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    Upwards Toward Sexual Frustration

    by , 02-24-2017 at 07:33 AM (355 Views)
    I am in a parking lot with my friend. Several girls drive past us in a range rover type vehicle. One exits the vehicle and walks towards me, eventually embracing and kissing me. But the dream becomes like a video game to me. Nothing is quite real, but it's like a Virtual Reality simulation type thing. It's incredibly strange. I find myself spiraling upwards into some kind of cosmic space tornado. It is dark, and there is an underlying sexual theme about these occurrences, but it is neither good nor bad. I think it's just frustrating. Several other things happen in this dream. I imagine I am at my beach house again, and I get called into work, but I choose not to show up. I'm fearful about this, but I soon wake up.

    I should've recorded this one right after waking up, as there was much more to it that I can't remember; only brief glimpses come to me now. I do remember my awakening from the dream, however, and as with many dreams I've had, I feel many new and disturbing feelings I don't think I've ever felt in real life. The feelings stayed with me for what seemed longer than usual. It is after dreams like this one that I crave to dream more and experience these new feelings, and subsequently, I don't have the dream I hope for for a long time. I really wish I could somehow better recall the feelings I have during these dreams. They are still kind of present when I wake up, but they fade soon, and I cannot remember exactly what they were. There are ways to record a great many things, but the true form of a particular feeling seems to be exempt from this.

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