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    Apocalpyse Dream No 9

    by , 11-23-2013 at 12:09 PM (253 Views)
    So in my dream I was stuck in a hotel. Some natural disaster happens which threatens the human life all over the world. Initially it began with fire balls falling from sky. Everybody started to panic and running in the hotel, but there was no where to go because the whole world was on fire. I try to run to basement. Suddenly a deadly gas erupted heading towards our hotel. I saw some people came with safety mask. I tried finding one for me but I couldn't. So, when I was running to basement I found an oxygen breathing system with cylinder across the stairs. So I decided to stay with that system, I thought that will be the best for me. Although I was worried about my family coz they might not have the same privileged as I do. Then I woke up.

    Last night I ate Italian Food: Noodles and garlic bread, before watched Hunger Games. Had Headache till now.

    I can blame watching the movie and the headache might be the reason for the dream, but I had many similar dreams with natural disaster that I want to share in other posts and I want to find if somebody else have similar dream. If somebody else have similar dream please contact me.

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