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    Lucid Dream 520 (EPIC!!)

    by , 06-16-2013 at 10:01 PM (1303 Views)
    June 16, 2013
    Lucid Dream 520: Magnetica of the Gameverse
    Series: The Mind of a Gamer, Episode 6 : The Gameverse Chapter - I
    Technique: ADA

    Clarity: High
    Recall: Moderate
    Enjoyment: Very High

    I was at the E3 gaming convention. I was talking to my friend Diddy when he said, "Wouldn't it be badass to go to E3 in real life?" I instantly became lucid. I replied, "Yeah, but then we couldn't do this..." I then turned and punched a random passerby square in the jaw. He fell down, then stood right back up and continued walking as if he hadn't been punched in the first place. I laughed and began exploring the convention. There were quite a few people and loads of different game demos set-up. I was going to look for Kingdom Hearts 3 when I noticed a huge electrical outlet in the wall. It was 30 feet tall or better and people were in line to enter the outlet. I had to stop and stabilize for a moment to hold my excitement back. I then took off running and jumped into the outlet/portal.

    Blue lightning/electricity flashed as I passed through the portal and I found myself in a huge area. It was the like the area in the movie, Wreck-It Ralph where all the games were connected. I could see archways, doorways, and portals all around me that led to many different games. The area was more futuristic looking than Wreck-It Ralph. It was like a futuristic, industrial, steampunk mixture. It was really cool. I could see people using hologram screens, robots moving through the crowd, and some people were wearing cyclops-like visors. There was no way I wasn't going to go along with this dream setting. I immediately jumped into my "King" persona.

    I walked through the huge lobby/area like I owned the place. I greeted random DCs, making up their names on the fly. One said, "Welcome back your highness," in fun, but respectful manner. I had already decided in my head that this was the center of the gaming universe (the Gameverse) and I was the King, the #1 gamer in the world. Another of the DCs shouted, "The King is back!" There was an eruption of cheers and applause. Several DCs came up to me and greeted me like old friends. I looked at the nearest one, who was a fairly attractive chick with black hair and a cyclops-like (x-men) futuristic visor, and said, "Yo, Clair! You down for a challenge?" She laughed and said, "Well that didn't take long, but what do you expect from the #1? Of course, I'm down!" Before I could finish asking what game she wanted to play, she shouted, "Magnetica!" Going with the flow, I playfully acted confused, "Magnetica? You really going to play me at one of my strongest games?" She said she had been practicing since I had been gone. As I followed her through a nearby archway, I saw a winding and twisting roadway that went into the air and led into tunnels that passed through the surrounding walls. The road pretty much filled up the entire room. We walked over to the start line and there was a hologram screen where we had to choose our characters. I told her to be her best character and I would be the worst on the game and still beat her. She chose Princess Peach and I cycled through the characters. Some were random made-up characters, some were from Mario Kart, and other were from many different video games. I cycled through and found my character. It was "Mangled Peter Griffin." Peter Griffin from Family Guy, but he had been cut in half and didn't have any legs/waist. He was dripping blood at his severed torso.

    Upon selecting characters we were now in these metallic silver racers. Each racer had a different paint job and there were at least 20 magnetized to the road/pipe. The road was more like a flattened out pipe. It was flat on top and bottom, but rounded on the sides. The racers were metal and the road/pipe was magnetized. You could drive the car on top, on the side of the pipe, or even upside down on the bottom. We were driving on the outside of the pipe ride and not like the inside of a pipe. Since I had no legs, I had to press the gas pedal with one hand and steer with the other. The start light turned green and we took off and a really high speed. The pipe/road twisted a winded all throughout the huge room. It often times led into dark tunnels through the walls and then back out into the room again. There were electric barrier-like obstacles here and there as well as these mesh walls that some racers crashed into and exploded. To avoid these, you simply had to drive to the opposite side of the pipe (upside down or rightside up, accordingly). The race was fast and felt like it was at pod racing type speeds. I had a blast flying through the course and slamming into other racers causing them to ignite and explode. At one point, the course went through a town. The road was still the same pipe, but there wee houses and whatnot on either side of the pipe. It also weaved through a candy forest (reminiscent of Wreck-It Ralph) at one point.

    By the time 5 laps were completed, me and Clair had lapped every other racer several times and were neck and neck. I was in first and stated to pull away on the 6th and final lap. Suddenly, I noticed the course had changed for the final lap and the barriers were now moving all around the road. I barely missed a few before clipping one of the wire mesh walls and spun out. Clair passed me as I regained control. She was pulling away, so I got an idea. I started spiraling around the road at a high speed building up Spiral Energy (Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan). My racer and myself started glowing green when I shouted a battle cry and hit a huge jet speed burst. I passed Clair about 20 yards before the finish line and won the race. A huge crowd of people were cheering and throwing confetti. I hopped out of my car (I had become myself partway through the race and was no longer "Mangled Peter"). Clair walked up to me smiling and said, "I swore I had finally bested you!" I told her I was surprised at how much she had improved and she told me that she had climbed all the way up from being unranked to being the new #2 while I had been gone. I took her hand and set out to explore some more.

    As we traveled through the sea of people, I now noticed many alien, star wars-like species. I asked Clair where Kingdom Hearts 3 was and I she had now taken off her visor. She looked incredibly hot and I couldn't resist. I said, "How about the new #2 and the #1 become official?" I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. I began kissing her and she started kissing/licking my neck/ear. She whispered, "That is all I've ever wanted." I become incredibly aroused and pulled her into a nearby photo booth (like the ones in the mall, lol). I began undressing her and went down on her. The dream began to fade and for fear of forgetting this epic dream, I allowed myself to wake up.

    I was mad as shit at myself for getting sexual and ending such a masterpiece of a dream. It was one of the best I've had in a while. I couldn't adequately describe the race itself, but it was such an amazing experience. I can't wait to get back into the Gameverse again.

    Series Details
    With the dream series, "Mind of a Gamer," the gaming world and the dreaming world collide to produce a lucid paradise. Read as I take video game scenarios to the next level. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!
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    1. Kmaniac101's Avatar
      It sounds like you've had a lot of lucid dreams. I love reading your journals as well as your guide on ADA. What technique do you tend to use most often? I seem to have this problem with becoming lucid in dreams: I never realize something is weird, and never get the urge or remember to do a reality check, so I never get the chance to become lucid.

      Any recommendations from a pro to a beginner?

      Thanks, greatly appreciated. I'd also like to try checking out Gamerverse when I become a skilled Lucid Dreamer.
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    2. KingYoshi's Avatar
      I'd recommend ADA and really getting into dream journaling. Keep a notebook beside your bed and make sure you write down everything as soon as you wake up. Try practicing ADA in short segments and gradually increase the awareness practice. Just try not to get frustrated and stay positive. Even if you can remember your dreams pretty well. write them down anyway. If you don't remember anything, then write down "Couldn't remember anything." Try to get into the dream journal hardcore while you begin ADA practice.
    3. Kmaniac101's Avatar
      I'd recommend ADA and really getting into dream journaling. Keep a notebook beside your bed and make sure you write down everything as soon as you wake up. Try practicing ADA in short segments and gradually increase the awareness practice. Just try not to get frustrated and stay positive. Even if you can remember your dreams pretty well. write them down anyway. If you don't remember anything, then write down "Couldn't remember anything." Try to get into the dream journal hardcore while you begin ADA practice.
      Thanks for the reply! I've been keeping a dream journal as well as before going to bed using the MILD method. I usually do ADA in the morning when I shower, every time I'm in the car going somewhere, and then later in the evening. I've been doing it for about 4 days now. By using ADA in a dream to become lucid, do you mean while I'm in the dream I look around and begin to notice the subtle things like I do when I'm in the waking world doing ADA, but in the dream I notice that the shadows don't fall right or something like that?

      If you get some free time check out my dream journal that I posted this morning, or the one titled "hours of vivid dreams" and maybe that can help with getting me lucid (from your perspective).

      Thanks again!
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    4. Micael's Avatar
      Oh trust me it's not hard to believe in the epicness of this dream, I got excited just picturing the whole action in my mind go imagine the good time you had Thanks for sharing!
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    5. KingYoshi's Avatar
      @Micael - Yeah, bud. It was great. The environment was just so elaborate and detailed that it was hard for me to remember enough details to describe it well enough to do it justice. I'm glad you are enjoying them !

      @Kmaniac101 - Its hard to describe, but you will get to a point where you will notice you are in a dream, simply because you are in a dream. It just feels different to the senses once you hone them with ADA. Many, many of my DILDs come from me just randomly realizing I'm in a dream for no apparent reason. This is a result from my ADA practice. I'll definitely take a look at your journal once I get back home tonight and give you some insight.
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