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    All of My Dream Signs in One. June 5th 2012.

    by , 06-06-2012 at 03:42 PM (550 Views)

    This was a very odd dream. It seemed to have a bit of each of my dreamsigns in. 2 wierd dreams that morning

    The first dream sign was school. I was wlaking around school waiting for my exam to start. There were lots of people crouding round ready to go in. All I was wearing was a jacket type thing and shoes. Nothing else. Finally I went inside, and soon realised I was almost naked. I didn't care and just sat in my seat. The topic of this exam was something VERY odd. Can't remember what though. I was the given a really wired peice of equiptment to use. I don't even think anyone did the exam. We just walked out and went back to normal. I saw the younger people eating from something. Like tribal people. I then went up to a fat kid and said "Don't be a greedy faggot!" and walked off listening to trivium. Then a riff from ashes of the wake came in to the song. Soon my sister walked round the corner.(second dream sign) and told me to follow her. We both walked around a corner and surprisingly I saw a rollercoaster that I had seen in a dream before. The exact same one. On the way up to the rollercoaster, we saw 2 people who looked like fable characters. We then climbed the stairs which were very high in about 3 seconds flat. At the top was my mother instead of my sister. I told her that I did not want to go on this ride, so I went to go down the stairs again, terrified of the height. Before I done that, a guy told me I could take the lift with him down to the bottom, so I walked over to it and went in. It was bigger inside than it was outside. When I was going down, the lift was shaking so violently I could not keep my balance, I was scared shitless D:. At the bottom, it was posh and looked like my drama studio at school. It had brown wooden floors and red wallpaper and mats. I somehow sensed a mammoth run out of the lift (skyrim dream sign) and chase me. I set some minecraft TNT to try and kill it. (Minecraft dream sign). It's health dropped a little but I didn't stop, I just ran out and set more TNT. Which did not go off. I soon sprinted out of the doors and found myself in the same dark field where I met the fable characters. I used a skyrim shout and lost the mammoth behind me. I finally spoke to the fable people and danced with them The dream ended after that.

    That's all for today. All of my dream signs in one dream...how odd.

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