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    Sweet 16 Night 6

    by , 01-16-2016 at 06:58 PM (806 Views)
    I was in this huge old house where a queen or a noble or something lived. There was also a school in the building and I was co-teaching a class. Something horrible happened (I don't remember what it was) and to get the kids under control I just yelled "EVERYONE, FREEZE!" And they all froze like completely (it was more like stopping time lol). The other teacher in the room told all the other teachers and they were all very impressed with how I handled the situation. I walked around and eventually found Zukin. She was dressed as an elvish prince for some reason.

    Then it was time for us both to leave, and I was in the main room waiting for her. I saw her come out of a hallway and motioned for her to come so we could leave, and turned to wait in the car. But Zukin never came out so I got out of the car and went back into the huge house. I asked if anyone knew where she was, they had no idea... So I had to go looking for her. This place was like a fucking maze; lots of narrow halls with corners and stairs all over the place, and random rooms scattered and with no apparent pattern. I eventually did find her in a room at the back (or middle) with a whole wall of windows looking out into this field (or courtyard) with a stream flowing through it. It was way peaceful. I woke Zukin up and told her it was time to leave. She was relieved to see me. Apparently she had not seen me that time in the main room, and had gone to look for me and couldn't find me anywhere, and was forced to sleep in this room for the night. I remember thinking that something was different about her hair. I think it was really short somehow. She started changing into her normal clothes and then we left and I woke up.

    I was with my brothers, Zukin, and one other person about our age. We were in this big city, driving around. We wanted to find a place to rent a golf-cart to get around easier, so we parked at this hotel and started walking around. We passed through this beautiful little cafe with a terraced courtyard with an aqueduct-like water feature running around the perimeter and through it. We rented our golf cart and drove around. My recall is a bit fuzzy for the driving, but we needed up getting lost somehow and had a really hard time getting back to the rental place. I was driving the golf cart and somehow thought I was in the van... I was confused about why there was no windshield in front of me and then even the steering wheel was gone and it turned out I was driving from outside the cart, like sitting on the front of it.

    We eventually made it back to the cafe and the golf cart had turned into a scooter I had to return; everyone else was on foot. So we were going through this cafe-store's interior to get to the courtyard where we had to return the scooter. I had to go down and up lots of ramps. And right at the opening to the courtyard, there was a little cashier's desk and a woman was selling this beautiful stuff. It was light pink, light blue, and lavender colored ("Zukin's spirit colors") and shimmery and so malleable. It was sort of like oobleck but more solid. The woman gave me a sample to play around with in my hands and it felt so strange. I had assumed it was stuff to eat and was now not so sure but was embarrassed to ask if it was edible. My people called my name and I remembered we had to return the scooter, so I left. We had to get down a long series of ramps and stairs to get down to the bottom of the courtyard where the rental place was. For some reason you were supposed to return the scooters by driving them into the water feature... I realized this was a bit strange and did a reality check; dreaming!

    I looked around the courtyard with lucid eyes and it was really very pretty and complex. The sun was low in the sky but not quite setting so I decided to fly into space to grab something out of the sky for the challenge task for the competition. I shot off like a firework and kept going straight up until I was just outside the atmosphere. I looked around at the Space around me, but it didn't look like a dream night-sky looks for me, usually. It looked pretty normal like space. I wanted to grab one of the larger-than-life things that populate my dream skies, so I let myself fall back down to earth.

    I landed, somehow, in the same courtyard cafe. I looked up again, and the sun was still in the sky. I realized I had done my second step task and that my third one was time control, so this was perfect. I wondered how I was going to speed up time; I've done it a couple times before but couldn't remember how I did it those times. I ended up reaching out and using a force-like pull to move the sun down toward the horizon. People around me started moving faster as well and it became like a time-lapse video until it was night time. I let time go back to normal and looked up. My beautiful, huge night sky was there and I just sort of watched it for a while. Then I spotted a galaxy that was the same colors as that shiny stuff, so I picked that one to grab out of the sky. I reached up, imagining that instead of it being something huge that was far away, it was something small that was within my reach. At first I only ended up waving my hand in front of me... But then I felt the little galaxy in my hand. It was ice-cold, and if "sparkly" was a texture, it was that. It sort of popped and tingled in my hands. It was malleable like the stuff tat woman was selling. I decided since this was a dream, why not eat it; it tasted like blueberries and cinnamon.

    I looked around again and wanted to summon some of my teammates (OneUp and spellbee were the only ones I could remember), and as I looked around, two men sitting at a table nearby had those named floating above them, like in a video game. OneUp had on a space helmet like his avatar and a tuxedo-T-shirt, and spellbee was wearing a green shirt with a cat on it and had glasses and short hair. I walked up to them and said, "OneUp? Spellbee?" They looked up at me and just grinned, so I sat down with them. I asked them what's new, and apparently spellbee was getting a divorce and OneUp was promoted at his job.

    "Have you guys seen any of the enemies around here?" I asked them. I started to feel the dream destabilizing and rubbed my hands on my thighs. I looked around, and saw two people walking toward us. One of them had the name dolphin above him, and the other had the name imazu, so I knew these were the enemies. They both carried pillows, so I reached behind my chair and summoned a pillow, telling spellbee and OneUp to do the same. But the dream collapsed and I felt myself
    waking up before we could have an epic pillow fight
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    1. spellbee2's Avatar
      Awesome dream! Your description of me was spot on (I even own a green shirt with a cat on it). The divorce thing though, not so much. Kinda need a girlfriend before I can get divorced...
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