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    NOT RIGHT, Monster Trucks, and Liberation

    by , 02-06-2015 at 05:40 AM (383 Views)
    February 05, 2015


    Zukin and I were in some other country and we found a Dönner Kebab place. But they were trying to put bacon on it. We spent hours arguing with the people about the fact that Dönner shouldn't have Bacon in it, and that we weren't going to pay for it unless they made it right. It was a full dream about arguing about food.

    Monster Trucks

    I was with my brothers B and E, and we had rented a monster truck. We spent some time in parking garages and ended up spending the night at a museum with a group of people. We played games, made videos and took lots of pictures. I didn't think it was as late as it was, but when I saw the sun rising, I remembered that my brothers and I were supposed to be home for my parents' anniversary. They didn't want us to leave, and I didn't want to leave either, because I had a thing for one of the guys.

    But we had to leave. E was driving, and we took a wrong turn, but didn't realize it until much later. We went down this whole race-track-like mesa path in the desert. We got all the way through it, and I was freaked out because E was driving really fast, and almost passed a real race-car. We stopped at the end of it, and this man tried to recruit E to be a racer for him. He commented on how E had almost beat the professional racer, even though he'd never had any training. But E turned them down because he had to get us back home. But the car broke down. Somehow B fixed it, and got on the wheel to drive us back home. We carefully drove back down the mesa path, watching for oncoming traffic since it was pretty much a one-way road.

    When we got home, we parked at the bottom of the driveway. We got out of the car, and an old family friend got out of a car that had just parked behind us. She was with a younger woman, and she came up to me. She hugged me and said, "So, I hear you've started nursing!" I said I hadn't had a baby, so I couldn't be nursing. She held up a diamond necklace, and said, "well, I can't just give this to you if you're not nursing...!" And the younger woman with her tried to get her to give it to her instead.

    We get inside, and I hug my mom, She starts crying a little, and I am confused a little. I assume she just missed us so much. She and dad gave us a huge scroll with a riddle on it... it took us about an hour to solve. At the end, we came up with "and we'll have a new /./"

    We were so confused about this. But then B was like "Wait!" and we figured out we had made a miscalculation. It was supposed to say "and we'll have a new son." They were telling us mom was pregnant. Which was sooooooo weird. Because after my little brother, they made sure they couldn't have kids anymore... I would have gotten lucid from this if I hadn't suddenly wondered who's old room the baby would have, and worried that it would be my room. My life seemed to be upside down in these moments...


    I was in a group of people on a different universe... we were all part of the same working group, but we were oppressed by the more "popular" members of the cleaning group. We were walking back from a day's work, and one of my companions was falling behind... the work he had made him break pout in uncontrollable acne, and everyone made fun of him for it. There were about five of us in all, and after work on this day, I was so infuriated with how they were left to fall behind, and we came together and one of the inhabitants of this other universe helped us get back home... It involved taking video and pictures and we were all huddled together...

    We got home, but all missed that friend who had helped us get home. At first none of us talked about our experiences... but about a year from getting back, this girl from the other universe was so famous and like an idol in our own universe. When I told people I had taken one of the most iconic pictures, nobody believed me... so we showed them the video from that time, and my face flashed in the camera. I had the face of Emma Watson.

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    1. PercyLucid's Avatar
      "well, I can't just give this to you if you're not nursing...!"

      Well... actuaaaaaaally.... yeeah... I am nursing, I just forgot... I am with a cold so I meant I am not nursing these days.... gimme gimme gimme