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    #10 - Falling Tower - 02/05/2020

    by , 05-04-2020 at 01:34 AM (325 Views)

    I start at work, having an argument with my sister. Nothing in particular, she's just mad at me for whatever reason my brain decided to generate. We're arguing outside, where it's dark but active with people. She sends some disgusting, bald, mutated horses after me, but I escape and lock myself inside the warehouse - the door being notably different than in real life. My sister and I decide to have a contest to settle the score, and a big black guy ripped straight out of Bayonetta escorts us to a neighbourhood, still night time. I get in a car and immediately crash it into a house, where I get out and run into a nearby forest with a very familiar layout. Now I am with an old 2012 friend I had from here, walking with flashlights through the dark forest pathway. We spot movement on a bridge that seems to be 2-3 bears of varying fur colours. They leave and we move on. Finally at the end, now daytime, I see a large house on its own that now belongs to me. There's a rich kid sprinting around it in circles, he seems familiar from my last dream also themed around contests. In the distance, down a very long road, a radio/electricity tower stands. After some vague discussion, it falls over, and we head over to investigate. Somehow, we pull it back up but it falls back over.

    Though very hazy, I think I recall more competitions at the previous house.

    Possible recurring elements:
    -Local forest

    -Same forest path as Dream #6
    -Work and family, two pretty standard occurrences
    -Two dreams back to back with competitions of some sort

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