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    spellbee's Competition Night 4

    by , 01-15-2016 at 02:39 AM (554 Views)
    Third night's paltry fragments are not worth DJing, sadly.

    But last night was a double-lucid night (which doesn't usually happen for me! Especially when I've been on a dry spell!)

    I was driving on the highway through the city. I noticed a blockade coming up, though. I stopped the car and got out to investigate, and it turns out there was an accident ahead and the whole freeway was closed from this point on. But for some reason, instead of cars getting off at the ramp that was literally RIGHT THERE, people were getting out of their cars and continuing on foot up the off-ramp. As I followed people up the ramp, I overheard people saying how there was a lone survivor; a child whose parents both died pretty gruesomely. There was a police officer asking the boy who they could contact instead of his parents, and he didn't know...

    I soon found my way to a mall that had wide, open corridors. As I was walking in them (they were deserted) I pretty much just remembered, "oh yeah! I'm sleeping in bed right now." And looked at the ceiling above me. I jumped and knew I for sure was dreaming when I zoomed out, completely phasing through the ceiling to the city above. I flew around, making my way back to the blockade to investigate more, but everyone was gone. I looked around and spotted a door in the walls keeping the busy city from mingling with the freeway.

    I ended up in this series of tunnels and hallways that was a police checkpoint or outpost or something. I opened a door next to me and found the boy who'd survived and some other police officers. They all looked at me and the boy looked scared somehow so I told him and the officer with which he spoke to ignore me, and became pretty much invisible to them and out of their memories even. For them, I wasn't even there. One of the other officers got mad and said that only authorized personnel could be there. I waved and informed him that the boy didn't know I was here, so it was fine. This seemed to calm the officer down so I looked around while I tried to remember something I wanted to do. I started my three-steps. I looked for something to use telekinesis on, and settled on the handcuffs at the officer's waist. I focused on them and they began to move. Once they were free of the cop's waist, I made them float around for a while and then settle on the table next to us. I've never done much with telekinesis so this was good practice for me. The police officers who could see me were fucking amazed by this and asked if I was a wizard or something. I talked with them about something or other but I could feel the dream ending and don't remember what exactly I was saying to them when I realized I was
    awake again (and people were plowing right outside my window at 2am). I eventually fell back asleep, though.

    All I remember before getting lucid again was being at someone's house and trying to make ramen. I had to leave it in my bowl for a bit to help someone do something or other, and by the time I got back to it, someone was shuffling off with most of my noodles transferred to their own bowl, and the rest of my noodles slopped all over the counter top. I was so angry! I yelled at him to stop and got in a heated cut-a-bitch argument with him. But then my assistant principal came in and said we needed to stop fighting. She also said we needed to talk about lesson plans. I somehow realized I was dreaming, because though I couldn't remember quite what day it was, it was certainly NOT Monday, when plans are due. Checking my ring confirmed that this was a dream, and I looked over at my assistant principal. I used Jedi mind tricks to wave her away with a, "my lesson plans are superb, no need to talk about them now," got up, and left.

    I found some of the people at this house and asked them where I could find a fairy ring; it was the TOTY that was first to come to mind. One of the guys jerked his finger over his shoulder, toward a window. "Right out front," he said. I thanked him and phased through the wall. Sure enough, there was a fairy circle like right in the front yard of this place. I approached it and wondered how to summon fairies, like actually. I remembered reading Zukin's journal; she sat down in it. I stepped in and felt a shiver like I was passing through some kind of invisible shield or wall of sorts. I sat down and willed for the fairies to arrive but woke
    up before they showed (I felt like I was THIS CLOSE to meeting them, too. I KNEW they were about to appear.)

    I had one other dream about eating fruits and pastries. It was nice I guess but not all that interesting or exciting XD

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