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    1. State Wrestling Tournament (Most Vivid Dream)

      by , 08-28-2012 at 06:23 PM
      Woke up on 8/23/12

      1A) I was at the state wrestling tournament and my coach picked me up and span around like coaches do when their wrestlers win, even though I had not even wrestled yet. I wasnít really excited or anything.

      I wake up. I remember to try and think about what I was dreaming of to fall back asleep, but I didnít remember. I kept trying anyway and when I fell back asleepÖ

      1B) I was back at the tournament with my friend Max in front of me sitting in a chair. I didnít realize that I had been dreaming of this before. I thought we were at the state tournament, but I still asked Max where we were and he confirmed it. I got excited and began telling him with excitement that we were at state! I thought that it might be a dream and commented on it aloud. Coach Robinson told me to do a reality check and I tried poking a hole in both hands and, oddly, nothing happened. I began yelling in excitement along with the others for the fact that we were at the state wrestling tournament and that it was real. I suddenly realized that I had a dream about this, but I still thought that I was awake and that my first dream was simply playing out in real life. I told my coach in excitement that I had a dream about this and that the details were the same, including the red and white clothes he was wearing, though I donít know if those were the same clothes in the previous dream.

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