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    1. Losing Zukin, Field Force-Fields

      by , 02-04-2015 at 01:03 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      February 03, 2015

      Zukin Got Shot D:

      Zukin and I were living with a psychopathic killer, apparently... One day he 3D-printed a gun, and used it to kill Zukin and three other people... right in front of me. Then he laid them all out over a long table, on their backs. This whole time I was numb and couldn't really move. I didn't even fully take in what had happened until the killer left through the front door. I tried to wake Zukin and the others up, but they wouldn't move...

      Then I heard the sirens from outside. I looked through the peep-hole in the front door, and saw a cop standing at the other side of a fairly long tunnel. I naturally let the cop in, because I was innocent and wanted the killer to be caught. The cop came in and asked a few questions, then inspected the bodies... I couldn't look at Zukin.

      I went a little crazy then. I invited some random chick into the house, made her wear a green cloth over her head, and mentally green-screened Zukin's face onto the green cloth... I was trying to make it so Zukin was still alive, but it wasn't working. she was still dead, and I was lost. I called the cop who had come before and asked him to come over so I could ask him something. It had finally hit me that she was gone, and because the psychopath was still at large, I had to keep this all a secret. But I wanted to be able to call Zukin's mom and tell her what had happened. I didn't think it was fair that her mom had no idea she was dead. So this cop finally comes back, and I ask him if I am allowed to call Zukin's mom, and the cop said absolutely not. It would compromise the whole investigation, he said...

      Then I woke up and it took me a few minutes to realize where I was and the rush of relief when I realized it had all been a dream was tangible.

      Field Force-Fields

      I am part of a group who was walking along a bunch of crops and checking force-fields. Like, each crop had a force-field around it to keep bugs and animals and robber out. We were in pairs, and had to walk or bike around the edges of each field to check that the force-fields were all intact. My partner and I spotted an anomaly in our field, and used this contraption to seal it up again. It turned out a piece of something had gotten stuck in the force-field which made it bowl out, or something.

      Our field was edged by a river on one side, and we had to cross a bridge to get to our next field. I had super vision, apparently, because when I looked in any direction I could see the other pairs making their way along their own fields, which were far away. It was as if each pair was only about 20 feet from my partner and I. It looked like all the other pairs were having issues; either one of them was injured or otherwise slowing things down, or the pairs were bickering, which also slowed them down. It seemed like my partner and I were the only ones running full throttle.
    2. January Backlogged Dreams

      by , 01-23-2015 at 01:35 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      Wow. I've really let myself slide here... I won't post every single dream from January, but I will post the more meaningful/impressive ones. I've been trying Calea Z recently, so I'll mark the ones I had with CZ.

      January 01, 2015

      Poor Donna

      There was a really surreal moment in one of my dreams this night. I had been with Zukin, planning to go up north. We were driving, and then I sort of blacked out, and then I am in the water, doing a backflip through an innertube, or something. It was all slow motion and when I surfaced, I am in a lake. I swim up to the shore, where Zukin is waiting for me. We were apparently part-way to the property. We had stopped for a break, and now had to get back on the road again. There was a random young man at the beach who told us where we were out of the blue (we knew, and hadn't asked him), and wished us well on our way out. Flash Forward five years, and this man is dating Donna Noble, but was about to break up with her.

      January 05, 2015 (With CZ)

      Utter Forgiveness

      I was in the woods, running from some kind of wild animal. It caught up to me and was going to attack me, so I tried to strangle it... But then it turned into a human woman (who was now unconscious) and we were suddenly in my Oma's house. I was suddenly very worried. There were others with me now, and I feared (I was almost frenzied) that they would hate me and cast me out if they found out what I'd done.

      When someone came into the room and saw the woman, they calmly came to her and picked her up, carried her to the couch and set her down, and began caring for her. They didn't show any signs of being mad at me, and said no words of loathing, scolding, etc. They just understood. It was suddenly very calm and peaceful.

      Monsters and Climbing Naked

      I was in some sort of apartment building in what I think was my hometown. I was with a group of refugees, and we were watching for signs of the giants that were after us. They were a bit like Titans. We began making plans for how we would be able to get to a checkpoint of some kind, and then enacted the plan. After checking for an all clear, I watched the team zigzag across the lawn of the apartment building. The route was completely counter intuitive and it would have made MUCH more sense to just shoot right for the spot they ended up in... But oh well.

      I ran to where they were now, and we ran down the road for a distance. I ducked down an alley, which ended with a blank wall save for a door. I opened the door to find it was a door on the side of a 6th-or-so-floor of a building. And I realized I had nothing but a towel on now. There were stairs leading to the ground, and I had to go down them. I knew I had to, but I didn't know why. I started climbing down the ladder in my towel, and at some point I had to swap hand-holds completely, and it terrified me so much.

      January 6, 2015 (With CZ)

      Forbidden(?) Love

      I was at a fancy party, but had gotten there with a friend very early. There was no body in the round ballroom yet, so I went to the bathroom, which was for some reason crowded. I was in a huge black dress, and there was a rack for women's skirt cinches. Like, you took it off, put it on the rack, went to piss, and then got it back. I remember the bathroom being a bit steampunk (this whole dream was, really) and claustrophobic. When I got out of the bathroom, the ballroom was packed, and I could no longer find my friend. We were part of a secret rebel group, actually. We were here on a mission. The mission didn't require me to be with my friend, so I wandered about and mingled with the gentry, trying to get information from them. Then, I met a young man in a dashing steampunk-ish suit that looked like it was made to be with my dress. He was a soldier, or a security agent for the government, so we were supposed to be enemies, but I found myself so attracted to him. It was like electricity (yay, Clichés!) He almost literally swept me off my feet on the dance floor, and I was so worried about whether my friend/co-rebel was watching, for fear of being punished by the higherups... But at the end it turned out this man was also a rebel under cover. So it was alright that I had wild sex with him that night :D

      Forgot my Shoes...?
      For some reason this was a really striking dream. I went to a movie with my little brother and his friends, but realized as I got out of the car that I'd left the house without my shoes, or my wallet, and so he had to pay for me. After the movie, I got back home by walking through parts of the hospital in town. Like, I crossed town inside the hospital. It was like using the Nether to travel longer distances in the Overworld... The hospital is the Nether...

      January 07, 2015 (With CZ)

      Home for the Holidays

      I was working at some large, private Christian school (which, for the record, is SO not where I would want to teach) and it was the last day before the winter break. There were four or five classes that were normally held right in this huge hallway in the middle of the school, but my class was in a room down one of the side wings. I was walking out of the building and saw some old students and their Christmas projects at their tables in the hallways, and waved at them. I exited the building through the freight entrance thing, where someone was dragging a huge Christmas tree into the building... I wished them all a merry Christmas, and then saw my current mentor teacher in the parking lot. She wished me a merry Christmas, gave me a big hug, and then for some reason offered to wash my windshield for me. It smudged.

      I picked up my little brother, brought him to my place, and then our parents came and picked us both us. While in the car, my mom was telling a story of something I had done as a child. Apparently I had gone up to a boy in my class and told him we were going to pair up and do lots of shit together. I had used a specific phrase often, but I can't remember now what that was. During the story, I was showing my [b]MoonMoon[b] in the car; my head was like on the car seat and my feet were hanging over my face? We pulled up to the house I grew up in and my brother and I were fascinated by the renovations my parents had made; the retaining wall to the right of the driveway was now made of lots of petrified logs with the rings facing outwards. They were rainbow as fuck and shiny. The driveway itself was also different. It was now a sort of red brick cobblestone type pavement. There was an ultra hard and transparent bordering on translucent coat over it all so that it would not wear away ever. But there weren't enough bricks apparently, and so there was a huge gap in the driveway where they had dug out the space of the bricks but hadn't had enough. It was like a small trench, and the car had a rough time going over it. I got out of the car and inspected the bricks, really liking the way they sort of shimmered. My neighbor came out, and complimented me on my shirt (I don't remember which one I was wearing).

      January 08, 2015 (With CZ)

      Rich and Weird as FUCK

      I was a member of a very rich but EXTREMELY eccentric family. We had lots of cuddle sessions with some large animal (I think they were Alpacas) and at some point I was flunking a class because I had a secret poor boyfriend, and so my parents docked one cuddle session per day for a whole month, and I was so sad. But I was really falling in love with who ever this low-class boy was, so I was okay with it all. We thought we had to keep it secret from my family because they would want me to date a rich man's son, but when they ended up finding out, the family was actually very okay with it. They even gave me back that cuddle session when they figured out I was only failing that class because of love.

      My family invited him to come on our HUGE yacht (it was more like a personal cruise-ship) to play with the whales. We went to visit the whales at least once a week and they knew us well. they would do tricks and shit when ever they saw us coming. But this time they were all skittish and ended up swimming away from the yacht. We were confused but then a HUGE whale loomed out of the water and floated above the yacht. It had a shit ton of packed snow on its back somehow, and started slowly tilting sideways. I saw the snow start to fall onto the yacht, and panicked because it was enough to seriously harm us. I got knocked over the edge somehow but had hold of the railing, and managed to miss all the snow because of that. I apparently took a snap-video of the whole thing and sent it to my whole contacts list.

      I ended up having to go to the bathroom at some point but accidentally went into the men's restroom. And I found out I was pregnant I think. That, or I was on my period and didn't have any supplies... Either way, I was REALLY embarrassed when I found out I was in the men's room. :D

      January 13, 2015 (With CZ)

      Fuzzy Cars

      I had driven to a clinic for my dad, who was there. I went inside but got scared of something, so I waited outside, where I noticed that there were lots of cars that were fuzzy and blue with brown hoods. Like, almost every other car was like that. It was weird. As if they were living things... A nurse came out of the clinic and offered me some candy to make me feel better since she'd seen me being uncomfortable before.


      I was at home, and was having a sleepover in the hot-tub room so we could see a special comet that night. We saw the comet, and then also a double shooting star that arched all the way to the horizon, and stayed lit up for a few whole minutes. It was kinda beautiful!

      All that SEAWEED

      I was on a trip to Austria with my cohort. Apparently I had driven my car across the ocean, because when I got to the checkpoint, there was a bunch of seaweed all over my car and up in the rims. I remember driving through vivid, beautiful mountains, too.

      New City?!

      I was in Pokemon Omega Ruby, and was diving next to a cliff or something, and discovered a tunnel I had never seen before. I followed it and surfaced in a new city. I was ready to explore EVERYTHING like I always do in those games, and started talking to people. I ended up signing up for some sort of drawing, but knocked something over on top of someone right away and got disqualified, I think. I went into a store at the other end of this large town square, and talked to some cat-boy thing that had a piece of paper. He kept saying it said something, but every time I looked at it, it said something different. After three different paper messages, I got lucid for a very short time, and wandered around the town a bit. It was low-level lucidity and another of those ones where I just didn't feel the need to try to control anything and just watched what happened.

      January 14, 2015 (With CZ)

      August Meals

      I was on my way back home from a trip with my little brother, and two of my big brother's best friends, and one of my students who has Autism and his TA. (An odd mix of people)

      We stopped at a McDonald's near home because my student. who was in my car in the passenger's seat, was saying he needed a break. He and his TA nearly opened the door before I stopped the car and got out to walk around and screamed a little. I went to the counter (it was like a food truck, but it was a real Micky D's... kinda weird) to order a double cheeseburger meal. I called it by the number, but the lady at the counter was a little confused, and then said, "Ooooh, you mean the August Meal?" I was confused, and she showed me the menu above the counter. Apparently they had started calling their meals by months instead of numbers. What I wanted was now the August Meal. I got a huge rubber car insert that would hold a burger as well as a rubber car drink holder, for free? It was some promotion they were having.

      January 17, 2015

      Zuke's Acting Weird

      I was at Zukin's place but she was talking to some other guy, ignoring me completely. I was a little upset by this, so I left and went down the road to a different co-op. There was some sort of small-scale party going on, so at first I was held up at the door, but then they let me in and took me upstairs. Zukin is there, in a room that was right above the porch I'd had to wait on. The floor was a really interesting pattern of black metal supports with sturdy glass bricks in them. So you could see down to the porch. It was pretty cool! I find out Zukin is also HERE, with the same guy. She is still talking to him, and it's looking like he is being way too flirty. Knowing that Zukin had her eyes on someone else, I tried to sit with them and deflect this guy's attention away from Zukin. I sat in a triangle with the two of them, so not in between them but not letting them in their own world, either. They started to cuddle, and Zukin was like, "It's all good Kestrel, we're just sharing warms." I said, "I can share warms, too..." But she ignored me and he like crawled over her and started kissing her neck. I sort of glared at Zukin, and she looked at me with this look that said "get lost."

      I was so dejected by this that I just sort of wandered away wanting to cry. I looked around the room and had a strange feeling about the room... it seemed like something I had seen before, maybe in a dream... I had the inkling of something being off, especially with how Zukin had acted. She would never do that to me. I continued along the edge of the room and came to the entry to a stairwell with lots of stuff stored in it, and I tried to move stuff so I could go down these stairs... And realized I was completely naked. I tried to remember where my clothes had gone, because I had JUST been wearing them, and that feeling of things being off grew. I panicked, and rand own a different set of stairs to the bathroom. I was facing the door, wondering how I was going to get some clothes, when it hit me that I must be dreaming, which is why everything felt so strange. I looked at my hands and they were all nubby and gross looking.

      I left the bathroom not really caring about what I was or wasn't wearing, and left the building and this weird anti-Zukin, to go flying. I had remembered the "go backwards" task just after taking a step forward, which was a little disappointing, but I jumped to fly in search of a crystal ball, instead. It took a few attempts to fly, which is weird because usually I can just do it easily. As soon as I was in the air, something shifted and cracked and the dream ended.
      I was back in my bed at home. This was either as False Awakening or I actually had woken up. I didn't RC so I don't know.

      How Does It FEEL?

      I was on a bus in some city with a river running through it. The bus was under a bridge hen there was a siren. It was an air-raid test, apparently, and people started getting off the bus, even though the bus driver was telling them not to, because it as safer in here. About 6 people, including me, stayed on the bus, and the bus driver started driving us around the city more, not letting us off. He said the idea was to look natural, but that we shouldn't be outside at all. Inside the bus was slightly safer, especially if it looked like it was on its normal rounds.

      We got to the ocean shore, where there were some docks. He let us off here, saying we should be safe at this point. I looked up and noticed that the clouds were ALL animals. Like, giant sea turtles and eagles flying through the air, or giraffes or lions roaring. Some clouds were pretty patterns when I looked more carefully. I was now only with the bus driver and a kid, who looked a lot like one of my students but didn't quite feel like him. Then shit went down. Three drones of some sort were flying in formation above us, from my left to the right. Then another zoomed past, but stopped, and turned back to us. The bus driver told us to run for the buildings, which we did. The kid and I ran to the nearest building, which happened to be a public restroom. The women's one was locked though, and the men's one had lots of weird stuff stored in it, like a large plastic horse head... We kept going, trying to find places to get indoors while the drones were hovering above people, threatening them.

      Things seemed to be over shortly after the kid and I found shelter, and then we walked on a bridge over the river that went through the city. I told him that if we walked down a path by the water, we would get back to where the bus had been when all this had started.

      Somehow I ended up at home. For some reason I was laying down on the driveway, perhaps just glad that the "test" air raid was done. My eyes were closed, and when I opened them, there was one of the drones right above me. Like it was hovering less than a foot above my body, covering me completely. It tilted so that the end of it was touching my inner thigh, and it as saying things like "how does it feel to be violated? you space is penetrated, how does that feel, eh?" I was so scared but thankfully I woke up.
    3. Stab stab stab

      by , 12-29-2014 at 08:09 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 28, 2014

      I was running around the roof of some strange, giant building that was reminiscent of the Sky Tower in the new Pokemon games. (I've been playing them pretty much nonstop since Christmas...)

      I was running because I was being chased by a giant monster thang. It was like Rayquaza, but had Benedict Cumberbatch's voice (well, the mind-knowing-not-really-speech equivalent of his voice). If you were completely still, this creature couldn't see you... Unfortunately, I had moved a slight amount, and it locked onto me.

      I ran inside, and saw a friend of mine in a pile of pillows. I hid under a table nearby, hoping the creature wouldn't be able to find me. But it had my scent or something, and easily spotted me. I ran back outside, onto the roof/balcony. I stood very, very still, hoping the wind would wash my scent away or something. It came out soon after, looking for me. But there were now many other people, all standing completely still. The creature went past me, and I dashed inside. There was a magnetic knife rack on the right side of the doorframe, and I grabbed the biggest knife I could, and pressed myself against the wall as flat and still as I could. I waited. I could hear it coming back in, having fought my movement. It was now in the form of a human-like woman, but I knew it was still the monster. It had a smaller knife, and lunged at me with it. I somehow held the knife off with one hand, and then stabbed the creature in the chest. It staggered backward, then fell onto its back. I knew it was dead, but I straddled it and stabbed it at least 15 more times, over and over again even though it was very, very dead.

      I don't usually get all that violent in my dreams (and if I do, it's almost always with good reason) , so this was disconcerting for me...
    4. Uncontrollable Vomitting

      by , 12-18-2014 at 01:32 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 15, 2014

      I started this dream at a school building, with a small trailer of things. I had the feeling I was moving.

      Part way through the journey, they dream shifted to a different plot...

      I was traveling with someone different from the beginning, and I'm not sure who exactly it was with me, but they had a familiar feel to them. I had this condition... Or something. I had with me a bag of some sort of liquid. It was attached to my body through a tube, though I don't remember where it was attached. Basically, this thing kept me alive, because without it I would uncontrollably vomit chunks of myself, or something.

      We were stopped at this house for the night. It was abandoned, but looked well-kept still. My companion and I were sitting in a corner of the room and being goofy. Somehow it got so goofy that I intentionally cut the bag connected to me. I think I had figured out that the liquid reacted strangely with the air and made beautiful patterns or something. It took me a while to realize what I'd done. There was very little liquid left in the bag now, and I suddenly realized, and ran to a bathroom. It was a VERY uncomfortable feeling next. Not being able to stop vomiting, even when I was empty... Feeling the chunks in my throat and mouth... I even heard the sounds. I don't usually actually hear things in dreams, as it's all more of an innate knowing of what people are saying or what sounds are around me.

      It was terrifying especially because I knew there were no more bags I could replace the ripped one with, so I thought I would die.

      But my companion rushes in and sticks something in my mouth. She sticks it right in my throat, which you would think would choke me, but somehow it doesn't, and stops the uncontrollable vomiting. Whatever it was, it saved my life. The companion had more of whatever it was, so if I accidentally swallowed the one in my throat now, they (I dont even know if this companion was a man or a woman. At times I had the feeling it was a man, but at times I felt like it was a woman) could put another one in.

      After a little while, we found a pair of headphones that would be able to keep me vomit-free until I could get a new bag of liquid. It was a temporary fix only, but better than having stuff shoved in my throat.

      I started walking around the house, and ended up on a balcony with a whole bunch of mannequins wearing costumes... They were posed, even (there was a Spider-Man one, which was posed like Spider-Man on a wall). It was fucking creepy. I'm glad I woke up then b excuse that place had such a horribly feeling... Like something bad definitely would have happened if I hadn't woken up.
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    5. First Lucid Nightmare

      by , 11-12-2014 at 04:42 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      November 11, 2014

      UGh. This was NOT a fun dream. This is the first time I've had a lucid nightmare...

      I was walking in the mountains outside my Big City, with Zukin and my brothers. We had decided to go camping or whatever near the top of one of the peaks. (I think it was to the northeast of the city, based on the general feeling I had, though I'm not positive)

      The place was weird. It had a jungle-gym-like entrance (it was either a rope tunnel upwards to the second floor, or something), but there was also a normal entrance near a picnic table. The house thing went into the rock-wall behind it, which was way cool. I was sitting on this picnic bench with the others, and looking around. There was a balcony-type veranda thing behind me and to the right, which I liked to sit on. To my right, which was downhill, the driveway thing slip like a wishbone to make a sort of turn-around where it met the road. To my left, which was further up the hill, there were other houses or something. It went around a left-turn and we couldn't see what was past this area.

      We acquired some guests, and there was a point where I could see a parking lot in the city, where I knew one of the people we were expecting was leaving from. So I knew when they left. None of us had cars apparently, so we were kinda stuck (I iguess we could walk there, but we could only drive away). This guy came leaping past us (like in John Carter) and he was about to leap right over the house and onwards, but we convinced him to stay. It was here that I sort of had the feeling I was dreaming, but I didn't do a reality check.

      Then , the person we were expecting arrived; it was my ex. Then I knew I must be dreaming, because A) we don't talk much anymore and B) he's living on the other side of the country haha. I looked at my hands, and realized I was dreaming.

      But it really wasn't a very high level of awareness.

      That's when I started getting a bad feeling about the place. There was a beautiful sunset, and good company, and an amazing house to stay in for the night, but I couldn't shake this slightly bad feeling. It got worse as the sun set more (and, knowing my dreams, sunsets/darkening of the world in general are beautiful but a bad sign)

      It seemed to be in a perpetual state of sunset, though for the most part. Then a car drove past, coming down from the mountain. When I looked in the windows, I could have sworn I saw creepy-ass ghoul faces staring at me. I blinked, and there was a lone man in the driver's seat. The car went down to the rode, and ended up turning around to come back up. The driver unrolled his window and asked the guests we'd gathered if they wanted rides down the mountain. They all readily agreed.

      Watching them leave, packed into that little sedan, was like watching my own death or something, for some reason. I was suddenly vary anxious, and said to my brothers, ex and Zukin, "Let's go inside... like now."

      They all nodded and got up to go inside, but I had a little makeup bag filled with various kinds of sweets, mostly chocolate. As I picked it up, my hands were shaking so much that I dropped it and the sweets rolled all over the place. I grew even more frantic, and told them all to wait for me. The only one who wasn't inside yet was my big brother, who was stepping inside the door. I stammered, "Wait B don't leave me out here you need to WAIT!!!!" (the last word was shrill, cracked, hysterical)

      I was on my hands and knees trying to gather up the dispersed sweets, barely able to put them back into the bag. My brother stopped, turned, and came to help me. He asked me what was wrong, but all I could get out was, "I don't know. I'm scared and I don't know why but I'm so scared!" I was still shaking so much I couldn't even pick up chocolates anymore. He picked them up and helped me put them back in the little makeup pouch, but at this point I was covering my ears and rocking back and forth, and my eyes were shut so tight it hurt. He asked what was so important about the sweets and what was wrong, again.

      I didn't even know. "I DON'T KNOW. I'm just so scared. I don't know why and I hate it I hate it I really, really hate it..!"

      There was a swooshing sound and I screamed at the top of my voice.

      Then I woke up... I RC'd about 15 times, using various of the methods to be sure I was awake
      It was only 1:40 am. For the next hour at least, I was just laying there, still very edgy. I was convinced my room was haunted, that there was something looming over me. Every time I closed my eyes I could see it; It was wrapped in some sort of cloth, almost like a mummy mixed with a zombie, but it had no face, and didn't move an inch, ever. I could sense it and hear it, in a really weird, disconnected way.
      There were also some noises. There was a scratching once, and a clang another time, and then a thump around half an hour after I woke up... Could have been anything, but I was convinced there was something evil in my room, and so it was very hard to fall back asleep.
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    6. Catch-Up for October

      by , 11-08-2014 at 06:15 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      Okay, so since I haven't been updating my DJ this past month (I've been recording them in my journal, but not getting them online), I'm going to just pack this post with the more memorable dreams I had in October (which really is most of the dreams I had in October D: dry-spells and stress suck)... Most of them will be short, and there aren't that many of them.

      September 27, 2014

      I was with Zukin and we were going to a party. There was a huge line, so we were assuming it would be amazing. It was a slightly... different... party: The cover charge was 5 cupcakes. Once the cupcakes were inside, they were put on a buffet and everyone could pick whatever they wanted to eat. We got in line (I'd seen a bunch of my cohort enter ahead of us) and no one got in line after us.... we thought we were in the wrong place, or that it was over or something.

      When we reached the door and entered, we were shocked and dismayed to see three middle-aged men playing SSBB in a living room. "Uhmmm... hello?" I called. None of the middle aged men moved, but a woman came around a corner and called us to a door to the basement.

      There was lots of cupcakes and burgers and shit. There was a little kid and we went back upstairs and there was some guy ranting about the "DAMN BIBLES holding up the line!"

      Zukin turned into a dog and was hanging from the ceiling in a little harness thang.

      September 30, 2014

      Zukin and I were looking for a new place to live: We had been living in the west building of an apartment complex, but we wanted to be in the better north building because the locks were more secure. Zukin had gotten a new room, and her mom was helping her move in. She told me there was one free room in the suite she'd chosen, and so I went to the office to see about getting that room.

      While I was waiting for the paperwork to go through, there was some kind of circus play thing... it was a bit creepy. It made the apartment complex look like it was owned by the mafia... At the end everyone got out of their seats and rolled on the floor instead of clapping...

      When I got to the suite, it was a white hall with some doors on each side. The open room was the one at the end of the hall, right next to Zukin's room. I opened the door and it was amazing. The room was so well lit, and it was HUGE. The previous resident hadn't yet moved all of her stuff out... there was a note that said something like: "Remember to get your passport updated, otherwise you'll LOSE your apartment and have to renew by MAIL and wait WEEKS for it!"

      I looked around my new room; it had pretty high ceilings and it was nice and spacious. There was an attached bathroom, and I THOUGHT there was just a closet in the corner but there was actually another whole room behind there. It was almost like a Narnia closet, or something. The other room had ceilings that were twice as high as a normal room's, and in the corner across from hwere I was standing there was a beautiful old round window-seat room and stained glass.

      October 03, 2014

      I was on some sort of game-show; my Mentor Teacher was the host, and my friend and I were the final two contestants. I lost, and then got word that there was some sort of crazy pervert on the loose in the building. There was an intermission before a second half of the gameshow, and I took that time to go look for the pervert. I walked all around the building, and saw some double glass doors with a smiley face spray painted onto them...

      I went to the upper floor women's bathroom because I had to wash something off my face (can't remember what it was). I was in the corner of the bathroom, by a window, and when I turned to leave, I noticed there was someone just standing in the stall closest to me. I suspected they were the pervert, so I was being really quiet trying to sneak up on them, but then my Lit professor busts into the bathroom, goes directly to the stall, and kicks the door down like a badass, then full-body tackles the pervert, yelling "YOU DAMN PERVERT!!"

      It was so fucking intense and hilarious in hindsight, now that I know that professor more. I sometimes still giggle randomly when I remember that dream in the middle of class, hahaha!

      October 04, 2014

      I had gotten on a bus to North campus, but it went out of service at a random stop, and I ended up getting on a bus I THOUGHT would get me home. I got stuck at the End Of The Line in the middle of the night, and had to sleep in a coffee shop nearby. There were a shit ton of tiny gold and silver spoons and little cups used for measuring out specific coffee ingredients. One of the baristas was showing me how to mix this special drink for one of the customers.

      This dream kinda merged into another dream where I was now an employee of this coffee shop. I was a 13 or 14 year old boy, and I got stuck in this big globe above the coffee shop one day, while we were cleaning it. So I basically had to live in the shop, and the coworkers would bring me food and keep me company. Apparently everyone else could get in and out, but I was stuck?

      One morning I got bored and was singing a song about being old with gray hair and a lady-killer? I realized I was singing and hoped no one was there, but one of the girls who worked there had heard me. Awkwaaaarrrd.

      Anyways, this girl kept visiting me often and seemed to like me, but there was a pervert stalker who also worked there that was obsessed with her. One day, she had come up and was sitting next to me, and that stalker got jealous and violent, and cast a spell on us that made us booth TINY. Like mouse sized. He kicked me to the window and was about to hurt her, too. I notices my coworkers arriving for their shift, outside, and tried to yell "HELP!!"

      But my voice was also tiny, and they could hear me. I yelled as loud as I could and my voice was cracking, so I banged on the window, hoping they would hear it. They didn't, so I grabbed a bottle that happened to be next to me, and somehow pushed the window open. I smashed the bottle on the windowsill, and they looked up, and I could tell from their faces that at first they were confused, and then knew something was wrong and started running toward the building. Then I woke up.

      October 12, 2014

      I was watching five or so movies with Zukin, at the house I grew up in. I can't remember any of them, but I know they were all either depressing or gruesome. The last one was way too quiet; we kept turning up the volume and it was never getting any louder. Zukin and I were cuddling on the couch, and we decided to give up on the sound for that movie and insert our own dialogue.

      I had to get up from the last movie because I could feel something stuck between my teeth and it was bothering me. I went to the bathroom to find some floss, but couldn't find any. I used my fingernail to dislodge the stuck whater-it-was, but it turned out to be one of my fillings that came loose. I accidentally pried it off and then all of a sudden my mouth was filled with lots and lots of bloody teeth. I kept spitting them out but they never stopped. There were even some in my throat and up my nose. They kept appearing like saliva, materializing from glands and growing while I spat them out. I had two handfuls (like BIG handfuls) of bloody teeth and there were still a few more, though they seemed to be slowing down at that point. All the teeth were bloody, and a lot of them weren't even human teeth. One of them was a horse tooth, and there were some teeny tiny shark teeth, too. I was paranoid that one of the teeth in my and were my own teeth, but I felt around with my tongue and they were all intact.

      I tried to wash the teeth in my hands, but the blood wouldn't come off, no matter what. I got freaked out and tried to wash them down the drain in the sink, and turned on the disposal (even though it was the bathroom and it wouldn't have a disposal). I kept spitting out blood, so I was rinsing my mouth with water and spitting it out, over and over, though there was always a lot of blood. I spat one more time but apparently I had woken up because I actually spat (or more like dribbled saliva I had unconsciously gathered to spit out) all over my pillow, haha!

      October 19, 2014

      Something about having a large, blue, wooden llama, and slipping it through a window at Denny's to save the table I wanted to sit at... I went in and just walked to the table, but a waitress told me I had to wait to be seated. I requested the table with my blue llama at it, and I remember looking around anxiously to make sure nobody had stolen it or taken the table.

      October 24, 2014

      I was in a band of misfits at a boarding school of some sorts. There was a school-wide skit competition and we somehow won, with a play about the Hulk and his doll. I was the doll in the play.

      We suddenly were very popular with the whole school and the "popular guys" all wanted to date me. They even let me ride in their banana car. (apparently those are things)

      There was some kind of disaster while we were gone, and years later we were walking around the campus and things were still exactly where people had left them, it was very eerie.

      October 31, 2014

      I was at home, and I apparently had a boyfriend who would sneak in my room at night, and then we would sneak out and do kinky shit in the woods nearby. My room was a lot bigger than it really is, and the walls were smart-walls like the one in the Hunger Games, that could show any scene you wanted. I was pissed though, because I found out the wall I usually liked to have wasn't free to use anymore.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    7. Rabid Dog-Raccoon

      by , 09-16-2014 at 08:06 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 15, 2014

      I was picking up Kels from some sort of practice at my old high school. It was night time, and I was supposed to have my car, but instead, I had biked there. I was looking around for her, and couldn't find her, and then there was something running around my feet. I couldn't tell what the heck it was, and so I said, "WTF IS THAT!?"

      "I dunno, Dog? Raccoon?" Said someone nearby.

      "IS IT RABID?!"

      "Yeah, probably."

      I got super scared and tried to kick the thing away from me, but it kept running around my feet.

      Finally, Kels was done and came up to me. "Where the hell were you?!" I asked.
      She said she'd had to go inside and put on some under-armor because it was cold.
      Or something.
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      non-lucid , nightmare
    8. Haunted Amusement Park // Seduction

      by , 09-15-2014 at 10:34 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 08, 2014

      Haunted Amusement Park on the High Way

      I am driving at night in the snow... I am coming home from some event that I had been at with one of the groups I am in... I can't remember if it was with my Cohort or if it was with the Backpacking Club...

      I'm in the car with at least one other girl, and suddenly we start flying over a super haunted Amusement Park on the way. It was in the median between the two directions on the highway... We flew around the Farris-wheel a few times and then through this creepy-ass clown's face, driving up its tongue and into its mouth, and then out through a hole in the back of its head... I was getting so creeped out, but the car was moving on its own and a male voice kept telling me it was alright and I shouldn't be scared... Eventually I regain control and get the fuck back on the road, driving as fast as I can away from that place.

      When we get to the destination, we surprised everyone and I get drinks with them. There was something about a talking tree....


      Two ladies (possibly sisters, or maybe just friends staying over?) are defending a house from robbers by seducing them. Allan Rickman is one of them. The robbers get caught and go bye-bye to jail, and the ladies go on with the life. Apparently both of them have men-folk who hadn't been at home when the robbers came, and they both get pregnant around the same time. The younger one then goes away for a while and comes back with a baby.

      But the older lady is all nosy about how it happened, and finds out that the baby is actually Alan Rickman's. The older one gasped and yelled at the younger one that the seducing was never supposed to go that far. The younger one says she couldn't help it "and besides it was great, and she had been seeing him on conjugal visits ever since."


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    9. The Prince's Love's Mom's Chocolate Cake // Zukin's Library // Future Society // Mom's Shop

      by , 09-15-2014 at 10:22 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 07, 2014

      The Prince's Love's Mom's Chocolate Cake

      I was the main character in a Disneyesque princess story. I and my mother were taken into the castle and treated well, since we were poor, and the prince fell in love with me and gave me a beautiful necklace. I was working in the nursery/child-care facilities and one day there was a rumor that the prince was sleeping with a redhead. I trusted him and didn't worry about it, but a little girl took my necklace to play with and I got frantic and she broke it. I was angry and just wanted to be alone. While I was trying to fix it, the evil mother of the redhead had basically spread rumors that the prince and the redhead were to be married and that he thought I was trash ()it turned out the evil redhead-mom was the one who started the first rumor, too. The prince denied it all and ran away because he apparently couldn't handle all the drama, and the evil mother took over. The prince's best friend had been making a potion to track my feelings or something, and people had called me his kitten but then when I was all depressed someone told the Prince's bestie, "your kitten has issues," and he replied with "my raccoon apparently..." (he thought I was like a raccoon?) And the potion was reacting to a bottle of some liquid, acting like a magnetic liquid they have at the Hands-On Museum in my town.

      Flash forward a year or two, and I am in a room with a ton of bunk beds. All the old nobility were forced to sleep in there and work their asses off, even the redhead daughter. I woke up from a nightmare one early-morning, and the Prince's little sister had comforted me, and so I hugged her. Then, as I walked back to my bunk passed the redhead's bunk, I pulled her hair. And then felt bad about it because she wasn't a bad person. She was actually pretty nice, I had learned. It was just her mom that was evil.

      Then I find out a way to find the prince and stop the mother. I cut my hair and put on a baseball cap, and head out to find my own mother, who had left the castle to become a cake-baker.

      My perspective changes rapidly from my mother's and the prince's here, so I'll just describe what happened:

      The prince saw my mom one day, and there are flashes of hope in his eyes and he runs to her to ask about me. His bestie is with him and tells him to calm down, but he's too excited and tries too eagerly to help her lift a huge crate, and the contents all spill. They were all her cake ingredients, basically her living. People gathered but the bestie tells them there's nothing to see and calmly picks up half a chocolate cake. I become him at this point, and look down at the chocolate cake. It looks really good so I take a bite and it's soooo yummy. I take bite after bite until it's a little sliver of cake-crust in my hands. My dream self has really enjoyed eating things lately.

      The prince payed for new baking materials, and then walked away sadly when he found out my mom didn't know anything about me. Then, he goes off into the field next to us, and starts singing in Adam Levigne's voice about how sad he was that his love is gone. But I saw me (I am still in the Prince's Bestie's POV) come up to my mother just as he started singing and everyone was all gushy and I, as the Prince's Bestie, was thinking "wow, I really missed something not having watched this movie!"

      Or something like that, at least.

      Zukin's Library

      I was in library after a huge storm with Zukin. I think her room was somehow in the library. Either that, or her co-op had suddenly added a library in most of the rooms.

      We decided to go to a theater to watch some kind of show... Maybe it was a presentation about a group? The girl next to me starts climbing the wall assassins creed style (or maybe it was more Legion-Style). She ties a curtain in a knot at the bottom and top so that people can climb up it. And then people start climbing it like crazy. One after the other. Kinda creepy, like moths to a flame...

      I realize Zukin's not there anymore so I snapchat her "where you at?" and go to find her... But I go around the building and where her room should be there's just another library and I'm like "WTF" and I get really confused. I walk around looking for her room but can only find libraries and workout rooms (?!)

      Then I realize that I'm at the library on campus, not Zukin's house. I was walking down the stairs to find her and stopped in the stairwell to look out the window at another storm coming in, and two Asians are in the stairwell and I scoot around them at the corner when I am suddenly in her room. She had gotten my snapchat and summoned me there. Except then I realize I just woke up in her room and it was a dream. A lot of my stuff was in her room too, and she was telling me to wear my brown Mary-Janes with my long brown pants so it would match AND my pants wouldn't get ruined on the ground. She's telling me about a dream she had just had where she was in the library, and I was there, but only for part of it.

      I'm like "OMG me too!" and I tell her that she summoned me from the dream and that we had shared it or something.

      Futuristic Society

      I was in a futuristic society where classes were extremely uniform but drastically different. There were the well-to-dos, who were all the same, and the rogues, who were more like our society today, all different and colorful and lively. I was Iron-Man for part of the dream, and learned a secret code for a group that wanted to demolish the classes and make everything the way it used to be. I was in a rogue market that had the same vibe as the fish market in Seattle. A family came in and the little boy sat on the Iron-Man-Spot of the couch, and I said the secret code I had learned previously to the dad. He knew the code but was weary and cautious because the group was radical.

      Then I heard a large boom and everyone started panicking. Next thing, I was flying through the air, watching this HUGE piece o' shrapnel that had fallen from space. It was a piece of a spaceship and it had collided directly with the huge church tower in the center of the well-to-dos city. I woke up just as the impact had started. I got to watch what bit I did see in super slow-motion. I could see the ripples and waves as the shrapnel completely obliterated the huge church spire.

      Mom's Mall Shop

      I was in an old mall with my mom and apparently she had a shop there. But it had been closed for a long time.

      She opened it up and apparently it sold lotions and scents and shampoos and there was a little room for massages or something. The main part of the store had a lot of random items. A lot of people started coming in and shouting, "it's open again it's open again!!"

      It reminded me of a shop downtown... There was also a hotel behind it that my mom ran. There was a little girl who went through the door to the rooms, so I followed her to bring her back to her mother, but she got lost in all the rooms. The hallways were tall and wide and all antiseptic-white, and the lights were blue-tinted; it was like in some kind of abandoned hospital or something. I wandered around the creepy-ass halls, looking for the girl, and then woke up.


      I must have dreamed that I had written down another dream from that night, because I couldn't find it when I woke up again.
    10. Creepy Hick Dream...

      by , 08-25-2014 at 05:24 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 24, 2014

      I had a dream on Friday night and remembered it, but didn't write it down when I woke up in the night. I'd forgotten it by the time I woke up again for reals. There might have been something about Zukin (would make sense, we were cuddling after all) and the woods.

      On Saturday, Zukin and I got up to some supernatural shenanigans and then she showed me something really thought provoking but creepy right before bed (And Salad Fingers.... nightmare fuel) so I had trouble falling asleep. When I did finally sleep, the only dream I remember having was this:

      Find the Hick

      All the dream was, was scenes flashing around. First, there was a corn field, and a man in jean overalls and a crooked straw hat (The Hick) was standing between the stalks, just staring at me. Then The Hick was in a grassy field, staring at me from behind a large tree. Then The Hick was on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, still staring at me. There were other scenes, and they all had The Hick, just standing there, still and silent, staring at me. They were all dark, too. It must have been night time with a full moon because I could see him pretty clearly; but he was always too far away for me to see his features...
    11. Hellish Elevator Portal

      by , 08-22-2014 at 03:16 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 20, 2014

      I was going to the university hospital for an ophthalmologist appointment, but the stairs I *apparently* usually took to the obscure basement room where they had the eye specialists were blocked off. The ceiling above the stairs was lower than it was supposed to be, and the door at the bottom, leading to the office, was only about hip-height. I thought I would be able to fit now problem, but then the door wouldn't open, and I realized there was just a doorknob in the wall, which was painted to look like a door was there.

      I went back up to the main floor, confused and a bit annoyed, because I had made the appointment just a few days ago. I went to a man at the front desk, and asked what had happened to the Eye offices. He didn't seem to know what the heck I was talking about. I tried to describe how the old offices were blocked off, and he was still confused. I simply asked where the ophthalmology offices were, and light sparked in his eyes. "Oh, them. You take the elevator behind you down a floor and go through some halls and then you'll be there."

      I rolled my eyes as I approached the elevator and pressed the button to call it. Apparently the offices were exactly where they had always been, it was just that the way to get there was different now. I think they were doing some construction on the building, so some of the stairs were out of service.

      The elevator got there, and I stepped in, pressed the B button (not knowing that I was actually on the 2nd floor and needed to get to the 1st floor. The building must have been on a hill)

      The elevator started descending, but the doors didn't close. I watched the floor I needed pass above me, and then the elevator stopped at the basement. It was dark and damp and I had a HORRIBLE feeling about that place, so I quickly tried to press the 1st floor button.

      But the elevator started going all the way up, and then went through a hole in the roof, and I held on for dear life as I watched the hospital below me. I got about 100 feet up, and then the elevator started spiraling violently downwards, around the whole building. There was still no door, so I thought I was going to fall to my death. It was terrifying.

      When the elevator finally landed, I was no longer at the university hospital, but at a construction site somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It was dry, desert-like. I walked up to a group of people and asked if anyone knew where my PJs were. They had my shorts, but not the shirt. I looked around, and saw my PJ shirt on a counter in an outdoor kitchen-like area. It was under a makeshift roof and everything seemed very ramshackle. I headed that direction, but before I got there, a monster-truck (or hummer, or something large) drove past, somehow splashing everything with water. I was soaked, but because it was so hot, I didn't mind too much. I reached the counter and noticed a large cooking device over a fire. It was like a big metal drum cut in half, and with a griddle pattern embossed on it. I wrung my shorts out into a different pot, because the cook, a youngish rugged-looking man needed water to cook with. I told him to "cook something nice up for the truck driver who'd splashed us all." We both grinned evilly.

      I looked back at the grill drum again, and noticed some veggies cooking on the edges of it. I picked one up with some tongs I found on the counter, and ate it. I kept picking more food off the grill drum thing, and others started joining me.
      nightmare , non-lucid
    12. Late // Car Race

      by , 08-15-2014 at 06:56 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      August 14, 2014

      I Shall be so Late!

      I was a few days into my Fall Placement, and I was super late for my class. School starts at 8:45, so I have to be there at least by 8:00 to help my mentor teacher set up the classroom and get ready for the students; but I didn't get there until 9:00, and came in partway during the first day of class. My MT was super nice but disappointed and said she really needed to have me in the class earlier.

      I was late the next day as well.

      And the next. My MT was getting angry with me, and said that if I was late one more day she would find a different intern and I would fail my fall placement. I was scared, so I stayed out until it was dark, drinking. I wasn't DRUNK drunk, but I was tipsy, and waiting for a bus. I felt like I was in Germany again but I know I wasn't. I accidentally got on the 4 bus, when I need the 2 line. I got off at the next stop, which wasn't too far away from a stop the 2 line goes to, but the neighborhood was sketchy, and there was a large park on the other side of the road, mostly pitch-black except for a small lit portion near a street lamp. there were three figures under the light, and they started walking toward me. I saw the bus coming, thank goodness, and got on the bus. I thanked the driver, but he was confused.

      Car Race

      I was in a car race, which had a scavenger hunt type event at the very end. I met a guy during the race, and he said that I was an important person in his quest to save the world, or something. Okay maybe it wasn't saving the world. He was writing a song for his son, who had just died at only 6 months old. The lyrics were profoundly inspiring in the dream, but I can't remember them now. I remember that he had written this song when his son was born, but the lyrics fit for his death as well, with the addition of a simple "goodbye." He needed my voice and the voices of people in a choir I was part of. We were supposed to sing it. And it was so beautiful, and so filled with love, but also so melancholy and full of mourning.
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      non-lucid , nightmare
    13. What. A. Night.

      by , 07-21-2014 at 08:17 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 21, 2014

      Nature Park

      I was checking out at a convenience store or something, and the cashier was super friendly. She suggested a nature park for me to visit; it was about half an hour down the road from the store. I had nothing much to do, so I decided to visit. It was all on a mountain, and there were various themed paths up to the top. I passed a path that looked like it had been carved out of a rock-face. But it was closed for some reason; I assumed there was construction or something going on. I think it could have also been an avalanche. I went up the other way, and at the top was a courtyard and amphitheater-type-thing. There was also a beautiful view of the Big City.

      Nature Park Again

      (I woke up right after that dream, and checked the time; I still had a couple hours before my alarm would go off, so I smiled and fell back asleep while thinking about the dream I'd just had; When I fell asleep, I was abck in the nature park, but not lucid)

      I was in front of the blocked off portion of the nature park again. But now it was opened again, and I took that way. I climbed up the switchbacks carved into the rock, admiring intricate patterns carved into the walls. At the top of the cliff, I could see the amphitheater not far away, and headed for it, but there was an animal in the way. I forgot what it was, because the dream didn't last much longer. Now that I think about it, I may have been half-lucid. But I'm not really sure.

      Spirit of the Forest

      I was with Zukin again, and we were walking around a national park. We found a path into a forest, which led to a scenic lookout of a famous tree. It was apparently the oldest free in the state (or country? I don't know. Maybe it was the last surviving tree of its species? Either way, it was a special tree), and as we walked, the path forked in four different directions. We looked for signs, and only found one that said "to Lookout" pointing all the way to the right. But we wanted to know where these other paths went, so we searched a little more for other signs. Eventually, we found a sign hidden underneath a bush and vines that said "to Caves."

      That sounded fun. We took that path (it was the one furthest to the left) and after five minutes of walking, the path forked again, this time in five directions. There were no signs here, at least not at first. We figured there had to be a sign somewhere, so we looked hard again, and sure enough, there was another sign hidden under overgrown bushes and whatnot. We wondered how long it had been since anyone was on this path. Whereas the first main path to the lookout was well defined, this one was hard to see for the most part. We followed the path leading to "caves" and again came to a fork, this time with three choices. This time the sign was nowhere to be found, even after searching. We had to guess.

      We took the path in the middle of the three, and after about half an hour, we came out of the forest and into an open area with scattered small trees in a field to our left, and a cliff to our right. There was a wall (about hip-high) with vines overgrown all over it. Across a canyon we could see the people at the lookout. We ducked behind the wall, just in case we weren't really supposed to be here. The path continued along the wall, and at the end, we could see the famous tree. We crawled behind the wall until we reached the tree; but before we got there, the path sloped down steeply while the wall continued at the same height. We were able to stand again as we descended, and then the path wrapped around the trunk of the tree and went underground, into the root system and winding around them. It was all rather magical.

      But then we heard a rumbling, and I looked up. Dirt was falling from the ground above our heads, and we made our way out of the cave system below the tree. We hadn't gotten very far, so it was easy to get out. Once we were out, the rumbling stopped for a moment, but when I took another step away from the tree, it started again, and Zukin and I started running back up the path, away from the tree. It kept rumbling, louder and louder, and when we got around the winding path to the hill along the wall, we found that it was now almost perfectly vertical. There was no way to climb it...! But there was a vine.

      "Climb up the vine!" Zukin called to me. She was already grabbing it and making her way up. I was a little scared, but I climbed nonetheless. We inched our way up the vine as the rumbling grew louder. We were behind the wall, so I wasn't worried about people seeing us now that they could probably hear the rumbling. When we reached the top, we sat against the wall along the cliff, looking to our right at the tree as it tipped away from us, and then the ground shook a little as the roots came out of the ground, destroying that series of tunnels we'd been in moments before.

      "Oh SHIT..." I said. Now everyone would be looking over here, and we needed to get the fuck out of this place. We made our way along the wall, and about half-way to the forest, we met Harry Potter. He ran up to us and told us to run, because people were coming. He'd seen it all and wanted to help us escape. We ran behind him for a while, but then, around the corner where the wall turned, there was a Demonic Druid-type thing. It lunged after us, spitting toxic goo from it's eyes and mouth. Some of it hit Harry Potter, and he stumbled. Vines came out of the ground and wrapped around his legs and arms, pulling him all the way down to the ground.

      "Harry!" I called, starting to run after him.

      "Wait!" He yelled, and I stopped. Zukin ran up to me. "I can see it all now..." Harry continued. "They need a new guardian... that tree... it was the Forest's guardian, but now it's dead. It wasn't you, don't worry. It was just its time to go, and you happened to be there. They need a new guardian... I'll do it. I love this forest, so I'll be the new guardian. Soon a new tree will grow where I lay right now... It was be beautiful..." He had a warm smile on his face and his eyes were glossing over. We knew he was seeing something we never could. We nodded and bowed our heads, and the Demonic Druid thing stepped aside to let us pass.

      We ran to the main trail and joined the crowd leaving.

      Two years later, I was with Zukin in a bookstore, and we saw a new book about the "Tree Death and Harry Potter Disappearance" mystery. I chuckled a little and bought the book, and one for Zukin. We would have fun later reading all the conspiracy theories about the events of that day. I didn't know it then, but one of my classmates, T, was sitting in a corner of the bookstore, watching us. She was suspicious.

      The next day, I was listening to Zukin playing the piano when T came up to me and started asking questions. I evaded them, and left to go on a walk. T and her partner (I think they were private investigators or something, hired to find Harry Potter) followed me, and when I went down the path to the lookout, they confronted me again.

      "So you were there that day?" She said to me.

      "I don't know what you're talking about."

      "You know what happened to Harry, don't you?"

      I shrugged. She came over to me and got all close and in my space. I used my forearm to shove her gently away. "If you really want to know what happened that day, why not just try exploring a bit? That's what I did that day."

      I left, and they stood there. Now I was viewing the dream third person. I watched as T and her partner went down the same paths Zukin and I had gone down two years before. They came out of the forest and into the field with the wall and cliff to the right, and saw Harry Potter. His eyes were still in the same glossed-over position as they had been when Zukin and I left, but now they followed T and her partner as they approached. The vines which had pulled him down that day had grown thicker and woodier than they had been. They had fused together for the most part. All that was visible of Harry was his face and some of his left shoulder. He was pale blue.

      T started to run toward Harry, but vines came up and grabbed her foot. She looked to her partner for help, but he also had vines crawling up his leg. Suddenly, he started to move forward, speaking in a strange language. When T didn't respond, he spoke again, in English. "Leave now. Do not ever come back."

      T struggled to get free, but she couldn't. The Demonic Druid from before materialized from the ground, and spat goo at both T and her partner. Her partner was unaffected because he was under control, but T's skin started to burn, and she screamed.

      The Druid looked at her partner, tilted its head, and raised its hand. The man was released from the control, and he looked around. "Hey, it's Harry!" He called, smiling bright. "T, look, it's Harry!" He looked around, saw T, but didn't see anything else, because he was shot in the face with toxic goo. He screamed and slowly fell to the ground as well, and then all was silent. The Druid sank back into the ground.

      Sex On The Beach

      (I woke up to my alarm at 6:30, but had a migraine :( After emailing my professors and the people I usually drive to school, I got back in bed and tried to fall back asleep before the pain got too bad)

      I had a false awakening on a beach. I was on a beach towel, in my swimsuit. I sat up, looked around. The sky was blue, and the sand was warm underneath my towel. Behind me, grass-covered dunes rose along the shore. There wasn't a single person in sight, and I smiled, laying back down.

      Spoiler for NSFW:

      He looked back at me and grinned, said something in a singsong voice (I can't remember what it was; I was still a little dazed from the experience), and I realized: He was the Face, and that meant I must be dreaming. I looked down at my hands; two thumbs on my right hand. I was dreaming. I stared at the Face for a while, wondering what to ask him. I was oddly unshy about what had just happened, and neither was he. But I didn't expect he would be shy about something like that, considering he'd pretended to be about to rape me in another dream.

      (I drew the Face, btw... this is about what he looks like, anime-fied: The Face ... Ignore my wonky hand-drawing skillz)

      "You going to tell me your name yet?" I asked.

      "Not this time, either~" He said, and looked back out over the water.

      "So why are you here?" I stood up and walked to the water.

      "Just came to see you." He said, smirking over at me.

      "So sex but no answers for me?" I was a little annoyed. Not that I was complaining...

      "I never said I wouldn't answer any of your questions. Ask away."

      "Who are you?"

      He grinned as if he had known I would ask that first. "I am what you make of me."

      I rolled my eyes. "Why are you so unlike any of the other characters in my dreams?"

      He looked me right in the eyes this time. "Why do you think?" Was all he would say, and then I felt the dream destabilizing. I reaching out to touch his arm to stabilize myself, but he backed away, grinning as he vanished with the rest of the dream, and I
      woke up.

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    14. Mr. Face // Schizzo Parking Garage // Playground of Horror

      by , 06-28-2014 at 05:10 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      After a dry spell this whole week, I finally dreamt again! I've been adjusting to a new sleep schedule since I just started graduate school...

      June 27,2014

      Mr. Face

      I was with Zukin in a classroom. The tables were arranged in a square with one edge missing; the missing edge faced the whiteboard. I sat on the left edge, toward the back, and Zukin sat next to me. The Face was our teacher (But I'm not sure if it was actually the Face. It didn't feel like him. But I specifically remember that he looked and sounded like The Face, with his patchy, colorful clothes and his singsong voice)

      So, we were in this class, and the Face was our teacher. He was getting all enthusiastic about the World. He started to draw on the board, and I realized he was drawing a world map. It was incredibly accurate. I looked down at my notebook for a few seconds; it was blank. When I looked back up, the world map was finished and the oceans were half-filled-in with this super intricate pattern made with three different colors.

      Then, we were in a different classroom. It was my 7th grade science classroom. I was sitting on the right side this time, in the back (this room was arranged in three rows). The whole right wall in that classroom was windows into a little courtyard that no one was ever allowed into. I cant remember what the Face was "teaching" us here, but I do remember that we had snack time, and Zukin had brought some pineapples and was sharing them with me.

      Schizzo Parking Garage

      I was in some sort of Men In Black- or Jacky Chan-type movie. I don't know what makes me say that, I just woke up with the feeling that that's what it felt like. I was with some people, but I don't remember who, and we were driving in this packed, crowded, narrow city. It reminded me of Hanoi. Whoever I was with was going with me to our friend's apartment there.

      We drove around, looking for a place to park, and eventually went with a parking garage (that, now that I am fully awake and thinking about it, has been in at least one dream before!). This garage is very big... Like, everything seems like it's 1.5x scale. We found a spot, and walked from there to my friend's house. When we got there, my friend was half-naked with two women in his bed. He didn't want to open the door because the women were there, but I blackmailed him, telling him that if he didn't open the door, he'd go to jail. He finally opened the door...

      As I stepped through the door, it was like going back in time. I was suddenly back in the car, looking for a place to park. I pulled into the parking garage, parked the car, and we left the building, but I realized I needed to go back for some reason. I remember something about a large locker that I needed to make sure would be safe. I don't know why I didn't just leave it in the car... It may have been strapped to the top of the car, and I was worried someone would take it. So I took it down from the top of the car, and set it upright next to the car, looking around. I go up to the second floor (the car was parked on the first floor) and it has become this sort of posh-looking waiting room. It seemed very 90's to me, if that makes sense. I asked someone if there were lockers to keep belongings in (why put a locker inside another locker: I don't know), but she said there weren't any, and I went back down to the level my car was on.

      But the first level had become this weird basement storage area. Lots of old doors and windows were all over the place, leaning up on walls. The space was narrow and a bit claustrophobic, and I left without looking for the car and locker.

      I found my friends waiting for me outside the structure, and we went to our friend's house again. I noticed that his apartment building looked like my IRL apartments on the outside, but on the inside it was arranged differently; each floor was basically a stretched octagonal room with doors on each of the corners (so, think of a rectangle with the corners chopped off and doors put there). We waited at his door for about ten minutes and he wasn't opening it at all, and we couldn't hear anything from inside. I started to wonder if he was dead or asleep or something, and we left.

      On the way back to the garage, I had picked up an alcoholic beverage, and accidentally opened it before I remembered I was going to be driving really soon. I couldn't reseal it, so I tried to hide it. When we got back to the garage, it was still a bit off; it was about half-way between the way it originally was and how it had been the second time, if that makes sense. So it still had aspects of both versions. I found my car and the locker, put the locker back on top of the car, and just as I was about to get into the car, a police officer came up and started talking to me. I had the drink in my hand, and the cop noticed, but didn't seem at all worried about it.

      I said, "You're not going to give me a ticket or a warning or anything? This is alcoholic, you know..."
      "Nah, it's not a big deal."
      "Yup. Just, you know, drive extra carefully," and he nudged me conspiratorially with a grin and wink.
      It was super weird and creepy so I got in the car and left, then woke up.

      Playground of HORROR

      I was with an old friend; we were children. We were on a playground that was deserted except for us. Everything was gray...

      We climbed through one of those tunnels on the jungle-gym, and then she suggested we climb up onto something that I can't remember the name of. She called it something specific... It was this big contraption... It's hard to describe, but I'll try. I was basically four polls sticking high into the air, and at the top was a sort of upside-down bowl with handles along the rim. There were ladders along the four polls.

      We climbed up and were crawling on top of the bowl, and then my friend told me to grab on tight to one of the handles along the rim, and I did... then she did the same on the exact opposite side, and it started to spin. It wasn't so bad at first, since it was just spinning on a horizontal axis, but then it started spinning vertically too, so I was upside down ad left and right and all over the place, and even when I knew I was oriented normally, it felt like I was hanging up, as if gravity was all messed up. It was terrifying and I was screaming for it to stop. It didn't stop, and my hands were getting tired, and I was terrified that if I let go, I would be thrown into space and die, but when my hands gave up and let go, I was gently set back on the ground by some unseen and unknown dream force.
      Then I woke up.
    15. Mother and Son

      by , 06-24-2014 at 05:43 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 23, 2014

      I was traveling with my dad (or rather, someone's dad. I wasn't "me" in this dream, but I don't know exactly who I was), and we had just walked through a large garden/yard, with paths cutting across in various spots. (Whoa, I just remembered a dream from ages ago)

      We came up to a large house (two floors, lots of glass windows, I could see a huge TV on the ground floor) in a bowl-like yard. As we walked toward the house, to the left was a row of other, much smaller houses along a street. I don't remember noticing what was on the right side or behind the house (OMG I just remembered another dream from a long time ago. Shit, man)

      That night, I was sitting outside the house, looking at the roofs of the line of houses to the left of the house. There was something strange about the gable of the house at the end of the row, closest to the garden/yard we'd come through to get to the house, though I can't remember exactly what ws strange about it. I just know that I was staring at it, inspecting it, trying to figure out why that different thing about it was different.

      Then, there was a mother and her son walking in from that garden. I blinked, and I was out of my body, watching the mother and son running through that garden moments before. Then, I watched through the mother's eyes as she and her son jumped over a fence in the garden, figured out it was an enclosure, and jumped back over. I (she) was searching for something, but I didn't know what it was. I just knew that safety was just a little bit further ahead, but it was always just a little bit further ahead. Behind me, hopefully far behind me and my son, was an abusive husband-an abusive father. We'd run away from him.

      My son and I descended into the bowl-yard (holy shit I keep remembering really random dreams from years ago) and got separated. I panicked. I looked every direction, but I heard a loud, sharp, painful BANG, more panic, I started running without much direction, looking for my son, when there was another BANG and everything stopped...

      I left the POV of the mother then, and was seeing through my own eyes again; the mother and son had been two animals. I had thought they were human at first, since it was dark and I couldn't see well. I think they were deer, but I'm not certain. I turned to my right to see my father, holding a smoking shotgun. "Why did you kill them...?" I was shocked and so sad. "It was just a momma and her baby...!" I suddenly got super angry at him, and stormed off into the house. I ignored him for the rest of the night, and wouldn't speak to him the next morning. He kept trying to make me feel better, or to make up for killing the animals, but he wouldn't give me the one thing I wanted, which was an apology. He wasn't sorry at all, and that's why I was so fracking mad.

      I had sat down in front of the huge TV at some point that day, but couldn't get it to work; there was some sort of password to make it work, and I didn't know it. I asked my father, who was in the kitchen, if he was at all sorry about shooting the son. He'd shot the young one first. "He was so young..."

      But my father still wasn't sorry. I was so angry that I just left the house alltogether. I stood outside, wondering what I could possibly do. It wasn't much, but I decided to make a small memorial for the mother and son in the spot where the son had been shot. I went back inside to watch TV, since my father had gotten it working, but as I was searching for a channel, it turned off and I couldn't get it to turn back on.

      So I went back outside, and suddenly, where I'd made the memorial, there was a bank drive-thru. My dream self (who still wasn't really me) didn't seem to be surprised, haha. I walked up to the teller and asked to withdraw $10 from my account. The teller smiled and asked me when I would like the withdrawal to arive at my house.

      "Can't I just get the money now...?"
      "Oh, no, you need a Start Account for that. Normal accounts can only withdraw on a 2-day minimum waiting period."
      "Well how do you know I don't have a Start Account...?" I asked.
      The teller pointed to a few people who were suddenly there. They all had a small blue pin on their chests. The pins had "Start" written in mirror-writing in white ink. I looked down at my own chest; I had no pin.

      Then I woke up.
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