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    I want to have a LD!

    by , 07-26-2010 at 12:00 PM (633 Views)
    I've been reading "Exploring the World of Lucid Dreams" by LaBerge. Last night I attempted obtain lucidity. It didn’t work. I went to bed slightly before 10. I got up at round 3:30 and had nothing to recall so I went back to bed. I laid on my back and said to my self over and over “I want to have a lucid dream tonight. I want to visit Washington D.C. tonight. I want to give a speech in Washington D.C. tonight.” I combined these MILD techniques with a little bit of a WILD technique because I tried to say those as long as I could and I thought I might just have a WILD. It didn’t go as planned. I transitioned into the following dream.

    I could feel myself lying down in my bed. I was in the dream world and I was lying quite still like my real body was. Then a guy said to me, “Hey buddy! What do you think you’re doing, sleeping? Get over here”. He asked me how much I weighed. I told him 190. He said he weighed 190 and that was pretty good considering how old I was. I told him that it was pretty good regardless of my age. He let me into this club. This wasn’t a party club. This was an ideological club. Our goal was to survive and hibernate for the next 10 months. I explained to him that our metabolic activity slows when we are sleeping so if we wanted to survive, we should all sleep as much as possible. The inside of the club was lined with T-shirts that I couldn’t quite read. They had something to do with chemistry. The leader of the club was a hard man. He was speaking in a harsh tone of voice. He said something like “Our goal is to SURVIVE! No playing around. Each person gets a dorm room. No two people frolicking in the same dorm room. This is no time for fun.” Then the dream world started to collapse because the leader of the club PUNCHED through the fabric of reality. Reality crumpled like a piece of paper and in it’s place there was only darkness. I woke up.

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