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    Sensei's Competition (Day) 5

    by , 08-23-2015 at 10:50 PM (528 Views)
    I took a nap on Friday after moving a bunch of my things from my old apartment. I had a couple of non-important dreams and then this one:

    I was at my parents' house, watching a movie. I can't remember much of what the movie was about, but it was something SciFi. My old dog, Emma, was sitting on the floor by my feet; she's been dead for 5 years now, and at first I didn't think anything of it but then I was thinking, "wait a minute..." I checked my hands; they were multi-colored and psychedelic.

    I pet my dog and was so happy to see her. She looked young again, like she was when I was a child. I would have sat there until I woke up if I didn't remember that I had tasks to try to complete. I didn't want to make her go, but my Step-3 task was advanced unsummoning. Since Emma isn't larger than human size, I would either have to banish something else or do it in my direct line of sight. I was going to do this, but then I thought maybe I could make her bigger. I put my thumb and pointer out and then expanded them, as if I was zooming in on a touch-screen. Emma got bigger... I made her about the size of a large coffee table in the room. I patted her again and said "Goodbye, Emma." I didn't know what exactly to try as far as unsummoning her, so I just sort of blinked and expected her to "blink" out. When I opened my eyes again, she was gone. It was a little sad, but I left my house and thought this was a perfect chance to do the intermediate league weekly challenge. I walked two doors down to the neighbor's neighbor's house. I wondered whether to knock or not, but ended up just strutting through the front door. My dream, my rules.

    I looked around the front entry-space. It was pretty normal and innocuous-looking. I saw two doors and a flight of stairs. I spent some time dinking around the bottom floor (All of the rooms on the bottom floor were all one color. There was a completely orange room, as well as green, purple, and this weird poo-brown) and then went upstairs, where I found a room full of chocolate bunnies and one full of dildos (of course.)

    I flew out one of the top-floor windows and was going to attempt the black hole task again but didn't make it very far in space before
    waking up again.
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