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    KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different

    Lucid Dreams 506, 507, 508, & 509 (The Dream Series: 108 Stars of Destiny Returns!!!!)

    by , 05-26-2013 at 08:24 PM (1335 Views)
    May 26, 2013
    Lucid Dream 506: The Baller Who Stopped Time
    Series: Friends, Episode 14
    Technique: ADA

    I was riding in the car with Diddy and Mike. Diddy was driving, Mike was in the passenger seat, and I was in the "chauffered seat" (back seat). We were talking about something and Mike said, "Yeah, but you can't just do stuff like that." I suddenly became lucid for no apparent reason. I said, "Yeah, but I can do this because we are in a dream right now!" I made the back windshield disappear, and proceeded to superman grab the back of the car as it pulled me along. My body was flapping in the wind as I held on to the back of the car. I then hopped back in the car and told Diddy and Mike that we were lucid. As we drove down the road, I focus on the car and gradually lifted it into the air. I flew the car from the back seat for a while. Mike and Diddy commented on how awesome it felt. I landed the car and we pulled into a nearby parking lot.

    It was the parking lot to a gymnasium. Me, Mike and Diddy got out of the car and Diddy started acting like he wanted to "UFC me." I said, "Dude what are you doing?" He replied, "What? You think you can beat me?" I laughed and said, "This is my world. I could throw you over that mountain right there if I wanted to." He had the "touche" look and didn't press the matter. Mike suggested we play some basketball. The environment had to changed to within the gym. I didn't really feel like playing basketball, but Mike convinced me to play and just not using any obvious powers.

    We got the ball first and I immediately shot a deep 3 and guided the ball into the basket with my eyes/mind. I looked around at everyone and said, "I'm just too good. I'll never miss." I pretty much just acted as a body and nothing more on defense. I let the DCs duke it out until we got the ball back. We were just playing a half court game, btw. I continued to drain 3s until i got bored of that, so I stole the ball, at will, on defense and started dunking like crazy. A few times I stopped paying attention to the actual basketball and I actually turned it over. That is when I had sort of an "epiphany." I thought to myself, "Maybe my dream control is so good because of all my ADA practice. I'm able to control everything in my environment because I am constantly in-tune and aware of everything. Whenever I forgot about the ball it bounced away from." I decided to ramp up the ADA at this time. I wanted to drive to the basket and I knew the guy in front of me was fast and playing tight defense. I kept my ADA up as I focused on making the guy in front of me react slowly. The result? Everything went into slow motion. My movements were also slowed, but not as slow as everyone else's. I was able to pull off some crazy dribble moves and weave through traffic. I then went to dunk, but at the last second, did a crazy/fancy reverse lay-up. As soon as I made it, time was back to normal again. I proceeded to slow down time, steal the ball, and then score over and over and over again. I had just noticed the scoreboard and it said 44-20 in our favor, of course. The guy I was guarding said, "I'm done with this. I think its time to quit." I replied, "No, no. Its not over yet." I then stole it from him, cleared it, drove to the lane, and threw it down as hard as I could. I hung from the rim for a second and with quick and powerful pull, I shattered the glass backboard. The glass broke into thousands of little pieces and I turned to that kid and said, "Now we are done." All but a couple players left the gym. I talked to the ones who stayed. There was a hoop way up in the rafters and I told them I could dunk on it. They looked "defeated" and started walking toward the exit. I could tell they believed I could do it, but they couldn't handle it. Diddy and Mike had disappeared part way through the game and Cliff made a brief appearance during the game as one of my teammates, but he was no longer there. I decided to just exit the building. I flew over to the door and just before reaching it, I supersonic burst flew into it and blew the doors off the hinges.

    I landed and began walking down the hallway. A proper looking, nerdy man in a sweater vest and glasses passed me in the hallway. After passing him, I used my hand to slap the air as I imagined his face. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and I saw his head jerk. He started rubbing his face and said, "Ouch," sort of under his breath. I stopped, turned around and said, "Are you ok?" He looked so confused and replied with a simple "Yeah." I turned away from him and did it again, this time with a little more force. He stumbled off balance as his glasses hit the floor. I couldn't hold in the laughter. I didn't bother saying anything I just waked further down the hallway. As he bent over to pick up his glasses, I swift-kicked the air, resulting in the man being kicked in the ass, knocking him to the floor. Laughing, I exited the hall and entered another hallway. Two professional looking business women passed me in this hallway. They looked like the "super smug" type, so I naturally wanted to mess with them. I made one of the women reach up under the other ones skirt and pleasure her. Soon enough, I had them both "disc jockey'n" each other and stripping naked. Further down the hall, a group of "hard" gangsters pass me. They were decked out in rags, gang colors, guns in their belts and everything. As I passed them I had one unzip his pants and another started blowing him. After a brief period, I snapped my fingers and they turned back to how they were. All I heard was panicked voices saying, "WTF! WTF! He sucked yo d***! WTF!" They all looked terrified as I lost it. I laughed so hard the dream began to become unstable. I quickly stabilized and attempted to exit the building.

    The next room I entered was full of so many people, I could barely move. I knew the next door, which was at the top of a set of stairs, would get me out of the building. I tried to simply make everyone in the room disappear all at once. I did a hand motion, but nothing happened. So, I shouted, "Disappear!!" Instead of everyone disappearing, they all jumped in shock and then toppled over like the fainting goats. I mean, everyone in the room (100 people or more). I chuckled at this bizarre turn of events. I proceeded to step over people to get to the exit, but they all stood up and got in my way again. I did the fainting goats trick a few more times, but they kept getting back up and in my way again. I had made it half way up the steps before I finally got mad, picked up the person in front of me, and violently hurled them down the long, steep steps. It was a pretty brutal fall and they did not move after they got to the bottom. The whole place was quiet and everyone had stopped moving. I said, "Now, GET THE F*** OUT OF MY WAY!!" They all panicked and ran around like chicken with their heads cut off. It finally got them out of my way and I exited the building.

    The parking lot was full of people. I walked over to the nearest hot chick I saw and started kissing her. She pulled away, but held onto my shirt and said in a sexy voice, "So, do you want me to struggle?" I pulled out of her grasp and said, "What? Hell no!" I thought to myself, "That is the first time I ever got that response. Talk about a turn off." I had now lost all desire for a sexcapade. I felt myself waking up, so I prepared to DEILD.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "Friends," I join the DC counterparts of my waking life friends and tackle the dream world. You never know what we will be up to next, but I guarantee it will be one hell of a time. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    May 26, 2013
    Lucid Dream 507: Karuta at Grand Manor
    Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 13

    I transitioned pretty smoothly back into the dream state. I stood up and I was in the same parking lot as before. It was pretty dark, much darker than the previous dream. I remembered a technique that another DV Member had tried, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I found the moon in the sky, held out my hand, and attempted to turn it until it became the sun. I could see the moon turning, and after a few turns, it completely blacked out, lol. After my unsuccessful attempt to change the environment to daylight, I did notice that everything was much clearer. Still night time, but less darker. I figured the darkness was just a stability issue and the dream had now settled. With nothing interesting around me, I took flight. I flew straight up into the air and got above the surrounding trees. I could see city lights all around me in the distance, so I took off toward them. I flew for a while and my memory here is a bit fuzzy. One way or another, I ended up in front of a mansion.

    I entered the mansion and was greeted by a butler at the door. He said, "Welcome back, Master Yoshi." I went along with it. I responded, "Thompson, so good to see you again. I see you have kept the mansion clean in my absence." This thing was huge. There was a super long hallway (I'd estimate at 100 yards) that was easily 20 yards wide. It was like the size of a shopping mall except it looked like a super pretentious house. The floor was shiny marble and a plethora of art work and sculptures could be found in every direction. All the doors in the hallway were the Japanese style sliding doors, except super fancy. Most doors were opened as I just explored the mansion. Rooms were on my left and right side of the hallway. One room had people fencing one end of the room and kendo on the other, another was some sort of office, one looked like a green house, and another resembled a dining room. I got to the end of the hall and there was a room full of tatami mats. I immediately thought of the anime, "Chihayafuru."

    I was excited that I had found a Karuta room. I went in and kneeled down ready to play some Karuta. There were several people in the room. A man in traditional japanese garb walked over and handed Karuta Cards to me and my random opponent. I can't read japanese in the first place, not to mention the symbols on the cards kept changing every time I looked at them, lol. I just placed the cards in the same way I have saw them placed in Chihayafuru. My opponent did the same. We were ready to play. My opponent looked at me and said, "Itadakimasu." I chuckled and thought, "Yeah, that was used incorrectly." We both hunched over in the ready position and the reader began reading. He was kind of quiet, but the reading sounded very accurate to hundred poets reading that happens in actual Karuta matches. He began reading the first verse and I swiftly swung to my opponents side and knocked away the card. I retrieved the card, showed it to the reader and said, "This is the correct card, yes?" He looked at it and said, "Hai." I set it aside, put one hand/arm into the air, and sent my opponent a card from my side. It was so awesome. I felt like I actually knew what I was doing . I got too excited though and felt the dream slipping. I prepared for another DEILD.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "The Land of Dreams," I explore the depths of my subconscious. With no real goals in mind, I explore the creative lands and characters that come before me. Who will I meet? Where will I go? What will I do? These are the dreams that fit into no particular category. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    May 26, 2013
    Lucid Dream 508: The Most Interesting God in the World
    Series: Is that you God? Its me, Yoshi, Episode 1

    I transitioned very smoothly once again and was in the same room I ended the last dream in. However, it was now empty. A little disappointed that my Karuta game was over, I exited the room. I entered back into the same hallway and started walking back toward the entrance. There was now even more art than before. Some of the pictures were moving and portraits were smiling/winking at me as I looked at them. Some were portraits of strange people I had never saw before. Others were very abstract pieces. I greatly enjoyed looking around at all the different sculptures, paintings, drawings, etc. It was like I had visited the art museum of my mind. The drawings ranged from dark and sinister to kindergarten crayon sketches. The variety was amazing. I remember noticing one painting of colonial wig wearing men with glowing alien-like eyes and fingers. It was a pretty trippy painting. Eventually, I stumbled upon a rather interesting room.

    It was an entire room based on religion. Christianity, in particular. The walls were painted with angels, holy light, baptism, etc. The art was really beautiful. There were pictures of various religious things and a small alter at the top of the room. There was a kneeling mat right in front of the alter. I figured, "Might as well try something new." I kneeled on the mat and decided to try and talk to "God." I noticed there was a ridiculously large picture of Jesus on the wall right in front of me. It was a bit distracting, so I closed my eyes. I said, "God, I come here to ask for guidance." I felt a rush of energy go through my body. It was a little euphoric. Not quite on the level of XTC, but still pretty nice. Suddenly, my body bent over and bowed to the floor on its own. It was a pretty neat experience. I sat up and the portrait of Jesus was now a portrait of the the Dos Equis, "Most Interesting Man in the World," guy. He spoke in a super deep voice and spoke in some nonsense language that I couldn't understand. I had kind of a puzzled expression and thought, "Umm....huh?" He then spoke in his normal commercial voice and sounded a bit annoyed, as if I was supposed to understand his made-up language. He said, "Just get up and move around every once in a while. Just be on the look-out for opportunities to do the right thing." I was pretty satisfied with this experience. It had comedy and basics of humanity. Seems about right coming from my subconscious when it comes to religion . Anyway, as I continued to explore, I felt myself waking up, so I immediately prepared to DEILD once again.

    Series Details
    In the dream series, "Is that you God? Its me, Yoshi," I dive into one of the more controversial topics, religion (in particularly, christianity). I'll explore everything from basic praying/confession to boarding Noah's Arc. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    May 26, 2013
    Lucid Dream 509: Care for a Bite?
    Series: 108 Stars of Destiny, Episode 10

    Smooth transition and back into the mansion. It had changed now and looked less like a classy mansion and more like a huge fancy sports bar. There were people drinking at small tables everywhere you looked. There was also TVs, bars, and other "sports bar" accessories scattered throughout. I tried to think of some things I could do to get points for the DVA Competition. All I could think of was phasing through walls. I started walking through wall after wall after wall. With each phase, it became smoother and smoother. It got to the point where I was passing through them like they weren't even there. I decided to take flight. I started flying through wall after wall as if they were only holograms. I picked up the speed and soon flying through rooms was happening almost instantaneously. All I could really see was flashes of walls coming at me in rapid succession. I thought, "I bet it would hurt if I just slammed into one of these." Right on que, I slammed hard into a wall that I couldn't pass through. It didn't hurt, but I definitely felt the force of hitting the wall at high speed. I laughed and thought to myself, "Yup, that is what I get for thinking that." I looked around and I was now definitely in a sports bar. Nothing fancy about it.

    I saw the redhead chick from True Blood, Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll). She was sitting at a table with a guy. I walked over and saw her pout in a cute manner and say, "But, I'm hungry." The dude looked at her and said, "No, not here." I held out my arm, flicked my wrist, and sent that dude flying across the bar. I took his seat, stretched out my neck and said, "You can feed on me anytime of the night!" She smiled rather seductively, grabbed my head and jerked it up to her mouth. I felt her fangs sink into my neck and then got a rush of pleasure. She drank for a few seconds and then pulled away. I looked at her and said, "Yeah, you are doing that again." She responded, "I just drank a lot. You are going to lose too much blood and I'm not going to drain my King." I was turned on already (Is it strange to be turned on during this sequence? Lol). I said, "Then I command you as your King to feed." She smiled and sank her teeth into me again. It didn't feel quite like the first time, so I told her to bite down harder. It felt amazing. She pulled away and I said, "I need you in my army! Will you join me in my quest to fulfill the ultimate destiny?" She playfully acted as if she might not join. I told her she could be completely free in the Dream World with no fear or limitations. I told her my power in here surpasses anything she could imagine. Then I said, "Plus, me and you will be spending plenty of alone time together." Said, "Of course, I'll join." Excited, I told her to get back to the feeding. As she was draining me, I felt myself waking up. Not wanting to lose details, I decided it was time to end the DEILD chain.

    Series Details
    Welcome to the epic dream series known as, "The 108 Stars of Destiny." Follow me as I build the most powerful army the dream world has ever seen. Along with the help of 108 key recruits, I take on the dream world and elevate to god-like status! Will anyone stand in my way? Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

    108 Stars of Destiny
    NEW 15 - Jessica - The Blood Star
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