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    Lucid Dreams 514, 515, 516 (low quality, mini-slump)

    by , 06-05-2013 at 09:28 PM (869 Views)
    Have had a few short lucids the passed few nights. Nothing special with these, so I'll just be brief. Low quality and got woke up in most of them before they really took off. Just a mini-slump.

    Lucid Dream 514 (DILD)

    Don't remember much prior to becoming lucid. Become lucid for no particular reason. Took flight in search of something to do. Flew into some powerlines and started to doing some swinging/gymnastics on them. Was woken up shortly after by my roommates.

    Lucid Dream 515 (DILD)
    Was down at the studio with some friends watching Family Guy. Become lucid and convinced everyone that we were dreaming by telling them all to nose pinch RC. We then exited the studio and started performing some random vandalism. Was about to see how far I could toss a car when I was woken up by my roommates.

    Lucid Dream 516 (DILD)
    Had a pretty long dream where I was driving and listening to the radio most of the time. They kept playing anime OP and EDs and I was excited. They played the Shingeki no Kyojin OP and I remembered, "I gotta have a Shingeki no Kyojin themed lucid dream. BAM! Lucidity. I dove through the driver side window and took flight. I flew and searched for "Wall Maria" (from SnK). I saw it on the horizon. As I flew toward it, I was hit with a false awakening. Frustrated that my recent lucids have been getting interrupted, I didn't even notice it was a false awakening.

    Lucid Fragment
    I remember becoming lucid, but not much else. The dream was really fuzzy and unstable. I managed to stabilize it, but lost lucidity soon after doing this. Pretty sure the low quality of the dream caused my loss of lucidity. I remembered a bit more upon waking, but didn't bother to write anything down on this crappy fragment.

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