacher, Mrs. B, and my classmate A, who got that same mentor teacher for her year-long placement. Mrs. B was telling A how she would bake a cake for her every Wednesday, and I asked, "Can I have a cake every Wednesday?"

      Mrs. B laughed and said, "Psssh no. But you can have a gummy bear sundae every Thursday!" And she pulled a piece of cardstock out of her pocket. There were gummy bears printed in an arch on the paper, and she started cutting them out from the bottom left corner around the arch to the bottom right corner. "I'm too lazy to make a real sundae though."

      Then she joked that my shirt was sooooooo ugly, and pulled at the hem of her own shirt; I realized we had almost the exact same shirt on. The only difference was a small spot in the pattern.

      Scavenger Hunt

      I was at the University, and I was on a scavenger-hunt. We had to go to the auditoriums and audition for a musical as part of the hunt. I've dreamed of these auditoriums before.

      Picnic Tables

      I had woken up and was writing down a dream I'd just had; it was about picnic tables lined up in color-order. There were picnic tables of all colors of the rainbow.

      You're All Ready For Me!

      I was walking down the hallway at Zukin's co-op, because we'd had plans to hang out. I got to her door, banged my forehead on it once to let her know I was opening it, and opened the door. She was standing there in nothing but a bath towel, and I said, "Oh, you're all ready for me!"

      We'd been planning to take showers before we hung out. All of her clothes, like EVERYTHING she owned plus some because I don't think she owns as much clothes as were lined up in her room. They were folded neatly and piled along her desks and dresser, from wall to wall. Her room was also slightly different; the left wall was exposed brick instead of drywall, and painted a deep red color, instead of orange, and the door was all the way against the left wall. I remember being a little confused and thinking that something was off, but I couldn't put my finger down on it. I almost got lucid, but I must have reasoned that she had remodeled since the last time I was there.

      So yeah, She was in a bath towel and I said "Oh, you're all ready for me~!" and then we started making sexual jokes about showers, and she nonchalantly told me that her mom was getting a divorce from her dad because he'd lied to her too many times.

      Attack on Titan

      I was a new member of the Military Police and was stationed in Trost. I had gotten to know Eren, Mikasa and Armin, and they let me into their little posse.

      Then, there was an attack. There were people dying all over the place and we set out to kill as many of the Titans as we could... but everyone was dying. We were all just barely able to evacuate the civilians, and by the time the four of us somehow got through the gate at Wall Rose, we thought we were the only ones left alive. But it turned out there were people alive on the other side, in military uniforms. We didn't recognize any of them, and there was a weird feeling in the air about them. Something was slightly off.

      But we joined them and our leader was Stein (yes, that's a screw in his head). We became close with him, he was something like a personal mentor for us. And then he told us that he and Eren's father had been best friends as children.

      I saw a flashback of a peaceful prairie with a single, straight, flat stream flowing down the middle. Two boys were kneeling over the water's edges, picking grass out of it. The water didn't ripple at all, which was a little eerie. The boys didn't see each other at first, because they were about 20 feet from each other, on opposite sides.

      But then they both looked up. It was Eren's father and Stein. They smiled at each other over their love of pulling grass out of the stream, and were insta-BFFs.

      Then there was a sound to my left, and I looked over. A bus was making its way toward us on the water. They had developed tires made of a special rubber that could stay on top of water no matter what They had cars, bikes, even shoes with bottoms made of that leather, that could all go along on top of the water. I watched the bus go by, and noticed that a few buildings had popped up where only grass had been. There was also a sidewalk of sorts on the other side of the stream (I was on the same side as Eren's dad).

      A small town gradually grew out of the prairie, and then Eren's dad went into one of the buildings; it was his home. He came back out with a unicycle. It had a tire that could go on water. He asked me if I would like to lean how to ride it, and at first I was a little reluctant and scared to try, but he was persistent. I conceded, and awkwardly got onto the unicycle. He pushed me and waved happily as I zoomed down the river, which seemed to instantly become the hallway in my Oma's house. I wonder if there was a dream portal (can that happen if it's not a lucid dream?). I stopped myself on the ledge near the kitchen door, and almost knocked over a few of my Oma and Grandpa's wooden African art.

      Elderly Band

      I was in an auditorium, watch a band play. The band was entirely composed of really old people, like 80-90 years old. They were all rocking the fuck out, like heavy metal head banging and screaming, and it was awesome. I was down at the front row for a bit, and then went back up near the top to find my family. I found them to my right, and turned down the isle, apologizing and excusing myself as I passed people. When I sat down with them, though, mom and almost everyone in my party left to get some food. My mom's two sisters and my dad's dad were left with me. Grandpa was trying to get me to eat a miniature blueberry pie. He was super persistent about it so I took one that looked like a target and bit into it.
    8. What. A. Night.

      by , 07-21-2014 at 08:17 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 21, 2014

      Nature Park

      I was checking out at a convenience store or something, and the cashier was super friendly. She suggested a nature park for me to visit; it was about half an hour down the road from the store. I had nothing much to do, so I decided to visit. It was all on a mountain, and there were various themed paths up to the top. I passed a path that looked like it had been carved out of a rock-face. But it was closed for some reason; I assumed there was construction or something going on. I think it could have also been an avalanche. I went up the other way, and at the top was a courtyard and amphitheater-type-thing. There was also a beautiful view of the Big City.

      Nature Park Again

      (I woke up right after that dream, and checked the time; I still had a couple hours before my alarm would go off, so I smiled and fell back asleep while thinking about the dream I'd just had; When I fell asleep, I was abck in the nature park, but not lucid)

      I was in front of the blocked off portion of the nature park again. But now it was opened again, and I took that way. I climbed up the switchbacks carved into the rock, admiring intricate patterns carved into the walls. At the top of the cliff, I could see the amphitheater not far away, and headed for it, but there was an animal in the way. I forgot what it was, because the dream didn't last much longer. Now that I think about it, I may have been half-lucid. But I'm not really sure.

      Spirit of the Forest

      I was with Zukin again, and we were walking around a national park. We found a path into a forest, which led to a scenic lookout of a famous tree. It was apparently the oldest free in the state (or country? I don't know. Maybe it was the last surviving tree of its species? Either way, it was a special tree), and as we walked, the path forked in four different directions. We looked for signs, and only found one that said "to Lookout" pointing all the way to the right. But we wanted to know where these other paths went, so we searched a little more for other signs. Eventually, we found a sign hidden underneath a bush and vines that said "to Caves."

      That sounded fun. We took that path (it was the one furthest to the left) and after five minutes of walking, the path forked again, this time in five directions. There were no signs here, at least not at first. We figured there had to be a sign somewhere, so we looked hard again, and sure enough, there was another sign hidden under overgrown bushes and whatnot. We wondered how long it had been since anyone was on this path. Whereas the first main path to the lookout was well defined, this one was hard to see for the most part. We followed the path leading to "caves" and again came to a fork, this time with three choices. This time the sign was nowhere to be found, even after searching. We had to guess.

      We took the path in the middle of the three, and after about half an hour, we came out of the forest and into an open area with scattered small trees in a field to our left, and a cliff to our right. There was a wall (about hip-high) with vines overgrown all over it. Across a canyon we could see the people at the lookout. We ducked behind the wall, just in case we weren't really supposed to be here. The path continued along the wall, and at the end, we could see the famous tree. We crawled behind the wall until we reached the tree; but before we got there, the path sloped down steeply while the wall continued at the same height. We were able to stand again as we descended, and then the path wrapped around the trunk of the tree and went underground, into the root system and winding around them. It was all rather magical.

      But then we heard a rumbling, and I looked up. Dirt was falling from the ground above our heads, and we made our way out of the cave system below the tree. We hadn't gotten very far, so it was easy to get out. Once we were out, the rumbling stopped for a moment, but when I took another step away from the tree, it started again, and Zukin and I started running back up the path, away from the tree. It kept rumbling, louder and louder, and when we got around the winding path to the hill along the wall, we found that it was now almost perfectly vertical. There was no way to climb it...! But there was a vine.

      "Climb up the vine!" Zukin called to me. She was already grabbing it and making her way up. I was a little scared, but I climbed nonetheless. We inched our way up the vine as the rumbling grew louder. We were behind the wall, so I wasn't worried about people seeing us now that they could probably hear the rumbling. When we reached the top, we sat against the wall along the cliff, looking to our right at the tree as it tipped away from us, and then the ground shook a little as the roots came out of the ground, destroying that series of tunnels we'd been in moments before.

      "Oh SHIT..." I said. Now everyone would be looking over here, and we needed to get the fuck out of this place. We made our way along the wall, and about half-way to the forest, we met Harry Potter. He ran up to us and told us to run, because people were coming. He'd seen it all and wanted to help us escape. We ran behind him for a while, but then, around the corner where the wall turned, there was a Demonic Druid-type thing. It lunged after us, spitting toxic goo from it's eyes and mouth. Some of it hit Harry Potter, and he stumbled. Vines came out of the ground and wrapped around his legs and arms, pulling him all the way down to the ground.

      "Harry!" I called, starting to run after him.

      "Wait!" He yelled, and I stopped. Zukin ran up to me. "I can see it all now..." Harry continued. "They need a new guardian... that tree... it was the Forest's guardian, but now it's dead. It wasn't you, don't worry. It was just its time to go, and you happened to be there. They need a new guardian... I'll do it. I love this forest, so I'll be the new guardian. Soon a new tree will grow where I lay right now... It was be beautiful..." He had a warm smile on his face and his eyes were glossing over. We knew he was seeing something we never could. We nodded and bowed our heads, and the Demonic Druid thing stepped aside to let us pass.

      We ran to the main trail and joined the crowd leaving.

      Two years later, I was with Zukin in a bookstore, and we saw a new book about the "Tree Death and Harry Potter Disappearance" mystery. I chuckled a little and bought the book, and one for Zukin. We would have fun later reading all the conspiracy theories about the events of that day. I didn't know it then, but one of my classmates, T, was sitting in a corner of the bookstore, watching us. She was suspicious.

      The next day, I was listening to Zukin playing the piano when T came up to me and started asking questions. I evaded them, and left to go on a walk. T and her partner (I think they were private investigators or something, hired to find Harry Potter) followed me, and when I went down the path to the lookout, they confronted me again.

      "So you were there that day?" She said to me.

      "I don't know what you're talking about."

      "You know what happened to Harry, don't you?"

      I shrugged. She came over to me and got all close and in my space. I used my forearm to shove her gently away. "If you really want to know what happened that day, why not just try exploring a bit? That's what I did that day."

      I left, and they stood there. Now I was viewing the dream third person. I watched as T and her partner went down the same paths Zukin and I had gone down two years before. They came out of the forest and into the field with the wall and cliff to the right, and saw Harry Potter. His eyes were still in the same glossed-over position as they had been when Zukin and I left, but now they followed T and her partner as they approached. The vines which had pulled him down that day had grown thicker and woodier than they had been. They had fused together for the most part. All that was visible of Harry was his face and some of his left shoulder. He was pale blue.

      T started to run toward Harry, but vines came up and grabbed her foot. She looked to her partner for help, but he also had vines crawling up his leg. Suddenly, he started to move forward, speaking in a strange language. When T didn't respond, he spoke again, in English. "Leave now. Do not ever come back."

      T struggled to get free, but she couldn't. The Demonic Druid from before materialized from the ground, and spat goo at both T and her partner. Her partner was unaffected because he was under control, but T's skin started to burn, and she screamed.

      The Druid looked at her partner, tilted its head, and raised its hand. The man was released from the control, and he looked around. "Hey, it's Harry!" He called, smiling bright. "T, look, it's Harry!" He looked around, saw T, but didn't see anything else, because he was shot in the face with toxic goo. He screamed and slowly fell to the ground as well, and then all was silent. The Druid sank back into the ground.

      Sex On The Beach

      (I woke up to my alarm at 6:30, but had a migraine :( After emailing my professors and the people I usually drive to school, I got back in bed and tried to fall back asleep before the pain got too bad)

      I had a false awakening on a beach. I was on a beach towel, in my swimsuit. I sat up, looked around. The sky was blue, and the sand was warm underneath my towel. Behind me, grass-covered dunes rose along the shore. There wasn't a single person in sight, and I smiled, laying back down.

      Spoiler for NSFW:

      He looked back at me and grinned, said something in a singsong voice (I can't remember what it was; I was still a little dazed from the experience), and I realized: He was the Face, and that meant I must be dreaming. I looked down at my hands; two thumbs on my right hand. I was dreaming. I stared at the Face for a while, wondering what to ask him. I was oddly unshy about what had just happened, and neither was he. But I didn't expect he would be shy about something like that, considering he'd pretended to be about to rape me in another dream.

      (I drew the Face, btw... this is about what he looks like, anime-fied: The Face ... Ignore my wonky hand-drawing skillz)

      "You going to tell me your name yet?" I asked.

      "Not this time, either~" He said, and looked back out over the water.

      "So why are you here?" I stood up and walked to the water.

      "Just came to see you." He said, smirking over at me.

      "So sex but no answers for me?" I was a little annoyed. Not that I was complaining...

      "I never said I wouldn't answer any of your questions. Ask away."

      "Who are you?"

      He grinned as if he had known I would ask that first. "I am what you make of me."

      I rolled my eyes. "Why are you so unlike any of the other characters in my dreams?"

      He looked me right in the eyes this time. "Why do you think?" Was all he would say, and then I felt the dream destabilizing. I reaching out to touch his arm to stabilize myself, but he backed away, grinning as he vanished with the rest of the dream, and I
      woke up.

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    9. Closed for Construction // Daleks and Cylons

      by , 07-01-2014 at 05:08 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 30, 2014

      orange text = lucid

      Closed for Construction

      It was Monday morning, and I was going about my business in the classes; it was almost break time. We were learning more about running records in my Teaching Literacy class. The teacher called for a break, and I scurried on over to a shop in a neighboring building, where I've been getting my mountain dew and coke lately. I opened the door, which was strange, as the door was usually propped open, and instead of the shop, there were three desks; they were strewn all over the place, not lining up with the walls or with each other. It was then that I remembered the sign I'd seen on Friday, saying that the shop would be closed starting Monday for construction (this sign was actually there, and the shop actually was closed today).

      There was a construction worker sitting at one of the desks, and at the two other desks were the two women I've seen at the register. The one I've seen most often looked up at me and asked me if she could help me.

      "Oh, I'm sorry. The shop was going to be closed starting today, wasn't it...?!" I excused myself and left, embarrassed.

      Daleks and Cylons

      I was on a college campus that was basically a mixture of my campus, my little brother's campus, and my old high school's grounds (and holy cow, I've dreamed of this place before, too...! I remember now where the library was and even the same courtyard I was now in). I was going to meet my little brother there, because he was going to show me where he spent his days. I saw him, waved him over, and he took me to one of the buildings, though I can't really remember which one it was. We talked about something, but I forgot what.

      I woke up the next morning and started to get ready for school. I was in my old bedroom, but it's slightly larger feeling, and the bed I had years and years ago was still in there. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, ate a bowl of cereal, and was in the process of packing up my backpack when I realized I needed to get something from the car. I went out to the garage, and rummaged around in the car (it was my dad's olllllld red Honda, which we got rid of 2 years ago) until I found whatever it was (I can't remember what), and then my mom came out saying we needed to leave NOW NOW or she would be late for work.

      "But I'm not ready yet...! All my stuff is inside!"

      "Well go get it!"

      I didn't think much, and ran inside to get my bag, which I hadn't finished packing yet. I plopped down in the car, and asked mom if we could hold up for a sec, because I didn't have all my stuff. "No time to waste, we need to go now."

      "Why can't I just drive the van on my own?"

      "Erik needs it because he has to stay late today."

      "I honestly don't mind waiting up for him at school...!"

      But we had already pulled out of the driveway. I made one of those longing motions for the retreating house behind me and the things I had left there. We had turned onto the street my old high school was on, except that it was much, much longer and in general larger-scale than it is IRL. I suddenly realized one of the things I'd forgotten was my wallet. I checked my pocket, and found that my debit card was in it, but a load of good that would do me at school. "Come on, mom, I don't have my wallet. I need that."

      But she didn't say anything, and we came to a road block where Daleks and Cylons [[ Centurions and human models ]] were asking to see my mom's ID (Daleks and Cylons comprised the police force here. I remember feeling a slightly defiant acceptance toward them. The way you'd feel if you were secretly a rebel, but wanted to appear normal to get past the checkpoint)

      "Ma'am can we see your ID?" Mom handed it over. The Cylon looked through the car at me, in the passenger's seat. "Does she have one, too?"

      "I do, but I left it at home," I said, glaring at my mom.

      The Cylon eyed me, then my mom, and then a Dalek that was looking through the passenger window right at me (it was uber creepy).

      They waved us on, and as mom pulled back onto our course, I suddenly realize: Cylons and Daleks... those are from two different series...! I looked down at my hands: My left was completely normal, but when I looked at my right hand, there was an extra thumb. I blinked, wondering if it was just my eyes playing a trick on me, because it all seemed way too real to be a dream. But the extra thumb was still there, and I was dreaming!

      I still wasn't totally totally convinced, and so I didn't want to do anything that would cause my death or my mom's death just in case, so I tried to reason with her using my real world logic:

      "Look, mom, I don't have my ID or my school card. I won't even be able to get into the school!"

      But she wasn't budging, and so I though, Fuck this shit, I'm waking up.

      And so I woke up. I was back in my bedroom, and a large office printer in the corner was beeping and whirring, alerting me that the Cylons and Daleks were running a search on my name. I sniggered at my cunning in getting out of that dream, and proceeded to rush into the living room, telling my dad and brother, who were just getting up, "You guys wouldn't remember, since it was a dream, but I just woke up from it."

      And then my real alarm went off and woke me up. It scared the shit out of me and I jumped at least a foot off my bed.

      Double false awakening and Lucid FAIL lol.
    10. Well That DE-Escilated Quickly.

      by , 06-22-2014 at 07:35 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 21, 2014

      orange text = Lucid

      Okay, so this one was really weird and hard to describe. I'll do the best I can. I went with my parents to a property they recently bought in the northern part of the state in which I live. We were camping; I was in my own tent while my parents slept in another tent a few feet away. I couldn't sleep very well because of this super-duper annoying-ass cricket that must have made its life goal to keep me awake.
      Anyways. This is the dream(s?) I had:

      I was with my parents on the same property we actually were visiting; but it was in the near future, when the house we're planning to build there had just been finished. But it "wasn't open" yet, and we were staying in the same tents were actually were in, out in the yard. I had woken up because of a really annoying cricket (this is why it's so confusing. I think I may have fallen asleep and inserted everything before this point, but not actually dreamed it...? I may have also unintentionally WILDed. I HAD been thinking about it as I tried to fall asleep all night, so I was in the right mindset for it I think?)

      Anyways, it was only about 6am (in the dream), and I had just woken up, but I was still tired; I got out of the tent because the cricket was being a bitch, and walked around outside. The sun was nice and warm, and I wandered around a bit. I thought I saw an old friend of mine, whom I met online a loooong time ago. He was walking around the other properties surrounding my family's. But it didn't really look like him. I had the strong impression that it was Alex, though. But I chose not to call out to him, mostly because my parents were there and it would be weird, or something. I walked around for a while, always noting where Maybe-Alex was, and eventually stopped seeing him around. I was so tired still, so I laid down in the grass to try and sleep. Here, it was strange, because I knew I was outside, but at the same time I was also inside and could see a kid I used to babysit peaking out of a crib at me and giggling. It was a bit like when you let your eyes try to battle each other for what you're seeing. Sometimes it's what your right eye sees, and it's sometimes what your left eye sees. It's hard to describe, but if you don't have a dominant eye, like me, you might better know what I'm talking about...

      Anyways, then I must have fallen asleep for a bit. The next thing I knew, my parents were waking me up and telling me it was about time to get going. I told them about seeing the kid in the crib, when I thought I saw Maybe-Alex out of the corner of my eye, but when I looked at the spot where I thought he was, he'd vanished.

      And then suddenly, there was a hand on my right shoulder, and Maybe-Alex was saying to my parents, "This little SLUT isn't quite so innocent as you think." And then all hell broke loose.
      "What the fuck Alex, why are you saying that?!"
      My mom yelled at me, "Kestrel, is that true?!"
      And they forced me to go to a doctor to have a test done. The Doctor told my parents, "It's true, she's no longer a virgin." And my mom started crying and yelling angrily at me, my Dad turned his back on me and left the room with my mom. (this wouldn't happen IRL. They know I'm not, and don't really care. I mean I'm 22 for crying out loud)

      So I'm laying in the hospital bed in the empty room, and the door opens. Maybe-Alex comes in, and I look at him, hurt. "Why did you do that? What did I do to make you call me a little slut?!" He would never do that IRL. Especially not in the tone he'd used. His voice was so malicious, so manipulating and cold.

      "I had to be sure the mother of my child is hated by her parents; that way she has no where to turn but to me." He was so fucking calm and cold.

      "And you think I'm having your baby?" I rolled my eyes.

      "I know you're going to have my baby." And he locked the door. He came toward me with a really wicked grin on his face, and I suddenly felt scared. "There's no way you're Alex..."

      "Nope~" He said in a singsongy voice, and I realized I must have been dreaming. I did a Reality Check, and it turned out I was dreaming.

      I stared at whoever the guy was, and asked him, "are you The Face?"

      "That may have been me. But that's not my name." He'd sat down at the edge of the bed, no longer threatening. He was still grinning a bit maliciously, though. Maybe it was more mischievous.

      "Well what is your name?"

      "You can call me whatever you want."

      "I want to call you by your name."

      "Not this time~"

      I narrowed my eyes at him and suddenly remember the challenge of the month. I decided to try it, so I repeated, with the same singsongy intonation, "Not this time~"

      He just raised his eyebrow and stared at me, silently. I couldn't tell if he was confused or just blank. I waited so long for him to say something else that the dream destabilized and I woke up.

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