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    Annoying Slide. June 4th 2012.

    by , 06-05-2012 at 10:20 AM (397 Views)

    I was very annoyed by this dream, I even felt a little annoyed while actually dreaming.

    I started off on a boat. It was a very similar boat to the one I was on in one of my other dreams. I was with my step brother and a lady. She seemed to be the guide for us. We were about to sail under a bridge, when we saw a boat with a HUGE light brown wheel on the front it. I said "I saw one of these boats in my dreams before" then the boat move closer to us. The closer it got, the smaller it got in size. It then turned around and went in another direction (Left from our point of view). Soon our boat shrunk down from ferry size, to lifeboat size and we parked the boat in a small dock with a mild current flowing. We jumped out of the boat and into the water. We were all now in rubber rings and slowly being pulled towards an entrance to a building of some sort. I said to the lady "Are we going this way?" which was the opposite direction of the current and she replied "No, just follow the current" and so I did. The door was only a few meters away from us, so I just let the current take me towards it. When we got out of the water, the guide disappeared and I was with my whole family, fully clothed and dry. Inside this building was a play area for small kids. Me and my step brother ran into the play area and climbed up some black netting. I was scared to go in for some reason, so I took a different way that where my step brother went. I soon got to the top level and saw little a kid walking around. I then turned my head to the left and read a sign about the area being based on how the eye works. I thought it was very clever for some reason. I then saw a slide and remembered the waterslide dream I had a little while ago. As soon as I started sliding down, I performed a reality check but didn't become lucid because I kept getting my feet caught on the dry surface and almost flipping over on to my face. I decided that I couldn't do a reality check because of how dangerous the slide was. When I got to the bottom, the dream faded.

    It seemed 2 fragments of my previous dreams took place in this dream. They are both located in these 2 links.

    The boat that was similar.

    The waterslide dream I remembered in this dream.

    Thanks for reading .
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