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    task of the year

    task of the year dreams

    1. Sweet 16 Nights 7, 8, 9 and 10

      by , 01-20-2016 at 06:24 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      Night 7 (4 NLD)

      I was in a game or on some sort of mission (or both) with a team of highly-trained specialists. I don't know what exactly they were specialists of, but I got the feeling they were very good at something. We got to this huge room that had a lot of debris and water damage, and found out only one person could go on because there was a shrink potion needed to continue. But there was only enough to shrink one person. So I took the potion and started living in a metal box of some sort (maybe the shell of an old computer?) in this room, alone. The box already had a lot of supplies (food, toiletries, entertainment) and a video recorder. I got the feeling I was to live here and record daily what I'd noticed, what was happening, etc. I didn't know what to record first, so I just recorded a self-introduction, and then made some food with the supplies. I went out to explore the room in further detail when the dream faded.

      I was moving to a new apartment, and had just driven home from Target whee I'd gotten some things I needed. I almost didn't get let into the parking garage because I couldn't find my ID, but eventually they believed me and let me in without it. When I got to my new apartment unit, I was looking around the many rooms, trying to figure out which one would be best for the bedroom. They were all rather small, but that's fine by me. I eventually picked one room that was so small the bed touched both opposite walls.

      I was out shopping with my cousins and Zukin, and then we met my Oma. We all walked around for a while, and got some food, and then my Oma bought me a sexy bra. I was shocked but somehow it didn't surprise me, like I knew deep down she was a rebel anyways ;D

      I wanted to make a pillow pile in my room, so I went out to some home store with the intent to get as many of the cheapest pillows as I could afford. But it turned out they didn't ave any fucking pillows, so I went home PO'd. I didn't have enough energy to make it to another store to check if they had pillows, and I think I might have been high anyways, so I just went back home.

      Night 8 (1 NLD, 1 LD)

      I was babysitting for this new family; I think it was actually the family of my little brother's friend, Olivia. So they were both there, too. At first the kids didn't like me and when I asked if they'd like to play with me, they said no and hid behind the couch. So I backed off and started drawing on the floor. I got thirsty so I went to get a glass of water from the kitchen and when I got back to my picture the kids were looking at it. I asked if they liked it, and they said they really liked it. As usually happens with me a little kids, they opened up to me very rapidly after that, and soon we were outside playing this death-defying game of some sort. The older one wanted to show me a school project she was working on, so we all went back inside. My little brother and his friend were no where to be seen, so I was secretly wondering if they were making out somewhere, haha.

      I was parking my van in the street outside someone's house, and noticed a purple dog in the street. Did a reality check and confirmed I was dreaming. But it was too fuzzy and I couldn't remember any of my goals. I got out of the car and walked around, turned the dog orange with a wave of my hand, and then the dream destabilized and I woke up.

      Night 9 (1 NLD)

      I was at my neighbor's house (the neighbor happened to be one of my old high school friends) and talking to his girlfriend. We apparently had to pack things for him, and I remember thinking it was weird that I was helping pack things for him. Like, shouldn't that be his and his girlfriend's job or something? I was just an old friend, I felt like I shouldn't be doing this XD

      Night 10 (1 LD)

      I was part of another elite group protecting the world; this time, there were monsters plaguing the world and we went out at night and took care of them in a humane manner. I was out on a mission one night, and we were in a huge tube thing (this place was a bit like the trippy roller coaster Zukin and I are building in Minecraft) and jumping up and down on little platforms along its inner walls, trying to defeat these two monsters. We finally got them, but my partner and I got separated. The plan if that ever happened was to meet back up at the base, so I went back there on my own. He wasn't there yet when I got back, so I was worried, but I needed to rest, so I found a spot by a window and tried to sleep. One of my students was there (but she was all grown up!) and was watching an anime with her BOYFRIEND (whaaaat?!)
      I looked out the window again at the portion of the base that was at the bottom of this big hill (my portion of the base was at the top) and could see the people in it all scurrying around doing their works. That part of the base was open to the air for the most part, which is why I could see people so easily. I saw my ex there, and he waved at me (he must have looked up and seen me watching through my window) and soon like everyone in that base stopped what they were doing and waved at me. I realized this was strange and checked my hands; dreaming!
      This lucidity was oddly clear, and effortless. I knew my goal now was to summon Zukin. So I said her name out loud and snapped and there she appeared in front of me. We phased through the wall and started flying around. I wanted to go to space with her so we both shot out and up and didn't stop until we had exited the atmosphere and kept going a little further. After a moment of admiring Space, she said, "don't forget to do a mythical creature task," and reminded me of the fairy ring I'd failed last time. With Zukin here, I knew I wouldn't fail this time, so I teleported us to a forest by snapping (I've started using snapping for lots of dream control lately). Don't really know where the forest was or anything, but it felt like a forest would be a lot better than a fairy circle in someone's front yard.
      We walked around until we found a fairy circle, and then sat down in it and concentrated on the fairies I knew were around here. Soon they started flickering into being around us, kind of fuzzy and static-y like they were on an old television, or like they were a glitch in a game. They cleared up and sharpened up, and then I got a good look at them. Their skin was multicolored and metalic-like, and their wings shimmered, but they also had large talons on their hands and feet, and they had horns and fangs. I asked them what their secrets were, and to my dismay, they bashfully each pulled out multiple dildos. The fairies' secret was a dildo collection. Of course. I was too busy rolling my eyes at my subC and the dream faded
      and I woke up.
      lucid , task of the year
    2. Harry Potter, Starry Nights, Gay Strip Clubs and Drinking Battles

      by , 06-30-2015 at 02:46 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 29, 2015

      I took the Dream Leaf supplement tonight as well.

      My classmate was working at the library at the school we both did our internship at, but it was like my old high school, with more ramps and stairs and shit. She was walking around the school, and I saw her. I decided to walk with her, and she was commenting on how her job let her use these ramps on all the stairs. She was pushing around a huge barrel of books and whatnot. The kids all loved her and I got to see some of them. They were second graders now, so some of them were in another class.

      The Paint
      I was taking a class with mom. It was a huge hippie experience: we paired up and greeted an (inanimate) object in the room, then wrote a Socratic poem for the room we were in (I can't remember the name of the room... But it had a name). Then we sat in a circle and the leader was all dramatic and we got huge paintbrushes and canvases with different colored base paintings. I had orange of course. We all just shared pots and squirt bottles of different colors and had a huge hippie paint fest. I finished early and asked if I could leave, and walked home. I accidentally left my backback on the trail though, on a castle-wall thing. I had to go back and mom saw my painting; she was very impressed.

      I was with my brothers, in the driveway, turning animals into different animals. We turned a robin into a bald eagle and for some reason it targeted me so I tried to get inside the house without looking like I was running, in case that would make it hunt me faster... It almost got me as I ran the last stretch to the door. I waited inside and was so paranoid because it was still trying to get me for a few minutes. It flew at the windows and tried to get in through the door when anyone went in or out.

      (Took Red Pill)

      Harry Potter's Paintbrush
      I was at an apartment with Anna, Michele, Michelle, Michelle, Mindi, and some other classmates. We were heading out to class, stopping to get food first. But I almost forgot my keys and had to go back. When I caught up to them, a kid was asking for money. I said I wouldn't give her money but I would buy her some food. So we stopped in a store and I let her pick out some food, but she swiped my card. I had a scuffle with her and eventually got it back from her, then she turned into golem... During our scuffle I saw in the back room Harry Potter tied to a chair... I was too busy to do anything about it. I bought at twizzler on my way out of the store and the cashier said she was on my side and thought it was really nice that I was going to buy food for that girl. As I left, Lucious Malfoy was also leaving, and I accused him of raping HP.

      As soon as I left the shop, I turned into Harry. All the lights on the street turned off now and death eaters were all over the place. People were falling left and right so I fell to the ground to make it look like I was one of them and three women were near me. One tried to take a necklace in my hand (it was good, with either a crown or a chicken pendant), I shook my head, clenched the necklace tighter, and offered a paintbrush instead. She seemed very pleased with this and one of the others gave me a different paintbrush in exchange.

      I spent days on the streets. At some point I was sitting with a young death eater who was saying that he knew their side would lose. I was like "you always have to have faith in your side. That's what makes it strong," but I was having so much trouble speaking, like my throat was all crackly or I was out of breath all the time. But then I found out that I was near the border of deatheater-land all I had to do was cross this street I was on, and they wouldn't be able to get me back. So I pretty much just ran for it and I was fine. On the other side everyone was dressed in flowers and veils and flowing light dresses... It was almost as weird as the other side. Very hippie, very full of life, almost a little cultish. I walked to a secret school I was a part of and some vines opened up to let me in. They were magical and would close around anyone who didn't belong at the school. There was a girl behind me and she climbed up a vine to get in, but the vines closed around me, trapping me, and I saw the girl fall... I shouted and the vines recognized me and let me in. Next thing I knew, I was in a large room with 6 bunks. Hermione and Ron were there. Two of the bunks had colorful alphabet letters and one was a half-bunk that was blue and white. Three other people came in, but I didn't know them. Hermione and Ron told them the story, then the dream faded.

      Drinking Battle!
      I was walking through an art museum, and saw Van Gogh's Starry Night. I'd been planning on jumping into this painting, so I'm glad I saw it and got lucid after a quick RC. I pretty much ran at the wall, expecting to get sucked into the painting, and jumped in. Everything was in the texture of the painting, with lines and multi-colored. I looked up and there were swirls moving around through the stars and moon. It was beautiful. There was also a giant dildo in the sky, though. Remembering the second task on my planned sequence, I rustled around in my pockets, expecting that what I pulled out would be an odd seed. I found one shaped like those candies the soot sprites were eating in Spirited Away. It was larger though, and had spots that started pink but were changing to blues and greens, all neon-ish. I dug a small hole and planted it, and willed it to grow. The result was petty interesting. It grew a gay strip club.

      Woot woot!!

      I knew the next thing I wanted to do was clone myself, so I looked into the window of the club at my reflection, and imagined there were two of me. I remembered how this had worked in Zukin's dream. My reflection kept morphing and did eventually show two of me... I looked next to me and there I was.

      I went with myself into the strip club, expecting to find the main men for my next task: Hercules and Dionysus. It was very distracting in there but I had recited the order of things to do so many times before I fell asleep (STD but with C in it for clone lol) that I only stopped to watch the strippers for a little while, clone by my side. I tried seeing through both of our eyes, but we were seeing the same things so I don't think that worked... I tried to get her to come with me to find the God of Wine and his competitor, but she wanted to stay with the strippers. I left her there, and shortly after, in the back of the club, I saw two shirtless men (maybe they were workers there on their break). I asked if they were Dionysus and Hercules, and they said they were. I challenged them to a drinking battle, and Dionysus was like "Sweetie, I'm the God of Wine. Bring it on." He scooted over for me to sit in the booth with them.

      The first drink had no effect on any of us. The second had none on me but a teeny bit of effect on them. After the third I felt a little silly (placebo?) but they were looking wasted all of the sudden. We all stayed that way for another ten drinks until after the 14th they were both so drunk they started making out and forgot about our battle. I assumed I needed to drink one more to win, so I did. Then I watched them make out, and may or may not have joined them soon after when things got a little heavier. I lost any sort of lucidity
      I had left, though.
    3. Epic Dance Battle

      by , 06-29-2015 at 08:24 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 25, 2015

      Tonight I took a dream supplement called Dream Leaf. It involves two pills; a blue one before bed, and a red one after about four hours of sleep. Even before the red pill, I was having uh more vivid dreams than unusually do, and I remembered many more of them:

      Spoil Sport
      Zukin really wanted to go do something with me but I had already taken my red pill and was like sooo ready to sleep and I ignored her texts.

      Neat Fridge
      I was at home, My little brother was there, and we had a whole slew of things in the fridge all neatly organized, like egg salad sandwiches. I spent prettying the entire dream exploring this new high-tech fridge and then ate a sandwich.

      False Red Pill
      I took my red pill with a bottle of water Ginger (Zukin's man) brought in and hung on a hook on my wall.

      Crazy Car
      I was In a grocery parking lot and the van suddenly started going in its own and I was trying to stop it, though I have no idea how I would do that. It kept hitting people and cars and I panicked and called my dad, who was in the store, hoping he could help. I somehow realized (or at least had an inkling) I was dreaming but woke up.

      (Took red pill)

      I Got Them Moves Like Jagged
      I was at my old elementary school, at some sort of information night, and saw a lot of my old teachers. My 6th grade math teacher, Mr. M, gave me an envelope with names on it, and I was like "omg interview!!" A and M (two classmates of mine) were now with me and we were leaving.

      I was standing there and suddenly realized I was dreaming (didn't even have to do an RC), and got really sad because that meant I didn't just get an interview at my old school. I told A that I was dreaming and she said, "well I'm not dreaming so how are you dreaming?"

      We got in the car and I decided to drive. The school was definitely my elementary school, but in the spot where my old middle school is so I drove down a couple roads until I got to my house back home. I knew I was dreaming so every time I saw a person or car in the road, I decided to run them over to see what would happen. Fireworks is what happened. Every time i hit something, the car went right through then and sparks and fireworks shot out of the spot. It was so cool.

      I knew that when I got home there would be a mirror to look into (wanted to stare into it for the TOTM). I got out of car and entered my home... There was a mirror on the floor and M (a different classmate) was sitting in front of it. I watched her reflection; I could see her in the corner of my vision as well. She was arguing with herself, and the reflection was getting very angry, her hair was growing out and she was growing fangs. Then M disappeared but her phone was there. I told her reflection to calm down or she would be stuck in the mirror. She did calm down and returned to normal and then she was back to being out here.

      I wanted to find the Pegasus next. All of a sudden Sensei and Ophelia were there. There was almost one of those cartoonish POPs and smoke as they appeared. Sensei pointed to a white board and told me I had to pick a spot to find the Pegasus. I thought I would find him in the clouds and Sensei and Ophelia both said that was a good idea. Sensei also said I would get to pick what happened when I met Zeus, and I was thinking, "of course I do, it's my dream." Then Ophelia talked about Bernie from TBBT winning awards for lucid dreams. I was amazed that Bernie was into LDing. I sat on a bed and let myself drift off into a sleep, I was aware of myself rolling off the bed and landing in someone's leg/foot (I think it was A [a housemate], he was also on the bed beginning to LD).

      I was in the clouds next, just floating. I still knew I was dreaming. I looked around for the Pegasus, expecting him to be there. In the meantime, it was so beautiful. I was in a sort of tunnel of clouds. I heard neigh behind me and turned to see the beautifullest white horse with gleaming golden wings. I told it we needed to find Zeus and take his bolt, and it let me on its back and we zoomed off. After a few minutes, I spotted a cloud that had a part that stuck up, and looked like a castle of sorts. I assumed this was Zeus's home, Mt. Olympus. We landed on a pillar, and suddenly it was stone as the clouds dispersed dramatically. We were on a huge mountain that had stuck up into the clouds. (Way cool!!) Someone saw us, but didn't seem at all surprised or alarmed. So I told him we were here because we had an appointment with Zeus. The man nodded and led me through a door Pegasus couldn't fit through, so it waited for me out there. A lot of people were inside. But there was one person on a throne at the back. He looked very Zeus-y. I walked through the crowd and shouted at Zeus, "Give me your bolt. I don't want to have to take it by force." He refused, but said I could have it if I won a dance-off with him.

      He started. He looked like a floppy fish, though. Like I couldn't tell what he was trying to do. At some point his arms detached and flew a few meters to either side, then swapped and reattached on the opposite sides. I rolled my eyes when he passed the dance to me, and just sorta let myself dance, expecting that it would be fantastic. Funny thing is I danced like I usually dance (which isn't all that great), but when I stopped, the crowd went wild and Zeus fell back in his chair, defeated. He handed me the bolt, yelled that he wanted a rematch next week, as I left and found Pegasus. I wanted to go find The Face next but the dream started to destabilize and I just flew through the clouds until I woke up.

      I'd Like to Have Sex With You Too
      I was at auditions / interviews for jobs at my hometown, and there were also lessons of some sort. This is a week long thing and I got to know one of the guys pretty well, he seemed to also like me (I think this was the subC version of a guy I recently met haha). There were like five performance days as well, where we performed a play in the grass, but under a sort of awning with arches. During the last few days I met A (a really close high school friend), she was working at the concession counter haha. That same day I met a girl with one very blue eye, and one very green eye. She knew me already but I couldn't remember meeting her. She did seem familiar though. She gave me a free rice crispy treat covered in chocolate.

      During the performance on the last day I wasn't a part of it so I was sitting along the wall at the back of the "stage" and writing in my note book and before I realized what I was writing it was something like "have sex again -> want to do it with me?" It was about the guy I had met. I got embarrassed and covered it up but I think he saw it and he came up to me after the performance and basically said "I'd like to have sex with you, too" so we snuck off to a closet.

      Cool Outfit
      I was in my game, I think an older Pokemon game. I was in the middle of a mini game with the guy I met at the last dream I think. It was a series of puzzles involving candles that I had to light. But after the first level cleared, I couldn't use the light candle spell anymore (why there were spells in Pokemon I do not know). The huge fire beacon thing in the center was calling to me and I clicked A at it. I was in a selection panel where I could pick a brand new, really cool outfit for my character. The one I really loved was a little like Elsa but all red/orange and flamy. I picked it and my character was pulled into the flame, and I was worried at first that it was a trap, but she got spit back out after a few moments. I picked her up physically and untied her from the smoldering ropes that bound her (dunno WHY they were binding her...) and woke up after noticing my character looked like a young child now, and would have to grow up before the outfit would be epic.