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    Really long, boring entry with cars.

    , 07-07-2010 at 04:42 AM (445 Views)
    There was some sort of starfish in my dream

    I went to buy hooks to stick onto the wall to mount the clock in my room and in the shops there were these different hooks and they were all either too fancy for what I needed or of really low quality so I knew they wouldn't stick well enough to the wall and just fall down.
    There was a woman who was watching me select and I think she was (breast?)feeding her child and she too had went to select some hooks like that. I think I talked to her for a while.

    And then there was some car that drove around. It had my cousin EE in it. It also had a few other people, one was a tall, caucasian man in his late 20s and the car had something to do with language, especially tagalog.

    It was going to go through some drive-through thingy and they thought that I needed to do something that I shouldn't, so said something like "Hey don't worry about it, it's all under control".

    And that's all I remember, until someone rang and woke me up from my lovely sleep

    Going back to sleep now!

    Dream continued!

    Tennis. Something to do with tennis. And my brother must've been there to.
    I didn't write this part down, even though I should've, because I remembered it quite well, but now, as expected, I've forgotten, and I think, that this sentence has, too many commas.

    Then I woke up and fell asleep again.

    This part I remember more.

    I was in the car with DM, and we had rented it. For some reason we stopped at a roundabout, one with two lanes and we were in the right lane, doing a U-turn. The car was on but it had a steering lock. We were in a hurry to go somewhere, and for some reason there was a traffic light governing the movement of the roundabout. I was like, "Hey hop in let's go!", so we did go inside but the traffic light turned green as soon as we got in and so we only had time to switch the engine on and not take off the steering lock. Luckily the steering had some threshold tolerance of turning so we were able to make it around the roundabout with some effort. We shifted in and out of lanes a bit so DM was like "hey we better pull over now" because the other drivers were getting annoyed and I went to pull over and it was a really sandy bit with grass and stuff but it was over these bricks so I thought it was okay and that we wouldn't get bogged. We pulled over and unlocked the steering and it was fine. We weren't bogged. Then DM proceeded to tell me about how the bricks actually make it MORE dangerous, and at this point it was something to do with this creature going up a mountain and we lived there.

    There were a few plastic bags on the steps of the hiking trail. They were filled with rubbish and stuff so I was stuffing them into each other to move them out of the way so that the track was less polluted. DM asked me something about what I'd do if I lived up here in the mountain. I can't remember what I said back.

    There was another part (I think before the car part) where we were going to go get a guitar game (similar to guitar hero) and I was going to verse his sister, LM, in it. We got it, and I think we also got fish and chips, and then we went back to his house and his mum and dad were meant to be there but I went to hug her and she wasn't there or something. There was this other strange woman there and she was fat and had a purple shirt and jeans and was some kind of house keeper but suddenly mum was there and annoyed at her because she was looking at videos of people from the Philippines and I can't remember what but she was just being rude in some way.

    Another part where DM was using these big words (two in one sentence) and I also think he used a word similar to exemplifying, but it wasn't this; it meant to clarify the meaning of what one is saying. Maybe that's what that means? I don't know But anyway, he was teasing me that my vocabulary sucks, which it kinda does

    Alright, and then there was another bit.

    In the car again, with some aborigines this time. One of their families mothers was white, and this one was my mother-in-law (wtf). My brother said something that offended her. She seemed really posh, but nice. There were three cars of aborigines driving on the highway,

    Some people were considering moving to Harvey, and they thought that it was near the coast. I told them that it wasn't, and that it took at least 30 minutes to get there from my house, which was pretty much on the coast. They were talking to a priest I think, and saying that they were going to move there for 12 weeks.

    There was some game with some guy and we were fighting and i was tasering him and it wasn't very nice. This part was particularly violent, and involved BF. He was fighting against me and the guns he had were colourful I think.

    I went out in public after losing the fight, I passed by some chick I knew, although I cannot remember who it was. And then there was this megastore sale which had moved from Bunbury to Perth and there was an outside bit where they were selling gloves and I really wanted some gloves but there were no nice ones. That posh woman was there, too, and she was with someone else. I think it was here that they were talking about moving to Harvey. Man my dream recollection is so unorganised.

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    1. kim's Avatar
      Now I also remember that in the part with the cars driving on the highway, there one car had pulled over for some reason, and our car noticed and tried to tell the car in front of us by beeping at them, but they didn't hear because outside was really loud. But they were starting to gain distance so we tried to catch up to them to tell them but the driver was driving super dangerously, like tail-gating the cars in front of it at speeds of +110km/h and braking with only about 50m clearance at traffic lights and shit like that.
    2. zagabar's Avatar
      Indeed very long!

      [email protected] mega comma sentence. x)