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    Abandoned cinema and other crap

    by , 01-19-2013 at 05:40 PM (798 Views)
    - An abandoned cinema, a bunch of my classmates. We went outdoors, there was a beautiful beach and it got dark fast. I took my watch and put it in my pocket, didn't want to get it wet, though I still went swimming fully clothed. Later, we returned to the cinema, we ate gummy bears and sat in the middle of everything, just chilling. For some reason, I really wanted to talk to a classmate but I didn't want everyone to hear what I had to say to him. (lol?)

    - I tried playing Brother John on guitar but it was very much out of tune and I kept pulling the wrong string. Then the bitchfriend of my bro came over there and we got in a fight about something, not quite sure what happened.

    - A supermarket, I was in a back room with someone and an annoying kid kept on trying to get in there. I had control over the music being played in the supermarket and I kept replaying some song. The kid turned into a little bunch of bananas and I put it back to the shelf of bananas, on the verge of tears as sad music played on the background.
    Then I went to take a look at the map of the whole place to find an electronics store, but there weren't any. Whoever I was with, showed me which stores we still had to go to, they were all located on the second floor.
    We sat down in a table with a woman and two guys, the woman took her pink iphone (pls.) and played a song from Avenged Sevenfold. They spoke in some unknown language, but it seemed like polish to me. The song was also in polish. I was not amused. My wallet was lying on the table and they were exploring it, I loudly asked what the fuck, got up and left. They said something else and I yelled something back at them.
    Change of scenery, just stepped in from the front door, see my brother and his gf in the living room. I was still pissed off that he had broken up with his previous girlfriend, because this one was a total bitch. Anyway, I was disappointed that the bitch was still here.

    Brother never left his current gf. Idk why'd I dream about something like that.
    inb4 i see da future
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    1. The Sandman's Avatar
      What the fuck! Lol!