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    1. Stuff

      , 09-20-2010 at 08:58 AM
      There was some dark place I was in, with Lanna and some other person. Some girl who was quite thin, and about our age. She had a dark, mysterious look about her.
      Lanna had some mini-djungelvrål lollies, and I was like "woah where did you get them?" And then she had green, mint flavoured ones. I think mine had arrived and I was about to go get them.

      There were some people doing cosplay.

      I fell asleep again, waking up remembering the following:

      There was some bike race and I was standing there watching it with Daniel. He was saying how it was the Japanese bike race or something. I worked out that it was in Tokyo and all of a sudden was riding in it. I said "Tour de Tokyo", lol. Daniel said to look out for the guy that was a really good cyclist. I caught up to him and the back of his cyclist clothing there was a logo and it said "That Guy" xD
      I can't remember much from here, but I think there was a part where one of those tandem bikes overtook me. They had a blue bike and were wearing blue clothing.

      Memory blank. Next thing I remember I was playing guitar and Kattknopp was there with me. We both played some stuff on guitar that was being recorded on video. No wait, actually we were both recording videos of ourselves playing guitar.

      Then this guy that was watching us was all like "hey, you should sing at the same time!" but I really didn't want to. Firstly because I suck at singing (especially while playing guitar at the same time), and secondly because this guy seemed like a total pervert and I really didn't like him. Kattknopp recorded her playing with singing anyway and it was really good. I was about to but somehow got delayed and never did.

      There was another part where I wanted to show Lanna the song New Zealand by Eric Stoltz, and I was searching for it on my computer but I could only find these other songs by him (I don't have any other songs by him) that weren't as good and Lanna was getting impatient because I couldn't find the songs.
    2. Lucidity fails :(

      , 09-15-2010 at 09:12 AM
      Over the last week or something the following things happened to me:

      I had weird sleep paralysis twice in one night but then each time I got it I woke up again

      I woke up and felt that I was splashing about and stuff in the water. I thought "holy shit how did I get into a swimming pool!?" :S
      "...oh...I must be dreaming! Shit, hopefully I can still attain lucidity!"
      But then because I had super-realised that I was dreaming, I was trying hard to hold on to my dream but I opened my eyes and I woke up

      So close!
    3. Can't remember much

      , 09-06-2010 at 02:42 PM
      But it was at the beach and there were giant waves and I almost got knocked over by some of them. Their sizes were really unpredictable (there would be tiny waves, and then suddenly really big ones), but they flowed smoothly (the water wasn't really choppy).
      Tags: ocean
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Some mandarin and village invasion.

      , 09-04-2010 at 04:19 AM
      I was sitting around a long rectangular table with heaps of people. One of the ends was just to the left of me and a blonde girl was sitting there. She was speaking some simple Mandarin but I couldn't understand very much of it. The way she was saying it to us it was like she was showing off. And when she said something everyone kinda looked at her while she said it, were like "wtf we can't understand this" and then continued back to their normal conversations.
      I remember that she said something that I DID understand, and replied back to her and she didn't understand me lol.
      Then she said some sentence and I recognised one of the words out of it (a word that was said several times in the sentence).
      I had to ask someone what that word, "zhou", meant. I can't remember what the definition was, but I was like "oh yeah! as in Ao Zhou (which means Australia); why didn't I guess!?"
      I can't remember much else from here.

      Creepy dream:
      I was in some small, poor village in some European country. People were getting hungry and the only food we had were corn crops. The other type of crop we had, wheat, had run out because the farmers hadn't replanted it that year. The corn crops weren't going to be enough to survive.
      Standing in the kitchen with a friend (I don't know who), we realised that people were invading our village.
      My friend and I ducked down behind the kitchen bench. There were quite a few knives on the bench so I grabbed some for us for defence. I had to pick and choose between them to try and get the sharpest ones.
      I noticed some guy enter the house behind the kitchen bench. After waiting for 10s or so, I decide to take attack first and lunge upwards towards his neck with my knife. It slashes his throat and puts him in enough pain for us to run away.
      {Memory loss here}
      Next thing I remember, I was running away with the friend and someone was coming after us. I decided to go at them. We were battling with kitchen knives lol.
      Next thing I remember I had somehow killed the guy, and I remember feeling so horrible about it. But I was telling myself that I had no other choice, that it was either my life or theirs. I remember feeling how I could die at any moment now because of the people raiding the village.
      Too bad I didn't do a RC xP
    5. Microbiology.

      , 08-22-2010 at 06:31 AM
      I had like a million dreams last night because I ended up sleeping for around 12 hours
      The latest one I remember was something to do with microbiology and eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells and since I knew what they were I could save some company, or something like that
      I cannot really be bothered/do not have the time atm to think of and write the others down.
      Tags: microbiology
    6. Yay flying

      , 08-21-2010 at 09:34 AM
      In my dream, Shaun randomly added Tobias on msn.
      He then met the Pallkars people IRL. I introduced everybody to him, but then later I realised that I had forgotten to tell everyone who he was so they had no idea for a while.

      And then there was some thing where we had a competition. Oh yeah, there was a game and we could fly and stuff. It was pretty awesome. You had to take photos along the way for some competition. I was annoyed because all the winners had used photoshop to improve theirs, lol.
      There were also skeletons or something.
    7. Kinda scary but funny dream. Good recall.

      , 08-18-2010 at 09:49 AM
      I remembered heaps from this dream.

      There were some lifesize picture/painting things outside of the house that Dad asked me to go see because it was scary. I knew that he would be disappointed with my if I didn't go. I tried to go outside but it became too scary so I asked my mum to go with me and she was about to but then she became scared too, haha. I noticed that the thing Dad wanted us to see was next to these pictures of Mario and Michael Jackson. Someone said something about my cousin Sha-Sha having given them to him as a gift for something. And then as I walked through the house (it was some small old house that I have never seen before. It was quite nice and old fashioned) I noticed that these picture things were EVERYWHERE, all hung up on all the walls of the house. He had cleaned the house while he was at it. It looked quite nice, I thought.
      Then I was with my bro in some room and Daniel was there but in the toilet and we were going to play some trick on him, I cannot remember what.

      I went up to these booth places on these grassy hills. They were wooden, rectangular areas perhaps only 4m by 2m and about 2m high and you could see who was outside. The inside floor was dirt. Also, they were lockable with this weird lock and key thing that I can only JUST remember but is too hard to explain.
      As I saw a creepy guy outside (who seemed to always stay there) I wondered how I knew that I was safe, even though when away anyone could just steal the key when the booth wasn't being used, and also I didn't think that the lock was that secure, nor did I think that the wooden booth was that sturdy.
      But anyway, I went into these places to access IRC or something like that. I went into them a couple of times during my dream.

      I just remembered that a couple of times I would go to sleep in the booth and there was some weird set up where I would lie down and then this Chinese music would play. There were some two other random Asian girls there, with accents from Singapore or Malaysia and I kindly asked them to do something for me (involving a pillow, I think), which they did. I recall saying something to them about how in Chinese culture they are always very proud and try to build up the family name, which I did not agree with.

      There was one instance I left the booth and there were quite a few people around one. There were these pretty, young girls and an older guy and an older woman (lol dodgy much?). And then the woman caught the eye of one of the girls and that girl had a look of "oh shi-" on her face. She said "I guess I have to go now" or something along those lines, and walked off away from the group of people. I figured/somehow knew that they were all trying out to become models or something like that, and she had failed the first time and tried to enter a second time with the man as the judge, but the woman from the previous try out was there and spotted her. I said to Alanna who was standing right next to me "wow...but she was REALLY pretty..." and she agreed with me.

      And then I was in this part with this girl. She had short brown hair and freckles and was like, an original member of Pallkars. It turns out that they used to make movies and stuff that had gotten pretty famous. I don't know where she was from, she didn't really have an accent I don't think.
      I hopped onto the bus with her. She went in first and as I went in I pulled the door off the bus (the bus seemed to only be 2m long) and the bus driver (who was female) just drove off and I was quickly trying to put the door back on! The bus driver recognised the girl I was with due to her Pallkars fame (lol xD) and addressed her by name (I cannot remember what it was though). We were driving along and I was like "wow, I really am a newbie to this online community (I kinda am anyway ) because it's been around since the 90s". Hahaha.
      We drove past some stores and Lanna was there again and she wanted to buy meat because it was the only bit of meat left (haha what the hell, she is vegetarian). Down the road we spotted some other store where there was stuff we all wanted to buy. The bus had turned into a truck and the truckie was this big fat guy who was really nice and also liked the Pallkars movies xD
      Tobias was sitting in the seat behind mine.

      We parked inside the shop, got out of the truck (Tobias wasn't there anymore lol) and the shop woman asked if we could please reverse a little bit and then our parking would be okay. So the truckie went to do that. We looked at the shop and there were a few dusty books and the girl I was with was talking about aliens or something. I asked her nicely how old she was and she said "from '83" (so she was 27) and I was like, "wow, you look really young for your age. I would've guessed about 23". She smiled.

      There were a few dusty things we wanted to buy that we dusted off, and under the dust there was this kinda reed-fossil shape thing. But then we dusted some more, and there was a handprint of some creature that had 6 or 7 fingers It frightened me. We then proceeded to dust everything in the bookshop (there were a few more people there now, probably about 6) and EVERYTHING was covered in a 6/7 fingered handprint. The store was now just this small room that would have been difficulty to escape. I was getting the shit scared out of me; I was really restless and agitated. Even the chalkboard was covered in those handprints. I couldn't lean back on anything for fear that I'd get harmed by the aliens somehow.
      All of a sudden these small puppet things burst out of the corner of the room and it was then that I realised this was all just an interactive play. I was angry though because I had been tricked and was genuinely really scared and so I picked up one of the puppets and was tempted to throw it at another puppet but I calmed down and everything was okay

      I dreamt about dragons somewhere as well. I love dragons xD
    8. Ads promoting the planet, Sweden, make old women thirsty.

      , 08-17-2010 at 09:36 AM
      I was on another planet. I think it was Sweden (but in a planet, lol). The world was actually larger than Earth, but it seemed to be more curvy (what the-). There was some distance cliff that I could see on the horizon that looked about 5kms away but was actually 12km. I was pointing this out to Tobias and I was saying that we should travel there some time for fun. He agreed that we would do it soon.
      I said something in Swedish and it was correct. There were some old women there that had just read the ads for promoting Sweden. This made the women thirsty, so upon entering my house I gave them some water. I spawned the water. My mum was there, telling me that I didn't need fancy cooled fresh filtered fridge water, but just tap water or whatever. They seemed grateful for it. (Hahahaha wtf!?)
    9. Rubbish in the factory.

      , 08-16-2010 at 09:33 AM
      There was some house with these rooms and I was throwing out rubbish out the window of a room where some girl lived. There were heaps of bags of rubbish outside, and it was so messy and there were flies and bugs everywhere.

      I think in a similar area with rubbish bags, but in a factory, I was part of some group and we were hunting down some people. I was shooting people these bad people with a rifle and it was weird to aim, but it was pretty fun. It reminded me a bit of shooting with the bows and arrows off Minecraft.

      In another bit we were sitting around in a group (I am not sure who I was with), and somehow there was a screen and it displayed songs from Thrice's album The Artist in the Ambulance. I was like "yeah let's listen to it!", and we played a song and I was like "what the hell is this!?" because it was all slow and distorted and stuff. But then I played the song before the one we listened to on the list, and I was like "nah actually it's kinda cool and I think it's supposed to be like this, but it's just a bit slowed down."
    10. Giant iPad.

      , 08-15-2010 at 09:25 AM
      1. I was playing Minecraft or something.

      2. I was at Daniel's place and something musical was happening. I had a giant iPad (probably ~1m x 60cm and awesome fun) and I was covering songs on it in a cool electronic way using some program.
      When I tried to leave the house, I couldn't find the iPad so I was sad. Some game I was playing on it was like one of those take-care-of-stuff simulation games, IDK what to call it but it was like you played as a girl in some world and had to buy clothes and stuff lol.

      3. I was in Sweden and staying there for a couple of weeks before uni started. It was thunderstorming.
    11. Sleep paralysis.

      , 08-13-2010 at 08:32 AM
      After waking up this morning, it was too early to get up to go to uni and I was feeling groggy so I went back to sleep. I fell into sleep paralysis (although my brain wasn't fully awake, it was pretty much still half-asleep) and I tried to lucid dream. Luckily it seemed to be a pretty deep sleep paralysis (previous times I would just wake up once I noticed myself breathing) and so I held onto it mentally to delve into lucidity.
      I closed my eyes and imagined going through this weird place, and went through some weird tunnel thing at a factory. Just like how you close your eyes and imagine that you are somewhere. I was doing this for a while and thought that I was still just imagining it, as opposed to dreaming it.
      I have a feeling that I was actually dreaming though, but I really can't be too sure. Silly me didn't do a reality check :/
    12. :(

      , 08-10-2010 at 10:34 AM
      All I remember is that I was playing Minecraft with Tobias. I think I was wondering how to get snow.

      Holy fuck. I just remembered the main thing that happened.
      I was studying in the physics computer labs (technically I'm not meant to be there because I don't study physics anymore, but it's kinda a cool place to be. I went to use the Macs for fun, because I haven't used a Mac for ages. There was some guy there. He was trying to help me somehow and he was being really nice about it. I thought that was pretty cool, but for some reason I was wary of him.
      I can't remember what happened for a while here.
      Somehow we were in his car which was a 4WD, driving home to my place in Australind. We parked at the top of the driveway before the gate when he started making moves on me. I won't go into the details but psychologically for me, it was pretty scary and messed up. I got away fine though; he still had his pants on when I managed to break free of his grip and make it through the door of my house where my family was. I was in (or was close to) a state of tears as I stumbled through the door, and so shaken up. My mum didn't react as immediately or as strongly as I thought she would. She seemed only slightly concerned. I think I was going to cuddle up to mum but I didn't. I think my sister attended to me first, but even then no one seemed that concerned about what had just happened to me.
      I couldn't seem to do much after that. I tried to hug some dream character but it was pretty hard to do and I would start crying and getting frantic and try to back away.
      I don't know what happened to the dude. I was talking to my parents about reporting him to the police, but they were like (and I also thought) "no you probably shouldn't because you will get into trouble too because you weren't meant to be in those physics labs" (plus there was something else involving him that I did that I wasn't meant to do I think)
      I recall going over who I should tell about what happened. I think I thought that I shouldn't tell some people so that I didn't worry them.
      Crazy shit
      Note that nothing like this has ever happened to me IRL. But I guess this dream kinda served as a reminder for what stuff DOES so unfortunately happen all the time and to be wary of that.

      On another note,
      I entered some competition with Sarah and Maria where we had to make something really creative in a short amount of time. The woman that was timing us said "ready, set, go!", and that's when I found out that we were given a bowl of ice cream and we had to decorate it as creatively as we could.
      All the decorations were weird lol. Like, sparkles and fur and stuff like that xD suddenly we weren't decorating an ice cream as such, because the ice cream had melted down into some mat. I tried to make this cat thing but it wasn't working out. Maria was also making a cat and it looked really good. I don't know who the winner was.

      There was another part where there was a wealthy man and his children thought he should die so that they could take his money, and this they did.
      Lol, why are my dreams so dark and malign?
      Oh yeah, the place that the wealthy man lived in had something to do with Minecraft as well, haha. I think it was made of blocks.
    13. Lanna working at Big W

      , 08-09-2010 at 09:58 AM
      Lanna was working at Big W (a retail store) and she was working every weeknight. I was there and there was this guy in the line and he looked pretty bogan. Someone (I think Lanna) gave me this mobile phone and I answered it and there was this woman on the phone that said "can you please give this phone to Darren (? I think that was his name, the bogan guy). If he wants to talk to me, get the phone again after he finishes, but if he doesn't want to talk to me, you can just let him have the phone". So I told him that there were people on the phone that wanted to talk to him and at first he said "No" and refused to take the call, but then he thought about it for a while and I put the phone to his ear and he took it. Somehow it was to do with reconciling with his parents. I was happy that he was listening to them. So I stuck around for the conversation to end. I think the girl that gave me the phone was thankful for what I had done.

      Lanna was telling me that on a Monday the managers at Big W would give people socks if they were wearing flimsy footwear. I thought, "why not take advantage of this every Monday and get free socks every Monday? ", but then I saw one of the managers and she looked like she would be annoyed if you were to do such a thing.

      There was another part that had gas cylinders with graffiti or something. I think this girl I knew from primary school, Chrissy, was there.

      And in another part, I exited some building and I landed on this street. It looked like typical suburbia, with all the houses made of brick and looking pretty much the same. I recalll thinking that I didn't like it. I can't remember what I was doing there, but there were some strong winds that were preventing me from walking. I kept walking down this road entered some room. It looked like a "common room" for the suburb. Pretty cool, I thought. It was a large hall-type room and there was a door that led to a bathroom and a reception area near the entrance. There was some guy at the reception desk. I went to the bathroom and the floor was a bit icky, but other than that it was in good condition. Kinda surprising given that it was a public venue. Near the reception desk there was a donation box for people that wanted to make donations to improving the room.
      And then in some part there was a stereo in the room, and I thought of how I would plug my electric guitar into a radio transmitter and then I could play it through the stereo.

      And lastly there was another part where James and Diwei were going overseas. We were at the airport and at the X-ray machine place. All our (or their, I am not sure if I was going with them or not) stuff was scattered on the conveyer belt thingies. We all had to lie down on the conveyer belt and go through for a body check.
    14. Making bows in Minecraft

      , 08-07-2010 at 09:54 AM
      I dreamt of Minecraft, haha (I've been playing it heaps lately). I worked out how to make a bow (because I haven't been able to get online to find the recipe, and I couldn't work it out last night).
      I was also able to load the worlds as bitmap images and view them in MSPaint.
    15. Playing guitar.

      , 08-06-2010 at 07:04 AM
      Hmm. I recall these two mound-like structures in my dream. They were kinda roughly tessellated, like from some 3D computer RPG from the 90s.

      I don't remember what was happening there. I think it was dark.

      In another part of the dream, this guy I used to go to school with (but never really got along with), Tom, was playing guitar for some people and asked me to accompany him. I grabbed the guitar that was next to him and he quickly went through what I would have to play in the various parts. It was pretty easy to pick up, although I was still unsure what I had to be playing at times.
      Later on I remember that I was playing random stuff and there was a girl sitting next to me, wondering what I was doing.
      Tags: guitar, music., tso
      non-lucid , dream fragment
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