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    KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different

    Lucid Dreams 502, 503, 504, & 505

    by , 05-25-2013 at 03:59 PM (2542 Views)
    So, I signed up for the DVA Dreaming Competition and as soon as I did, I hit a strange dry spell, lol. I just broke out of it in a huge way though.

    Non-lucid Dream #1
    First up, a quick summary of a normal dream I had. I was playing in the alumni football game and for some reason, I wasn't starting (this would never happen . We were back on defense and I told coach, "I'm going in now whether you like it or not." He said, "That is all we ever wanted to hear." I went in and nobody as wearing pads. The other team was composed of elderly, nursing home patients. It was flag football and the most boring game ever. I remember being mad that I had paid 100 dollars to play in this game. I woke up at some point and realized how ridiculous this dream was, lol. I attempted a WBTB WILD, but ended up losing consciousness real fast and failed the WILD. I was just too damn sleepy. Anyway, now is when it gets interesting...

    Non-Lucid Dream #2
    Nothing interesting here. I was talking to one of my buddies about the upcoming alumni football game (yeah, A TON of my dreams have had this theme lately).

    May 25, 2013
    Lucid Dream 502: Master of the Environment
    Series: DVA Dreaming Competition, Episode 1
    Technique: ADA

    I can't remember hardly any of the first part of this dream. I was on the porch of an old farmhouse. I had just walked out onto the porch and there was a guy with a huge cartoon-like hammer. As he was swinging at me, I instantly became lucid for no apparent reason. He struck me several times with this ridiculously proportioned hammer. I did the slow motion, evil eye, turn toward him and said, "That won't work on me!" I thought about beating the guy up, but I immediately remember my tasks for DVA Dreaming Competition.

    There were several wide, solid pillars connecting the porch base to the overhang above. I pushed my face up to the nearest one and slowly walked forward. I phased into the pillar. As I entered the pillar, the insides resembled a mesh net. The mesh slowly snapped apart, string by string, as I passed through it and then reconnected behind me. I had never paid much attention while phasing before and I thought this was pretty bad ass. After passing through the pillar, I proceeded to the next step of my task. I looked around me for some familiar faces and found that Mike and Diddy were with me, as they usually are. They had been in the early non lucid parts of this dream as well as the my non-lucid from earlier. I was expecting to seem them and there they were.

    I spoke, "You guys ready for some chaos? Come watch!" I looked into the sky which was bright and sunny with only a few clouds in the sky. I raised my hands and began swirling the clouds and moving them across the sky telepathically, using my hands to guide them. As they swirled the wind began to pick up. I started saying, "Faster....faster...faster" in a real dramatic manner . The wind picked up to hurricane-like levels and the sky had grown stormy looking. There were mass amounts of orange and red leaves swirling around me at ground level. The collection of leaves looked much like a crackling fire as they spun around me with great speed. I then grabbed the darkest cloud with my mind/hands and did a splitting/breast stroke motion. The cloud cracked open and many jetstreams of dark black smoke erupted from the cloud's crack. They shot all around the sky, level trails of the dark smoke across the sky. I used my fingers, naturally assigning each finger one black smoke jetstream, and began shooting them all around the sky. It was quite the spectacle.

    I decided that maybe the intense wind wouldn't count as element manipulation, so I did the same motion to another dark cloud as before (breast stroke motion). This cloud burst into thousands of small black sections and rain began to fall. I thought the small black sections of cloud kind of resembled bats. Suddenly, I noticed that they WERE bats. There must have been thousands of them. I began bursting every cloud I saw like this and they all turned into swarms upon swarms of bats. The rain became heavier and heavier wioth each burst though I wasn't getting wet at all. Soon the entire sky was black because there were so many bats and I had run out of clouds to burst-transform. Mike and Diddy had been making comments here and there the whole time, but they weren't important enough to remember. I used my mind/hands to send all the bats over the horizon. It was like a huge shadow moving across my environment as they passed over our heads. I now had an overcast sky to work with.

    I stuck out my finger between my vision and the clouds high above and began a swirling motion. The clouds began swirling in a tight circle. I then slammed my hands down to the ground and a tornado formed and quickly touched down. I noticed that I was now on some kind of college campus and all the students screamed, "Tornado!" and took off running. I decided to not cause any destruction, because of the storms in OKC I suppose. I just split the tornado into two, creating two tornados. I then swirled up a few more in the sky and kept splitting them. Much like the black smoke jetstreams, I used each of my fingers to help guide my telekinesis. I was moving these massive twisters all around the campus all at once. They moved perfectly with how I wanted them to move. I shouted to eveyone, "Its ok, they are harmless." The college students slowly calmed down and began to enjoy the twisters. They were jumping in them and I was speeding up the twister in bursts. This caused the students to be sent flying across the sky. After a few moments, people were flying around and swooping into my tornadoes and getting launched into flight. There were probably 100 people flying around and doing dream related activities. I acted like they were all lucid dreamers as well. This reminded me of finding Ctharlie in my dream. I turned and told Diddy and Mike that we needed to find Ctharlie.

    I looked around my environment and there was a mountain in the background. Half covered by the trees of the mountain, I could see the palace from Aladdin (Taj Mahal ?) sticking up above the trees. I told Diddy and Mike, Ctharlie is up there in Aladdin's Palace. Before I could take action I felt myself starting to wake up. I didn't bother trying to stay in this dream, I just prepared to DEILD.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "DVA Dreaming Competition," I perform specific, point-scoring tasks for the DVA Dreaming Competition thread. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    May 25, 2013
    Lucid Dream 503: Ctharlhie and the Palace
    Series: DVA Dreaming Competition, Episode 2

    I felt myself wake up during the transition and I was very aware that I was in my bed at home. It took an unusually long time to transition. I thought I had failed at one point, but decided to just wait it out. I still felt I was laying on my couch, but something feltt different. I decided to open my eyes and take a look (my dream eyes, that is). I was in the exact same spot from the previous dream that I prepared to DEILD. I couldn't see the palace anymore, but I knew it was there. I shouted to Mike and Diddy, without looking behind me to see if they were actually there. I shouted, "Follow me!" I took flight toward the mountain, but as I did, I noticed a powerline off in the distance. Suddenly, I was close-lined by a powerline that came out of nowhere. I grabbed it and began swinging. I told Diddy, "You gotta play around on them for a bit or you won't be able to get passed them. I swung for a few moments before landing on the roof of a nearby building. I could see the mountain/my destination off in the distance, but there was now and intricate web of powerlines in our way. I strategically looked around the powerlines for an opening and I found a gap large enough to pass through. I leapt off the building, focused on the gap and made it through. As I got closer to the mountain, I could see the palace sticking up over the horizon. To my surprise, it got bigger and bigger the closer I got to it. I landed on a flat area of the palace walls. Diddy landed there shortly after me. I ran to the closest door and entered the palace. It was laid out like a fun house more than an actual palace. There were tons of obstacles, like balance bridges, monkey bars, mirrors, and other crazy things. I began calling out, "Ctharlhie?" As I traversed through the many obstacles and expecting to see someone around each turn. Finally, after climbing a short wall, I noticed a person standing with their back to me. They were wearing blue jeans and a green tee-shirt. It was definitely Ctharlhie, but there was no human head there, but the green head of Cthulhu, very similar to your avatar .

    I began talking to Ctharlie like we had met many times before. We talked briefly, but can't remember exactly what it was about. I then said, "Show me what ya got!" Me, Diddy, and Ctharlhie began showing each other different parkour-like tricks using the many obstacles in the palace. I was doing the "ninja warrior cliffhanger" on as many ledges as I could find. At one point I tumbled over a small nearby wall. I then phased back through it to get back to where Diddy and Ctharlhie were. Ctharlhie said, "You gotta show me how to go through walls like that!" Diddy chimed in with a, "You are in luck. Yosh can do all kinds of crazy shit like that." I then showed Ctharlhie that you just press your body up against the wall and slowly push through. I stated that it will feel like you are passing through a real thick liquid. We did that for a short time and then began exploring again. We came upon a large bar and I got an idea. I took off running and slid down the full length of the bar. As I slid, the bar became longer and longer and filled with more and more glasses, bottles, mugs. Instead of realistically breaking/knocking over the mugs, they exploded cartoonishly as I collided with them. I could feel the beer splash against my face, but I never got wet. This sliding reminded me of the "Slide on Saturn's" rings task, so I decided to go outside.

    At that time, I heard a car door shut and I looked out the window. I saw people in the palace driveway. I asked Ctharlhie if they were friends/family. Ctharlhie replied, "Huh? I don't live here. I was just exploring." Diddy said, "Shit! We gotta get out of here." I played along and said, "Ok, follow me!" I dove head first out the window and entered flight, but someone grabbed my shirt tail and cartoonishly pulled me back to the ground like a rubber band. It was the chick who own the palace, which was now just a normal house. I don't remember what she was saying as I wasn't paying attention. I felt myself starting to wake up. Again, I didn't bother trying to stay in this one, I just got ready to DEILD.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "DVA Dreaming Competition," I perform specific, point-scoring tasks for the DVA Dreaming Competition thread. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    May 25, 2013
    Lucid Dream 504: Skiing Amongst the Stars
    Series: DVA Dreaming Competition, Episode 3

    This DEILD transition was great. I was excited to go to space and try to slide on Saturn's rings and during the transition, I found myself flying through space as the song "Faded: played in the background. Its the song that says, "I'm faded...faded...faded...my (brotha) I'm faded...faded...faded..." stars were flying by me as I approached random planets here and there. I wasn't in the dream fully yet, I was still transitioning and my HI was this space experience. I flew by several planets and wasn't really able to control my path. One planet had a huge craters and mountain ranges on it that formed a weird looking clown face. It was incredible because it didn't look cartoonish at all. the mountain ranges, craters, and dips in elevation on the surface of the planet created an uncanny clown face. I admired it for a while and noticed I had completely transitioned into the dream state.

    I was floating around with the stars. I saw several planets in the background, so I flew toward them. As I got closer, they remained the same size. By the time I reached them, they were the size of tennis balls. I grabbed the planets and began juggling them. After a short bit of this, I continued searching for Saturn. I saw cluster of planets that seemed to be just floating randomly and not in any sort of orbit. As I got closer, I noticed one of them was Saturn. I got excited, but immediately caught myself before getting too excited. I performed a nose pinch RC, took a deep breath and calmed myself. I then casually floated toward the planet cluster. These were much larger than tennis balls. They were about the size of those really big medicine balls. I stepped on Saturn's rings and I could tell it was slick. It felt like I was standing on a solid sheet of ice. I got my footing and stood still for a moment. I crouched down in a skii position and slowly began to slide on my feet. It got faster and faster until I was orbiting around the planet by skiing on the rings. By this point, the planet was about as big as a small garage. I leaned left and right as I circled the planet and it felt like, what I'd imagine skiing is like (i've never been before). After a bit of this, I realized I couldn't stop because of the momentum and slick surface, so I just flung myself off and tumbled into space. I began free falling, faster and faster into an abyss of darkness. I then suddenly woke up in my bed.

    This dream wasn't fooling me though, I was far too lucid for that. I knew it was a false awakening. I dove headfirst out of my window and took flight. I landed in my yard after flying for a short time. I decided to try and go back into space. I jumped up and grabbed the gutter of my house and pulled myself up on the roof. As I did this, another level of roof appeared on my house. I jumped up and grabbed that edge and pulled myself up. I did this about four times before my roof stopped growing along with my climb . I looked up at a crystal clear sky that was full of stars. I threw my hands out, super man style, jumped, and began to ascend. I could feel the cool air rushing passed my face as I ascended. I made it back up into space and was floating around again. I couldn't see any planets or anything. There were nothing but distant stars around me. I felt 100% cut off from everything, like I was in an endless abyss. I started to feel fear and freaked out a bit. I felt myself waking up, so I quickly shook off the fear and prepared to DEILD.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "DVA Dreaming Competition," I perform specific, point-scoring tasks for the DVA Dreaming Competition thread. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    May 25, 2013
    Lucid Dream 505: Cosplay Festival
    Series: Meiseki na Yume, Episode 3

    This transition happened very quickly. I transition back into the dream state and noticed that everything looked like it had high quality video game graphics. I stood up and saw that I was in an unfamiliar building. There was a stack of blocks in front of me that said, "POW" on them. I punched the blocks in a very mechanical manner and they exploded. My movements felt very robotic, much like a really crappy video game would feel. I opened a nearby door and exited the building. I was now in a normal realistic setting. I was at the top of the hill on a neighborhood street. Diddy was with me as we began walking down the street. I told him I wanted to have some sort of anime dream. He told me he was down, so I explained to him how to have one. I told him to just walk down the street and pretend like we are anime characters in an anime world. Soon we came upon a restaurant and there were completely animated 2D characters eating in the outdoor area of the restaurant. It was pretty cool as they were in a Cowboy Bebop style animation. They were the only animated DCs though. There were tons of other people walking around on the streets, but they weren't animated. It seemed to be some sort of festival. The DCs slowly began to change into cosplayers. I noticed brightly colored hair first. Soon everyone had colorful hair and some were wearing costumes. The costumes become more and more elaborate until everyone walking around was in full blown cosplay.

    Most were just random concoctions of anime features, but some I could recognize. We passed a chick who was cosplaying Misa Misa (from Death Note), another was Yoko (from Gurren Lagann), and a group of guys who were cosplaying the entire cast of Kuroko no Basket. I started searching for a mirror to see what I was dressed as. I couldn't find a mirror, but I started looking at myself in the reflection of store windows as we waked down the street. With each window we passed I added something to my costume and slowly transformed myself into. A lot of it was added by the dream itself. I made a few minor tweaks by imagining something I wanted to add to my get-up. I was dressed as a Shinigami from Bleach. I had a long black robe that also had an equally long black cape attached. Where the robe opened up in the front, I had a white vest on. The solid part of the vest only covered my chest, but it had tons of long/thin strips that reached to my waist. The robe sleeves were tucked into long white Michael Jackson-like gloves. My hair was solid white and my skin was extra pale. It sounds a little odd, but it looked badass! I was very happy with how the transformation turned out. Brandon came out from a nearby building and was dressed as Wolfwood (from Trigun)

    We ended up in a huge shopping mall area. I first found a sword holder laying on the ground, so I picked it up and decided to look for a sword. I couldn't find one, so I held the leather holder out in front of me. I then looked away from it and looked back again. Nothing happened. I decided to concentrate on the holder. I squeezed the leather over and over until I felt something solid within. I reached into the holder and pulled out a long, solid black blade. I started slicing up some clothes that were hanging from racks beside me. I put the sword in the holder and told Diddy to tie it to my back so it looked cool. He started tying, but was having trouble. It was too tight around my body. I noticed that my robe now felt tight as well. I tried to adjust the clothes, but they kept getting tighter and tighter. I now could feel that I had something tucked up under my shirt/robe in the front. I pulled my shirt up and 6 or 7 rectangular, cardboard, christmas boxes fell out. I chuckled at this absurdity as Diddy said, "Why were those under your shirt?" I replied, "Dreams, man. Who knows?" My clothes now fit properly once again, but the sword holder was still a fail. I decided just to hold the sword as I walked around. This dream was actually pretty long, but most of the time was spent walking around and looking at all the cool ass cosplay costumes. I felt myself waking up, but decided not to DEILD again in fear of forgetting my earlier dreams. I just let myself wake up and immediately hopped on here to type them up.

    Series Details
    "Meiseki na Yume" is Japanese for, "Lucid Dream." In this series, I take my passion for anime and combine it with my passion for lucid dreaming. Join me as I explore the world of anime the best way I know how, in my dreams! Stay tuned for more entries to the series!
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      Awesome, really liked the cosplay dream haha
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    3. KingYoshi's Avatar
      Thanks! I wish I could have done a little more in the cosplay dream, but I was having too much fun just walking around and looking at all the cosplay outfits.
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      Must've been awesome.
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      Haha, I love that I was a guy with Cthulhu's head in your dream! Maybe when I meet you you'll appear as Yoshi with a crown smoking a blunt?
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      Haha, indeed. I tend to associate people with particular objects, events, pictures, etc. Its probably because I have such a terrible memory when it comes to names and directions. For example a guy I work with is "car crash guy" because I can't remember his name, but the first time I ever talked to him he talked about getting into a massive car crash, haha. Whenever I see/think, "Ctharlhie," your avatar always pops into mind .
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    7. dreamprophet89's Avatar
      You have an amazing ability "KingYoshi" to be able to initiate lucid dreaming is a pretty advanced technique and from the looks of your writings you do it quite often. I have been dreaming since I was little and it wasn't until I was nineteen that I decided to document them. I have a small digital log containing roughly 180 dreams now but not one of them am I COMPLETELY aware of what I was doing or how I was able to do it. On the contrary I have done some pretty cool things myself. Like flying, here's a quick question. What are your favorite kind of dreams? Mine are the ultra awesome super power wielding dreams.
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      My favorite specific dreams were my trips to Hogwarts. Those stand out in my mind as my best experiences.

      I guess, generally speaking, my favorite dreams are like those Hogwarts ones. Where I'm acting as if I am in an alternate reality and just having fun/partying with friends. Letting my "dream sails" take me wherever the "wind" blows. I like the action super power ones too, but I really just like to party and hangout with everyone in my dreams and see what crazy shit happens next, haha.