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    #7 - Strange Job - 29/04/2020

    by , 04-29-2020 at 11:53 PM (292 Views)

    This one was very tough to recall, I had woken up and fallen asleep twice, and for a few hours, after having this dream and managed to keep the pieces of the dream in the back of my head. Pretty impressed with how it came out

    I start off at work, everything seems pretty regular, things I have experienced while awake in my daily life at my job. I'm getting more orders down than I typically like, but it happens. These orders are for industrial grade batteries that I ship out on small pallets to replace the ones in the machines we sell. I tell my manager I can't keep up with it and that it isn't safe for me to lift this many batteries on my own. I decide to leave the warehouse, which has a slightly different layout, and into the yard outside. I'm with a group of people, who I believe to be the main cast from a movie I watched recently. For some weird reason we start having semi-digital, almost holograph type Pokemon battles with bug catchers. They're like 2D sprites projected and animated into real life in a very weird but somehow natural way. I experience a loop of the same animation of this fat Hiker-type Pokemon NPC, until we move on. We travel through a Skyrim-like plains landscape, with small ponds and giant mudcrabs, which we fight. We also fought a giant yellow Pokemon, with a very vague form that I can't wrap my head around.

    After this, I head back to work, except the layout is the reception corridor from my secondary school many years ago. The office ladies of my job are there, sitting on white chairs and giving me fetch tasks. I was given the task to retrieve a bag from a hotel, which I headed over to. It was a massive shopping centre-esque building, like a holiday resort hotel. I managed to get the bag from a massive wall with nothing but doors on it. I call out for the owner of the bag, but I get no response, and deem the bag noncollectable. I place it on a smoking post and move on deeper into the resort, where I find myself in a separate guest-room area with my family at a table eating together in celebration. Most notably, my step brother shows me something video game related, perhaps Pokemon. I decide not to join and instead go further into the building, feeling as if I was there to meet someone. A boy came down some stairs and there were a couple of other people in the small, caravan-sized room. I think I discussed something relevant to the bag I put down earlier.

    Moving on from this, I found myself walking down a familiar shopping centre, where I then woke up not too long after.

    Possible dream elements:
    -Local area - School

    -I can perform reality checks at work to make this an easy one, though first of its kind since I started this series
    -Family, step brother in particular, but no bottled up anger involved this time
    -Skyrim yet again, 100% a recurring element for me. Playthrough definitely needed soon
    -Another local area in my dream, worth keeping an eye on, but first time I've dreamed of being on school grounds. I have dreamt several times in the last week of students I attended with, though

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