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    Sensei's Competition Night 8

    by , 08-26-2015 at 04:54 AM (592 Views)
    August 25, 2015

    Brilliant Idea

    I was with the Doctor, and we were trying to contact the other people in our Alliance, because we had some vital information for them. We were on some other planet that was pretty similar to ours, and I had an idea to get the Alliance's attention by using the on-ramp on the wrong side of the highway to get their attention. I think it worked but I don't really remember.

    Twisted Little Kids

    I was a butler in a rich family's home; apparently the daughter of the family had been screwing her little brother for some time. And they had also killed their baby brother when they were kids... It was a messed up family in general. I don't know if the parents knew about all this or not, but I wasn't sure they would even care... The daughter had a friend over, and the friend noticed a huge cut in her stomach. They didn't know where the cut had come from but I suspect it was the little brother or some weird BDSM thing she liked to do to herself (like she wanted to be both the dom and the submissive...)

    I then turned into a guy, on some sort of sport's team. I was in a secret relationship with one of my teammates. The team was practicing in some sort of cool bounce-house obstacle course, and at the end it was just us two and one other teammate, who was the only person who knew about our relationship... he left us alone for a little bit with a wink. We were like, on top of some huge foam mat (like 10-feet tall, maybe 20x5 feet in size), near the back of the room, by the wall. And there was a gap between the foam mat and the wall. We started kissing and I presented him my rear... You can guess where things went from there. At the very end, though, a janitor came in and we, struggling to become unseen, fell behind the structure we were on. We stayed really still and quiet, hoping not to be found, but we ended up fooling around back there, too, and got found because we were too noisy.

    Mountain Resorts

    I was with my family, touring three different mountain resorts my grandpa was staying at. One of them, my favorite, had an outdoor hot-spring with a sort of ropes course above it. The hot water was nice because while we were there, it was winter or fall or something; it was cold. We were all doing the course, even my grandpa. It was really intricate, and I don't want to try to describe it all because it would take too long. There were lots of rope bridges though, and bits of wood hanging from ropes you had to land on and whatnot. I almost fell into the warm water below at some point.

    Sparkly Floor!

    I had spent a week at a sort of summer camp, at the end of which I received a bucket of really sparkly purple paint. It was like pure, purple glitter. I was in my room that night, painting parts of my floor sparkly purple when a butler or something comes in and starts hitting on me and suggesting new ways to use the paint... It was super weird and I was creeped out by this guy. I looked out the window and saw a whole arch of moons in different phases, with the full moon at the top of the arch. When I turned or moved my head slightly, some of the moons would disappear.

    I thought this was odd and looked at my hands; there was a second pinky-finger on my right hand, so I knew I was dreaming! I looked out the window again at the moon-arch. It was really beautiful, and the sky behind it was the kind of super-huge night sky I have come to absolutely love in my dreams. I couldn't quite remember what I had chosen as my three-step tasks, but I knew teleportation and element manipulation were the first two... Though I didn't remember which I had picked for the first task. I decided to do manipulation, then teleportation, then manipulation again just to be safe.

    I jumped through the window, onto the ground outside. Element manipulation would be like making the wind pick up, right? I channeled my inner air-bender (or at least what I imagined was pretty close-ish to that) with the intent of creating a Aang-Ball-Of-Air to ride on. It took a couple of tries but I finally got it, and it was so trippy when I sat on it and looked down... It looked like a whirling little partial-black-hole or something, with distortions and bubbles all over the place. I rode it around a little bit and stumbled getting off it.

    Okay, teleportation next. I was determined to fly into a black hole too, though (the little ball of air had reminded me of that TOTM). Maybe I could do that with the intent that it would be a wormhole and teleport me somewhere? I jumped off into the super-huge night sky, and it was so much easier to get into space than it usually is for me. I just had to sort of fly toward one of the huge celestial objects in the sky. One of them was a galaxy, at the center of which I expected to find a black hole. It was so weird, the galaxy just sort of got closer. It didn't feel like I had moved, as if I was in a planetarium and it was just zooming in. But it was a 3-D planetarium and stardust was flying around me.

    I came to the center of the galaxy, and there was a black hole. I just sort of knew it was one. I jumped in and managed to remember to say "Geronimo!"

    At first it didn't feel like anything was happening, It was dark, and then I looked down at my legs and was amused to see them all stretched out and wiggly. Spaghettification!! I felt myself being sucked to the center and there was a little teensy ball of light which I assumed was the singularity, even though physics as we know it wouldn't allow it to be light. It got closer and then I sort of just passed through it.

    I had closed my eyes (tried to keep them open but it was too weird for me...), and when I opened them again I was in my bed. I looked at my hands again to make sure I was still dreaming, and let myself rise up from the bed slowly. I phased through the ceiling (something I've never done in-dream but imagined doing in waking life lots of times) and looked around. It was still night time. Some fire would be perfect at night time, so I held out my hand, snapped and produced a flame. Roy Mustang style, ftw. I toyed with it a few minutes, trying to remember the things my character could do with fire to practice them. I couldn't for the life of me remember what I'd chosen for the third task, nor any other of the TOTMs and didn't feel like attempting a TOTY, so I just sat in the air and played with fire until the dream destabilized.

    Zukin <3

    I FA'd in a hotel- or bedroom in a queen sized bed with Zukin (hahaha, get it? Queen Zukin? lulz SubC). She was still asleep so I just sat there for a bit (didn't RC this time, sadface) until she woke up. I told her about the messed up brother/sister dream and the male sports team dream I'd just had. She commented that they both sounded interesting. The lights flickered and I heard wind howling outside. There was a huge storm brewing, and the power went out. Backup generators kicked in immediately, and Zukin and I waited out the storm... When it was all over, the sun was rising and I went out the balcony and (though I didn't realize at the time) was in one of the three hotel resorts from that other dream. It was spring time, or summer, and the sun was at that angle where everything glows golden, only it was even brighter and vivid because it was a dream and since it had just rained everything was sparkly; the contrast was high and the colors were ALL extremely vivid; the green in the grass, the golden lights, purple shadows, deep blue sky and the mountains had a pink glow. There was a huge waterfall falling from one of the cliffs, close enough that I could hear the crashing water. I took out my phone to take some pictures. I was having a hard time avoiding the intricate patters of the wooden railing on the balcony for some reason.

    Race Car Dressing Room

    In this dream, my big brother was hiring me to race a car for him. He was paying me like $12k for it. I was happy to do this for him, for the money, and for driving fast |D

    when we arrived at the location, I had to pick out a dressing room... We walked through the labyrinthine hallways behind-the-scenes to find a suitable one. Each one had a price-tag on the door; some were more expensive rooms. There were plenty of $10 rooms that were pretty sparse; some had no chairs, some had chairs but no mirrors. One of them was like a weird maze-like bathroom stall without chairs, mirrors, or anything. Some didn't have locks on the doors, some had no doors at all, just curtains. Then there were rooms that cost over $1000; they were luxurious and fancy and huge. But I decided to go with a cheaper-ish one; about $30, which had what I needed and nothing more.

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