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    1. Night 14 - Pretty Woman on Trial / Meeting my personal dream guide / deflated basketballs

      by , 04-28-2017 at 03:01 AM
      Pretty Woman on Trial DILD 1

      I am in the audience for a trial. The defend is Erin Brokovich, though its not clear if Erin's character or Julia Roberts is on trial. I used to have a bit of a crush on Julia Roberts.

      I become lucid. I walk into the front of the courtroom and become Julia/Erin's defending lawyer. I telll the jury, "look at her. She is far too beautiful to be guilty of anything". The jury seems to be buying my argument. I say, "I mean, look at her tits! Erin, show the jury your tits." She does this - lifts up her shirt to the court. The jury is duly amazed, and proclaim her not guilty.

      Meeting my dream guide DILD 2

      The dream ends and then shifts directly into a new dream but I maintain lucidity. I am in a crummy apartment with a bunch of rough Russian/Eastern European looking guys in dirty clothes and wife beaters who are playing dice and drinking vodka. I am listening to one man who is talking in some language I have never heard before and don't understand. Since I am lucid I command him to speak in English, which he does. To test my dream control further I command him take off his clothes and show his dirty balls to some young kids in the room, who run away. I dont watch this because its gross, but at least I tested that fact that I am indeed still lucid.

      I turn away from this scene and remember my 3 step tasks. I summon a dream character by looking away and turning back. A small child, elf-like thing appears. I manipulate it, wanting to change it to something else. Again I turn away and come back to it. Now it looks like a little troll, like a troll beads doll. I ask it to take me to my Dream Guide.

      We begin rushing off somewhere at light speed - the world is blazing past me in streaks. What is interesting is that I can feel it in my body - my body is filled with what I can only describe as a rush of cold electric energy, a cold shock through my system, similar to rush you might feel stepping under a cold waterfall but with an "electric" element to it. The feeling is palpable, it is real, it is NOTHING like anything Ive ever felt in a dream before.

      We continue on for a few moments in this fashion, rushing at light speed, this energy coursing through my whole body. We seem to be traveling a vast distance. I become impatient with the journey and command the DC to skip the long bit and teleport us there instantaneously.

      The scene fades briefly to black and in an instant later, I arrive at my destination, the place of residence of my personal dream guide. The cold shock energy is no longer coursing through me. Maybe it was needed to travel so far?

      I regain my vision and see... Oprah.

      She looks angelic and smiles warmly at me, welcoming me. We are in a small apartment room with open double doors that have a view of the sea. I am amazed. Really? Oprah?

      I tell her that though I don't watch her show, I am a real admirer of the work she does and all the positive change she has done for so many people. She accepts my praise.

      Oprah suggest I do some exercises to stabilize the dream. I can feel the lucidity fading - I am beginning to lose my sight. I do the spinning 360 degrees technique to try and fixate on my location. I remember seeing a smalll old school tube television on a richly wooden table. The floor of the room is blue, the walls a cream/beige, and the coach Oprah was sitting on was blue/green. I describe these details audibly to Oprah, who confirms them. But my sight is fading. I try to focus on my hands but I can no longer see them. Everything fades...

      False Awakening NLD 1

      I have a false awakening. I am in bed. My wife is awake next to me. I tell her that I had just had a lucid dream, and she knew. SHe was awake and had seen me looking at my hands. So I begin explaining to her the lucid dream I had and after a few moments I wake up for real.

      Basketball party NLD 2

      I am emailing with a mysterious stranger. He seems to know who I am, and he seems familiar but I cant identify the person. He exchanges with me in different languages.

      It turns out that he is a childhood "friend" of mine. In the dream, we had gone running together in the past, though in reality this is not true.

      I decide to host a party at my childhood home. We had a basketball hoop over the garage, and its there in the dream as well. I am there just with my sister and mom (retired) and we begin shooting hoops, or trying to. My basketball is fine, but my mom is unable to throw hers, saying that she is too weak. My sister can hardly do anything but throw the ball at me.

      It turns out that their balls were deflated, or missing air. So I take them into my dads old workshop which is right near the garage. He has an air pump in their, which I use to reflate the balls.

      Then a bunch of other people begin showing up to the party - all childhood friends and neighbors that I hadn't seen in years. I guess my mom had invited them. They threw their balls around but their balls were also lacking air, so the scene was of deflated basketballs hanging all over the place like orange and black dirty underwear - hanging from lampposts, corners of the house, porch railings, etc.

      I realize that I need to re-inflate all of these balls for them but then the air pump machine breaks. I am in the shop fixing it, trying various configurations and knobs. There is someone else in there with me - some guy, I am not sure who. I realize that I am wearing nothing but the small skimpy underwear that my wife had bought for me. I feel a bit exposed.

      Finally I manage to fix the machine, and I head inside to put on some more clothes. The dream ends.

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    2. Corporate Sexual Harassment Training

      by , 04-16-2017 at 02:23 PM
      This is a non-lucid one but am posting here because I thought it was hilarious!

      In the scene are two coworkers, one female and one male. The male is a tall black man who is the host of a corporate training on sexual harassment, and is also partially me somehow. The female is his coworker, Caucasian and very attractive, sitting on a kind of counter top in front of the guy wearing smart office wear, a blouse and a skirt.

      The moderator says, "in the workplace you should not do things like this to your female coworkers". He lifts up off the womans blouse over her head to expose her naked breasts.

      She doesnt attempt to cover up, and just sits there.

      "Well," the moderator continues, "she seems to be okay with that. But you REALLY shouldn't do this either." He spreads apart her legs and rips off her skirt and panties, fully exposing her.

      Again, she sits there in an open legged position, not attempting to cover up.

      "Well, she seems to be okay with that too," the moderator continues. "But you DEFINITELY shouldn't do this next thing". He then whips out his dick and proceeds to masturbate in front of her.

      Then the dream ends.
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