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    Joshua's Jacket Depository

    by , 02-24-2017 at 07:22 AM (331 Views)
    It seems to me a rare occurrence that I remember an exact phrase uttered in a dream. This dream provided me with that occurrence. I'm in the back part of a nearby burger joint. There appears in front of me and my friend a large sort of cathedral of bathroom stalls and urinals. The place is unnecessarily large for a restaurant bathroom. We heard some cries coming from one of the stalls and assumed someone was getting raped. A big fat man walked out of the stall, and we assumed him to be the perpetrator. My friend knocked him out instantly. Later, I entered the bathroom again, but it was normal sized this time. I saw a jacket that I realized I had lost hanging on one of the stalls. I come out to our table and say to my friends, "They should rename the men's bathroom Josh's Jacket Depository." I later find myself in a quaint neighborhood looking once again for a bathroom. I find a little garden with a small greenhouse where I imagine I might find means of urinary relief. Instead I find a garbage can. I leave the garden, damaging things on the way out.

    Another instance of this dream involved my old friend's house, where I see his little brother as much younger and smaller than he is in real life now. My older sister is here too. His dad offers me a Heineken, but first gives me a green lemon juice container as a joke. I respond to him by saying "What is this nonsense I see before me?" From here I find myself at my beach house, but as usual, everything is sort of discolored and distorted somehow. There are abnormally large cliffs on the beach, it is dark, and somewhat spacey.

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