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    #11 - Shopping Trip - 03/05/2020

    by , 05-04-2020 at 01:48 PM (327 Views)

    I start off on a bus with old classmates, heading out on a school trip. I have various conversations that I couldn't recall, probably nonsense, until we arrive at out destination - a shopping centre similar to the one in my city, only slightly different. The teacher told us as we got off the bus that we could go home at 12:15pm if we happen to get lost/separated from the group. Immediately as the group leaves, I fall behind but soon catch up in the food hall, and get some destination information from the teacher assistant. I look on google maps and it points to a city 45 minutes away by car. I ignore it and go my own way to get KFC. I find myself back at the entrance of the shopping centre, this time with the other students, who are sitting down in some kind of lesson outside. I decide to play Spelunky for a little bit, with Matt Heafy from Trivium assigned to protect me for some reason. A large lantern falls off a post right next to me, startling us. I pick the lantern up and cut myself, causing my finger to bleed. I felt the pain as I carried the massive lantern into the shopping centre to give to security. I pass it to someone and he puts it on top of a wardrobe to look at later. I head back to class and decide to help an illiterate student learn to use a keyboard. This keyboard, however, is totally nonsensical, with some keys being labelled as simply "ooooo" and various punctuation. I get scolded by the teacher for not paying attention, but answer all of her questions correctly and brag about doing so on Facebook. Soon after, I draw a really childish caterpillar in MS Paint but have trouble filling the shape in with green, and eventually wake up.

    Possible recurring elements:
    -Local city

    -Second Spelunky dream, I've been playing almost daily for the last couple weeks. Ref. Dream #8
    -Yet another dream involving schoolmates on a bus. Ref. Dream #1 and #2. I've noticed in some of my later 2012 DJ entries, I commented how the school dreams were returning. Seems like this has been an element for years
    -First dream in the local city, but a local area nonetheless

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