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    RECALL OFF THE CHARTS and some lucids

    by , 07-28-2010 at 01:09 PM (753 Views)
    Could anyone offer some suggestions on how to stabilize a lucid dream? Also, I don't know whether my dream counts as a MILD or a DILD. What's the difference?
    I've been thinking about nothing other than having a lucid dream for the past 4-5 days (Inception inspired me). I didn't see any crazy results until today.

    I went to bed at 9:30 constantly repeating to myself “I’m going to have a lucid dream”. I woke up at 3:30 and at first I didn’t recall anything. Then as I lay in bed I recalled my dream about school. I woke up again at about 5 (exactly 90 minutes after I first woke up). And I recalled the dream I had about the police. Then I woke up at 7 and recalled my last dream.

    I’m having lunch at school. Then a boring teacher starts talking and so I start jumping off the walls and flying. The teacher asks me “what are you doing?”. And I don’t remember what I replied. Everyone in the room was impressed at my flying abilities. I then landed and did an action roll to impress everyone. They were impressed and I woke up (without realizing an obvious dream sign).
    Adam Sandler is in a press conference (like in the movie Mr. Deeds). He is saying that nobody else’s vote matters because he owns 51% of the company (like mr. deeds). Then he complains that his movies have been losing copyright claims and that too many people are watching his movies online for free. Then my dream transitions and I start thinking about movies. I’m thinking about action movies and so I think to myself “chicks dig scars”. Then I’m thinking of a way that I can get a scar so chicks will dig me. My dream transitions to a scene where I’m jogging by a police car. My dream runs though many different scenarios of my encounter with the cop. 1. The cop stops me in the middle of my run and starts talking to me and while he does that the puts his knife against my collarbone and gives me a scar. 2. I run by the police car with a grenade in hand and chuck the grenade into the police car and it blows up. Then I start running crazy fast to get away. In this scenario, I’m an accomplice in a planned assault on the police. They are too busy chasing other bad guys (my partners) that I am able to run away after the explosion without anyone chasing me. Then as I’m running, a police car comes and starts to come up on me. I’m running on the sidewalk so I take a right turn into a side alley. At this point I realize that I’m in a dream so I jump about 20 feet in the air and then push backwards off the side of a building. I end up on the side of a building on the other side of the parking lot. Then I push off that building at a 45 degree angle so that I can fly into the air. I’m having trouble staying in the air so I conjure some wings so that I can fly rather than float. I think to myself “I shouldn’t do all this crazy flying right after I gain lucidity. I should stabilize the dream”. I tried looking at my hands. I tried saying “increase clarity now”. But it was too late. By the time I realized that I should have stabilized, the dream had become to destabilized to continue. Any stabilization ideas?

    I’m not quite sure what sequence these next events happen in. I’m also not quite sure at which points I gain momentary lucidity only to wake up immediately after. I do know that I gained momentary lucidity and that I would try to stabilize the dream but it didn’t work. I need stabilization suggestions.

    I’m at a library. They mention a book about poor kids in Africa. Then my dream transitions into a documentary-style version of that book. In Africa, they have just finished building HUGE network of nuclear power plants that they use to power their newly built schools. I then transition into the schools themselves. There are kids doing some stuff. Then there was this girl who wrote a paper and I see the teacher as he’s grading the paper. He says “this paper is to P.C.! I want her to write my something dirty”. The next thing I see, is the next paper that she writes. This 2nd paper is all about how awesome the teacher is. The teacher says “now that’s more like it!”. My dream transitions into a conference room. It is a conference room of African leaders. They say that because they have all the nuclear weapons in the world, they should take it over. Someone protests that they would have detonate the nukes which would kill tons of people and hurt the environment. Then my dream transitions to a group of seats in front of a movie projector in the library. I’m sitting in one of the seats and everyone else around me just got finished watching a documentary about Africa. There is this girl sitting next to me. We flirt and then her father comes over to me and gets pretty angry. I put my arms up to protect myself and I end up looking kinda like Steven Hawkings. The dad leaves with his girl and I decide it’s time to leave the library. As I leave, I hear some unkind remarks about how I looked like Steven Hawkings back there. I don’t quite remember how I responded but it could have been anything from “Steven Hawkings is a great man and so am I” to “go f*** yourself*. I don’t think I said any of those responses. Instead I think I laughed with them instead of creating a confrontation. Someone else came up to me and pinched my on the butt. I lightly punched them on the shoulder and said “you pervert”. I got more unkind comments from the morons who have nothing better to do than to bring other people down. I laughed it off again. It really was time to get out of there. I was on the 2nd floor of the library. I headed downstairs. On the ground floor, there was a huge party going on. I walked into the room where the party was going on. Everyone was covered in candy and syrup because there was a massive food fight going on. It was slightly sexual because the girls’ shirts were soaking wet and they were covered in syrup. I remember taking my iphone out of my pockets and setting it somewhere where it wouldn’t get covered in candy and then I joined the party. I’m pretty sure I gained a brief moment of lucidity when I was having a conversation with this one girl but I don’t quite remember. Then my dream transitions into something completely different. I haven’t seen the movie “Alice in Wonderland” but a critic was saying that it was the best movie ever so my dream transitions into MY (completely unrelated) version of “Alice In Wonderland”. I’m Johnny Depp and I’m taking a nap on a magical castle that is moving. The castle is covered in plants and so I see a vivid picture of the soft light-green grass surrounding my face (I’m lying face down) as I attempt to fall asleep. Then the next thing I remember is I’m with 2 other guys and we are in a cave. I think we fell off of the moving castle when it hit a bump. We are all complaining about our aches and pains. I have this huge blue spot on my ankle that does not look good AT ALL. My dream transitions and I’m in a setting similar to the “waking” world in INCEPTION. I am running a dream machine that people hook up to in order to share and experience Lucid Dreams. The machine I’m operating determines the intensity of the dream. There are several different setting and each one has a warning that goes with it. Some are like “DANGER” others are like “caution” and some are like “O.K.”. However, the more dangerous the dream is, the more pleasurable. Also, I have never run this machine before and I’m not quite sure how it works so I’m a little nervous. My mom walks in and she is intruding on my operations. She wants to know what’s going on so I show her give both of us a small dose of what causes the lucid dreams (should have realized I was in a dream). Then we see this huge black guy flash us and I wake up.

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