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    Fight Club and Spanish Class

    by , 03-13-2019 at 05:39 PM (50 Views)

    I didn't dream too memorably this night, but I remember being in Vietnam or something and a bus of people were going to watch the new Fight Club remake. I was on the bus, and then I realized that I wasn't supposed to be there so I jumped off and walked back.

    I also have a memory of being in my Spanish class but it was also English literature at the same time or something, and there was a teacher walking around. I wrote on the paper "この言語がわからない and I was being asked why I was sitting on a table by myself. I responded, explaining that we were sorted by the kind of topic we were doing and I was the only one doing my topic. Thing is, I'm pretty sure this was in reference to English literature which is weird.

    I also woke up in the morning during my alarm's snooze, thinking that it was 7:30am.

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