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    Sweet 16 Nights 7, 8, 9 and 10

    by , 01-20-2016 at 06:24 PM (774 Views)
    Night 7 (4 NLD)

    I was in a game or on some sort of mission (or both) with a team of highly-trained specialists. I don't know what exactly they were specialists of, but I got the feeling they were very good at something. We got to this huge room that had a lot of debris and water damage, and found out only one person could go on because there was a shrink potion needed to continue. But there was only enough to shrink one person. So I took the potion and started living in a metal box of some sort (maybe the shell of an old computer?) in this room, alone. The box already had a lot of supplies (food, toiletries, entertainment) and a video recorder. I got the feeling I was to live here and record daily what I'd noticed, what was happening, etc. I didn't know what to record first, so I just recorded a self-introduction, and then made some food with the supplies. I went out to explore the room in further detail when the dream faded.

    I was moving to a new apartment, and had just driven home from Target whee I'd gotten some things I needed. I almost didn't get let into the parking garage because I couldn't find my ID, but eventually they believed me and let me in without it. When I got to my new apartment unit, I was looking around the many rooms, trying to figure out which one would be best for the bedroom. They were all rather small, but that's fine by me. I eventually picked one room that was so small the bed touched both opposite walls.

    I was out shopping with my cousins and Zukin, and then we met my Oma. We all walked around for a while, and got some food, and then my Oma bought me a sexy bra. I was shocked but somehow it didn't surprise me, like I knew deep down she was a rebel anyways ;D

    I wanted to make a pillow pile in my room, so I went out to some home store with the intent to get as many of the cheapest pillows as I could afford. But it turned out they didn't ave any fucking pillows, so I went home PO'd. I didn't have enough energy to make it to another store to check if they had pillows, and I think I might have been high anyways, so I just went back home.

    Night 8 (1 NLD, 1 LD)

    I was babysitting for this new family; I think it was actually the family of my little brother's friend, Olivia. So they were both there, too. At first the kids didn't like me and when I asked if they'd like to play with me, they said no and hid behind the couch. So I backed off and started drawing on the floor. I got thirsty so I went to get a glass of water from the kitchen and when I got back to my picture the kids were looking at it. I asked if they liked it, and they said they really liked it. As usually happens with me a little kids, they opened up to me very rapidly after that, and soon we were outside playing this death-defying game of some sort. The older one wanted to show me a school project she was working on, so we all went back inside. My little brother and his friend were no where to be seen, so I was secretly wondering if they were making out somewhere, haha.

    I was parking my van in the street outside someone's house, and noticed a purple dog in the street. Did a reality check and confirmed I was dreaming. But it was too fuzzy and I couldn't remember any of my goals. I got out of the car and walked around, turned the dog orange with a wave of my hand, and then the dream destabilized and I woke up.

    Night 9 (1 NLD)

    I was at my neighbor's house (the neighbor happened to be one of my old high school friends) and talking to his girlfriend. We apparently had to pack things for him, and I remember thinking it was weird that I was helping pack things for him. Like, shouldn't that be his and his girlfriend's job or something? I was just an old friend, I felt like I shouldn't be doing this XD

    Night 10 (1 LD)

    I was part of another elite group protecting the world; this time, there were monsters plaguing the world and we went out at night and took care of them in a humane manner. I was out on a mission one night, and we were in a huge tube thing (this place was a bit like the trippy roller coaster Zukin and I are building in Minecraft) and jumping up and down on little platforms along its inner walls, trying to defeat these two monsters. We finally got them, but my partner and I got separated. The plan if that ever happened was to meet back up at the base, so I went back there on my own. He wasn't there yet when I got back, so I was worried, but I needed to rest, so I found a spot by a window and tried to sleep. One of my students was there (but she was all grown up!) and was watching an anime with her BOYFRIEND (whaaaat?!)
    I looked out the window again at the portion of the base that was at the bottom of this big hill (my portion of the base was at the top) and could see the people in it all scurrying around doing their works. That part of the base was open to the air for the most part, which is why I could see people so easily. I saw my ex there, and he waved at me (he must have looked up and seen me watching through my window) and soon like everyone in that base stopped what they were doing and waved at me. I realized this was strange and checked my hands; dreaming!
    This lucidity was oddly clear, and effortless. I knew my goal now was to summon Zukin. So I said her name out loud and snapped and there she appeared in front of me. We phased through the wall and started flying around. I wanted to go to space with her so we both shot out and up and didn't stop until we had exited the atmosphere and kept going a little further. After a moment of admiring Space, she said, "don't forget to do a mythical creature task," and reminded me of the fairy ring I'd failed last time. With Zukin here, I knew I wouldn't fail this time, so I teleported us to a forest by snapping (I've started using snapping for lots of dream control lately). Don't really know where the forest was or anything, but it felt like a forest would be a lot better than a fairy circle in someone's front yard.
    We walked around until we found a fairy circle, and then sat down in it and concentrated on the fairies I knew were around here. Soon they started flickering into being around us, kind of fuzzy and static-y like they were on an old television, or like they were a glitch in a game. They cleared up and sharpened up, and then I got a good look at them. Their skin was multicolored and metalic-like, and their wings shimmered, but they also had large talons on their hands and feet, and they had horns and fangs. I asked them what their secrets were, and to my dismay, they bashfully each pulled out multiple dildos. The fairies' secret was a dildo collection. Of course. I was too busy rolling my eyes at my subC and the dream faded
    and I woke up.
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      Dang, you are killing it in this competition right now.

      And holy crap, I nearly spit out my drink at the fairy part. Those naughty fairies...
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      Yeah I've noticed the competitions really spark a lot of lucidity for me. Unfortunately it seems I use all my lucid juices in two weeks and then go dry for a few weeks or months XD
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