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    1. LUCID. OBE and putting out a fire.

      by , 06-20-2016 at 01:25 AM
      Bedtime: 12.30am

      I'm unsure if I was already in a dream. I could feel vibrations through my whole body. I started to accelerate, moving forwards very fast. I started to really enjoy the sensation. Then I tried to control it and go the other way. I started moving the backwards, faster and faster.

      I could hear an alarm. I thought 'oh shit it's a fire alarm, I have to wake up!'. I 'woke up' and went to put out the fire. I was lucid here but just reacting to what was going on. Somehow I knew that this was KK's house. I went to the fireplace and a stack of wood next to the fireplace had caught on fire. I started to put the fire out with water. Then I realised that gas had been leaking out of the fireplace.

      I woke up.
    2. LUCID - The infinite self and some blissful adventures

      by , 06-17-2016 at 02:45 AM
      Bedtime: 11.30pm
      Sleep: approx 12am
      WBTB alarm: 3am

      As I was laying down I had a very clear vision in my hypnogogic imagery of myself, where I looked rather smashing if I do say. Then there was another me behind him in mirror and he (I?) held up another mirror to make an infinite mirror reflection. I could then see a large number of myselves in the infinite mirror, my 'infinite self'. Each one of them was making different movements, like they were all seperate and unique. They were all smiling and waving at me! The vision was so clear I had to double take to question if my eyes were closed or not.



      I was at a family lunch at an outdoors setting and someone gave my Mum a lottery ticket for her birthday (happened IRL), it was marked 3333333 which I thought was very lucky. Then I looked at it closer and the numbers weren't all 3's but 3302331 or similar. My family was sitting to the right and then another group of people were sitting on my left. I noticed my friend SZ leaning against a rail with a few guys giving her lots of attention. I asked the guy on my left, who was wearing dark clothes and had dark hair, 'are you related to her'? 'Yes we are her family' he said. Then I looked back and my family had moved to another table. ..FUZZY..
      Later the same guy with dark hair was just sitting by himself on the ground and everything was white around. I had the idea, I should go and ask him if he is a dreamer (like in the movie Waking Life), then I should do an RC. At this point I already knew I was dreaming.

      LUCID (DILD)

      I went to ask him if he was a dreamer and then did an RC (nose block) and confirmed that I am dreaming. ...FUZZY..

      Next I remember I was in bed laying on my back, which I thought was weird because I always sleep on my side. I only had faint glimpses of it because I thought I was about to wake up (later realised I was still dreaming the whole time). I tried to project from my body. I was having difficulty projecting, it was only working a little bit. I had some vibrations and acceleration sensations which I knew meant I was about to project. I floated up and felt absolutely amazing, like a gentle orgasmic vibration though my whole body. I felt weightless and started drifting off into the void.

      At some point I could start seeing details of a room, eventually I was there. I wanted to go outside but there were bars over the window. I decided to try a new RC I had read about, pushing my finger through the other hand. It didn't work so I dismissed it. I then tried to phase through the bars on the window but I couldn't so I just bent them to make a gap. Outside there was a large apartment building which I marvelled at because it was so detailed. There was also some forest around.

      I remembered my goal for the dream which was to slow down or stop time. I yelled out 'stop time!'. I never tested it though so I'm not sure if it worked. *next time I should check if it actually worked*

      I walked around very slowly and deliberately so as not to get to excited. There was a shop at the bottom of the building so I went over to check it out. There was a sign but I can't remember what it said now. Outside there was a bar and a man sitting on a stool. I went to ask him how can I stop time. He didn't say anything and just stared blankly into the distance. The dream started to fade so I was grabbing onto the bar and trying to hold onto the dream, but the greyness kept growing so I decided to spin.

      After a few moments of spinning I was back to where I had started, outside the first building, but it was night and everything was dark. I wanted to manifest a torch but remembered about the whole 'can't change lighting' situation, so I decided to try to manifest a car with its headlights on. I looked away and then looked back, but the scene changed and I was looking at a small car from a bird's eye perspective. I decided to roll with it so I watched this little car which was in a rally race with some other cars. I watched as they went along and then I ended up coming to a room at the end of the track.

      This room was like man cave, it had all sorts of cool stuff in it. There was an old TV which had a black screen and said 'DOCUMENTARY' in white writing. There were some letters on the ground, I looked at one and it had my name on it. I don't know why but I didn't open the letter. There was a weird ornamental candle burning, with about 5 different points that had a small flame. I decided to play with the fire because I had never seen fire in a dream and I thought it could be a solution to the light problem. I found a small clothes peg and tried to light it on fire from one of the points. As soon as I got close to the flame it would go out. I tried another but it went out too. Then the flames came back. I thought it was really weird. Determined, I put it up to the flame again and got it to burn a little bit, but when I took it away it just went out. I kept trying to burn it but it would always go out when I took it away from the flame.

      I turned around and a few dogs came into the room. One puppy came up to me which was mostly white with some light brown spots. I cuddled with him and then I realised it was a dog I had as a child, George the Basset Hound. He did this typical growl that he always used to do and I definitely knew it was him. I was so happy to see him and I started to get very emotional and cry. I felt myself starting to wake up slowly. When I woke up I started to cry a little bit IRL. It was nice to see him again.


      2. Non Lucid.
      I was going to a public toilet. As I walked in to the toilet I noticed there were two couples having sex in full view of everyone. I went into the stall and from the stall there was a gap where I could still see one couple. They were really going for it. I walked out and the 2 couples came out too with some others. I talked to them and said I was going to a festival, M. I told them about the festival etc. I went to the festival and the setup was awesome at the camp my friends had made. Then I realised I hadn't bought anything and I didn't have time to go shopping. I hadn't even bought food or drinks.


      3. LUCID (WILD)
      I was laying in bed (early morning).
      I made my intention to have a lucid dream. I started to have some hypnogogic imagery. There was some sort of shiny bumpy golden surface in front of me. I tried very had to focus on it. Eventually I could see more and more detail and then I reached out and touched it. I could see more and more detail and I was outside. I saw a shop and decided I wanted to try some food. I went to the shop and they had a whole bunch of different baked goods on a table. I went and picked a few different sweet buns and a drink and went to the counter to pay. He asked me if I wanted to try these other buns on the counter and I was a bit in decisive about it. I payed with paypass on my card. I tried one of the buns with white icing on top. It was very mushy and sweet and not as chewy as I expected, it sort of turned to goo. After that I woke up.
    3. Task of the Month for March 2014

      by , 04-01-2014 at 12:52 AM
      so i havent been here in ages, I had an epic lucid dream the other night so i thought I'd have another look on this forum and TOTM.
      so... aliens! While I was technically abducted, or saw any aliens, this is what happened:

      My lucid dream was fading, I tried to deepen by rubbing my hands together. I went into complete darkness and then saw some lights. There was all of the moon phases flashing in front of me and then a bright white light.
      I came to in a room but it wasn't on earth. I knew it belonged to some other-worldly being. It looked quite ordinary, but there were pictures of different galaxies and star systems around the place.
      There was a stereo playing some music, I'd never heard it before and I wondered, 'where is this music coming from if I its not coming from my memory? am I making it up?' then I heard another song come on that I recognized the chorus. I wondered what would happen because I didn't know the rest of the words. Then they started singing in gibberish!!

      ok here's the really interesting bit!
      as I left the room, I looked outside and I saw all these clear domes, like big bubbles with houses inside of them. When I woke up I wondered how to describe them, the words 'eco-sphere' came to me. I looked up ecosphere and I turns out that it's a closed ecosystem type aquarium, which was developed when 'NASA was researching self-contained communities for space explorers to live in during long-term space flights' !!!
    4. Spicy tomatoes, flooded creek.

      by , 10-20-2012 at 01:14 PM
      ok my first DJ entry. here we go!

      I was back in my home town (im currently overseas at the moment). I was walking along the path from my school to my dad's house, I used to walk this path everyday when I was at school. I was on the road and I decided I would try to take a short cut to the park and but I ended up coming to a dead end and couldn't get through because all the houses were built next to each other. (I used to take a similar shortcut IRL through vacant lots, but then new houses were built and I couldn't go that way anymore.) I ended up finding a tomato tree(!) which had lots of tomatoes of all shapes and sizes, some green and some very red and ripe. I looked closer and one of the small ones had a little note saying 'Spicy tomato' so i tried it and it was very plain and a little bit spicy, but not very much like a tomato.
      I continued back along the street till i got to the last house before the park and there was an old lady standing at the corner of the fence. I looked at the creek and it was really flooded and running very fast. I said to the lady 'how am i going to cross', she said 'you'll just have to find another way'.
      I walked down towards the creek and along the path parallel to the creek. There were lots of people around and I could see some of them crossing the creek at a part where it was narrower and not as deep.
      I saw a little dog walk beside me and I was thinking 'oh he's not going to be able to breathe underwater'. somehow i was up to my waist in water and it was clear brown like weak tea. the dog was walking like normal then he ran to the edge to catch a breath. (after I woke up i was wondering about this because I didnt go in the water and the rest of the creek was dirty brown and not clear at all).
      I saw someone walking through the creek to cross it. It was a lot calmer and narrow than upstream, which made me wonder how this could be possible. anyway i decided i would be able to just jump straight across it and i did.
      I walked up to my street and saw my friend in a new car. It was a white VW sharan (like the car we bought overseas together, except white instead of black). I asked where his car was and he said he sold it because it was too expensive. He then told me about some other expenses like having to respray our other mates' car for some reason. I didnt ask and just thought 'shit, dramas!' .
      We went up to my house and started watching TV. i wanted to see how much was left on the show so i pretended to bump the mouse on the table. Then I left and went back to tomato tree to pick some more tomatoes. i ended up filling up a whole bowl full.

      another dream fragment from last night, not sure if it was part of the same dream now:

      I was watching a band setup. They had lots and lots of synthesizers and equipment on stage. I was trying to figure out all the names of the synths and write them down. I was watching them play and then i had my phone and somehow i could use an app to play sounds and jam with them. I was trying to watch what keys he was pressing so that i could play in tune with them but I was playing the wrong notes sometimes.
      I was thinking, 'i wish my mates were here to see this, shame they left.'